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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Review - Wilkinsons Boys Toys

Wilkinson Boy's Toys

Wilkinsons have a wonderful range of Boy's Toys on their site at the moment. Great family fun for great low prices! Wilkinson kindly asked me to test out some of their new toys to see what we think. We were sent a fab selection to play with, my girls were delighted. It's like Christmas has come early in my house. We've had a good play, oh yes we have. Here's what we think:

Here's their Wilko Play Alien Target Game. It's a cute little Pop Up Alien Target shooting game which my eldest Chloe loved. It puts your hand eye coordination to the test whilst having fun. Every time you hit the target it pops straight back up See the bright lights in the alien and hear the pow pow sounds. Its very entertaining. I did find the girls got bored after a while but that's like most toys so i wasn't worried. For a reasonable £10 it's enough to pay to keep them happy for a while. I've made a short video to show you how it works, looks and sounds. It's only short but it does the job. Pow Pow .

Moving on to another fab toy. The Wilko Play Copter Crew which is a fab little toy. It's a hand held remote control attached to a flying helicopter. It has twin rotors for super flying fun and is designed to help promote discovery, imagination and coordination. Boys love flying objects so this is perfect for beginners as it's all attached with a cord. There's no worrying about it taking off and flying away with this one. Lily my 4 year old found this one great fun. It had her walking around our living room for hours at a time just watching her helicopter flying around alongside her. It's a very amusing toy and very easy to use. Simple controls that any child can use. A big hit with Lily and at the small price of just £9.97 its a great buy. Perfect for a small Christmas present. Won't cost much but will be greatfully received.

My favourite though had to be the Creepy Critter toy we were sent. It's an Infra-Red Remote Controlled Rat. I couldn't find it on their website so I'm not sure if it's new or maybe only available in stores but it's fab. I love it. I've had it running around the house trying to scare everyone lol

It's a scary looking rat with big teeth and red eyes and little legs that move as it goes. It's mouth even opens and closes as it runs too! The control is very simple and easy to use. The S is the forward button and the Z is the backwards button. You just press and go. Its great fun. Again i took a little video to show you how it looks but it's also sideways :( I'm terrible i know. I'm new to videos but i will get better, Promise x

These are just 3 of the new toys we have tried out. We've had great fun, we each have our own favourites. I loved the Rat, Chloe likes the Alien Target game and Lily loves the Helicopter. See something to suit everyone. If you loved any of these toys like we did, check out their fab website as there's so many more toys to choose from.

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