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My Family

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Samsung - Design My Own Screensaver

Samsung - Design My Own Screen saver

My newest Samsung Mission was to :

Design a theme or screen saver for your favourite Samsung device.

For me this was an easy one. If you're like me and already have a favourite picture or photo that you would like to use as your screen saver then this is how you do it.

Create the picture you want to make your screen saver by either taking a new photo using your device or if there's already one you love on your PC or laptop simply e.mail it over to your phone by e.mailing yourself.

Whichever way you decide to do it, you will find your saved image in the Gallery section of your phone settings. Once you find it simply click on it and choose the "Use as Screen saver" option. It's so easy to do.

You can change your screen saver as much as you like. What do you have as your screen saver? I'm guessing most of us mummies have a picture of our kids or family. My kids have their favourite cartoon characters or teen pop idols. My other half has his son but alternates to his football team badge now and again. The options are endless.

I decided to use my Blog Photo Collage because this is who i am. I'm Mummy Of 3 Diaries both on and off the computer.

Here's my image on the computer:

And then here's my new Screen saver on my Samsung Galaxy Pro phone:

If you're screen saver is still set on the original one that came with the phone and you need any help changing it? Please do ask as I'm always here and willing to help.

I wonder what i will change my screen saver too next month....

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Samsung - An Insight In The EuroGamers2011

Samsung's Insight Into This Years Euro Gamers Event.

Hi again, Just a quick post for you.I won't keep you long but i just had to share this with you. I have here a video from Samsung showing the Highlights of this years Euro Gamers Event At Earl's Court.

 I know i had an Amazing day, it looks like everyone else did too!

Review - Wilkinsons Boys Toys

Wilkinson Boy's Toys

Wilkinsons have a wonderful range of Boy's Toys on their site at the moment. Great family fun for great low prices! Wilkinson kindly asked me to test out some of their new toys to see what we think. We were sent a fab selection to play with, my girls were delighted. It's like Christmas has come early in my house. We've had a good play, oh yes we have. Here's what we think:

Here's their Wilko Play Alien Target Game. It's a cute little Pop Up Alien Target shooting game which my eldest Chloe loved. It puts your hand eye coordination to the test whilst having fun. Every time you hit the target it pops straight back up See the bright lights in the alien and hear the pow pow sounds. Its very entertaining. I did find the girls got bored after a while but that's like most toys so i wasn't worried. For a reasonable £10 it's enough to pay to keep them happy for a while. I've made a short video to show you how it works, looks and sounds. It's only short but it does the job. Pow Pow .

Moving on to another fab toy. The Wilko Play Copter Crew which is a fab little toy. It's a hand held remote control attached to a flying helicopter. It has twin rotors for super flying fun and is designed to help promote discovery, imagination and coordination. Boys love flying objects so this is perfect for beginners as it's all attached with a cord. There's no worrying about it taking off and flying away with this one. Lily my 4 year old found this one great fun. It had her walking around our living room for hours at a time just watching her helicopter flying around alongside her. It's a very amusing toy and very easy to use. Simple controls that any child can use. A big hit with Lily and at the small price of just £9.97 its a great buy. Perfect for a small Christmas present. Won't cost much but will be greatfully received.

My favourite though had to be the Creepy Critter toy we were sent. It's an Infra-Red Remote Controlled Rat. I couldn't find it on their website so I'm not sure if it's new or maybe only available in stores but it's fab. I love it. I've had it running around the house trying to scare everyone lol

It's a scary looking rat with big teeth and red eyes and little legs that move as it goes. It's mouth even opens and closes as it runs too! The control is very simple and easy to use. The S is the forward button and the Z is the backwards button. You just press and go. Its great fun. Again i took a little video to show you how it looks but it's also sideways :( I'm terrible i know. I'm new to videos but i will get better, Promise x

These are just 3 of the new toys we have tried out. We've had great fun, we each have our own favourites. I loved the Rat, Chloe likes the Alien Target game and Lily loves the Helicopter. See something to suit everyone. If you loved any of these toys like we did, check out their fab website as there's so many more toys to choose from.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Review - Huggies Little Swimmers

Huggies Little Swimmers

Huggies Little Swimmers sell great little Swim Pants making a mum's life a whole lot easier. I love taking my kids swimming, not only is it good for them but its fab family fun too.

