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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Review - Angel Delight Ice - Cream

Angel Delight Ice - Cream

I remember having Angel Delight when i was little,we'd have some of their yummy Strawberry Mouse after our Sunday dinner. Was always a delicious Sunday treat in our house. I have some very exciting news for you - Angel Delight are launching a new range of Ice - Creams! Oooh .

I was very luckily sent a packet to try out before it gets released into the open market. Its the same as with their mouses' you only need to add milk to the mix but with the ice cream you also need to whisk and freeze ;) I was sent a Vanilla flavoured mix, I'm not sure if this will be the only flavour or if there will be others but I know I'm very excited find out.

So here's the fun part, lets see how i got on:

First step was to pour 150ml of chilled fresh milk into a bowl. That was easy!

Next step was too add the Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix into the bowl and then using an electric whisk - whisk for approximately 5 minutes until the mixture has doubled in volume.

The third step is an Optional one: If you want to add in any goodies to your ice cream then now is the time. You can add anything you like really, chocolate, sweets, jam maybe. We decided too add in a packet of yummy Maltesers for added yummy goodness and extra crunch.

The Last step is then to pour your yummy mixture into a plastic box or tub and then place a lid on it and freeze for at least 4 hours. Once it's completely frozen you can tuck in.

Mmm not only had it set really well, it looks fab and tasted so good. It was so smooth and creamy. Utterly Delicious. We all loved it, there wasn't one single complaint or unhappy person at our table. We had heaps of fun making it as it was very easy and quick to do. We definitely can't wait for it to hit the shops now as i know as soon as it does. We'll be first in line to buy some more! Its delicious and yummy and i want some more.

I'm EXCITED but are you?


  1. we tried this as well it was very sweet in large portions but yummy in small ones - the best part though was the making it which my 4yo loved.

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