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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Review - The P’kolino Silly Soft

The P’kolino Silly Soft

The P'Kolono Silly Soft is a "fun loving combination of stuffed toy and modular toddler seating which has multiple features designed to support your toddler’s developmental needs, making these engaging and multi-talented silly seats a playfully smart addition to any family home". It sounded great so i had to test one for myself. There are five fun loving characters : Kiko (Red), Pipa (Blue), Iggy (Yellow), Tias (Green) and Lila (Purple). Ryan was sent his very own Pipa to play with.

Ryan is 15 months old now and loves to climb. He loves Pipa! He had his new friend pulled apart in seconds and on he jumped. It's so soft to touch, its really nice to feel, stroke and explore. Ryan loves rocking on the base part and jumping on the head lol He even sits on his new playful seat in front of the TV now too. I think he really loves his new friend as he doesn't seem to like it when his big sisters want a turn. He pushes them straight off - oops. I've had to explain to them that they are big girls and this is Ryan's special chair. I'm sure if they came in bigger sizes my girls would love one too. Saying that if they came in adult sizes, so would I.

The colours are fab, really bright and eye catching. The silly faces they have are a great friendly feature too. The Silly Soft Seating is made up of three soft, sturdy, light weight pieces that can be used in any way your child likes. You can play with one piece or pile them all up together. You can make seats n chairs or even use it as a table. There are lots of ways your child can play and use this toy. Its great fun.

The Silly Soft retails at £39.99 but is such a lovable toy that i would say its well worth it. Ryan loves his Silly Soft and has lots of fun playing with it. If he's not sitting on it, he's building or jumping on it. Its a great way to keep him comfortable yet happily entertained.

Safety wise this toy is perfect for all ages as there are no hard surfaces, sharp edges or loose pieces. So, climb on it, sit on it or drool on it; the snugly fabric is durable, removable and washable. Your baby or toddler can have safe fun without you having to worry.

We give our Silly Soft toy Pipa a fab 5 out of 5. Ryan loves his new silly friend!

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