Unlike disposable nappies, Huggies Little Swimmers do not swell on contact with water, allowing your little one freedom of movement to splash around and have a great time.  Perfect for our family trips to the local pool. Not only are the Swim Pants useful and very easy to get on and off as they have a pull up system but a quick release tear away tabs side. They come in great well known Character designs, bright and colourful and very attractive to the eye. This comes in handy as it makes it easier to get your child to want to wear them ;)

We love swimming and we love Huggies Little Swimmers. We never go swimming without them!

I'll leave you with a picture of my little man ready to get in the pool. He does have a Swim Pants on, they're just hidden away under his keep warm swim suit. Remember they don't swell or absorb the water so no one would even know - shhh!

Review - Scoobits


" Scoobits are a fun range of colourful characters that children can strap onto to their scooter or ride-on, one on top of another, making them their own. Scoobits personalise scooters, helping them to stand out from the crowd on the school run and in the playground. "

They appeal to both boys and girls aged three years and over, Scoobits come in a range of different designs and colours to collect, so your kids can even swap and trade them. Quirky little characters including a busy bee, a clumsy penguin, an adventurous dragon and cool shark which all simply attach to the scooter and hold firm thanks to its clever badge and strap design. Made from tough, durable 100% silicone, Scoobits do not contain UPVC and are safe, soft and squidgy for little fingers.

I was sent two Scoobits,1 for Ryan in a boys design and 1 for Lily in a girls. Lily loved it, it's cute and bright and was easy to put onto her scooter. Simple pleasures lol  The bright colours are very clever, they put a smile on my kids faces. There's a fab range of designs to choose from, something to suit everyone. Lily loves her pretty pink Scoobit and Ryan quite likes his too. He can't quite say that himself yet as he's only little but the fact that he's not pulled it off yet is a very good sign.

Here's the scooters in my garden now. They look a little lonely at the end of the day.

Scoobits can brighten up even the oldest of scooter or bikes, why not give them a try too.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Samsung Mini Missions Part 2

Samsung Mini Missions - Part 2

My Second Mini Mission was to get a picture of me at the Samsung Stand so here it is:

Me looking good in their 3D glasses enjoying myself watching their fab 3D Monitors at their Samsung Stand! I took a few extra's just to show i was really there lol.

(Don't Laugh)

Samsung Mini Missions

Samsung Mini Missions - Samsung Phone Users

One of my Samsung Mini Missions was to find at least 3 people using Samsung Phones / Smartphones amongst the crowds at the Euro gamers Expo. This was an easy task as Samsung users were everywhere! People were using their phones to take photo's galore. Videos and so much more.

Here's my collection of Samsung Phone Users:

Samsung News From The EuroGamer Expo!

Samsung News From The EuroGamer Expo!

Hey there, I just had the most Awesome day at the World Gamers Expo at London's Earl's Court! The crowds was large, the gamers were serious and the battles were on. Games Exclusives overloaded in ever area of the event. Battlefield 3 previews and Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 highlights. I've never been to an event quite like this one but i had an Amazing day.
Samsung had a Huge stand. Pretty impressive if i may say. So many fab products in one place. They had tabs, to pc's. Laptops and Smart TVs. I was in heaven! We had a fab demonstration from a rather nice guy showing us how you can now control your Samsung Smart Tv from their new Tab. The ingenious App was so clever and very practical. We were shown how the Tab could be used as a quick and easy remote and if on the go how you could turn the TV off and then carry on watching your film on the Tab. Amazing! I so want a Smart TV and Tab now. Every girl's dream.

I loved the 3D TVs but the 3D Enhancing Monitors were pretty impressive too. You can enhance gaming or watching TV to a whole new depth. Amazing picture quality and Awesome colours. I so need one of these. God,i wanted everything!

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was also featured on the stand. Asphalt 6 was loaded on a few of them ready for gamers to play. Highest Scorer each day would win their very own Galaxy S2 in White - Wow.
There was some serious game playing going on trying to win one of those. Whilst I'm talking about prizes Samsung had a fab gamers area set up with beanbags,3D glasses and a whole 3D Samsung Entertainment package ready loaded with Tekken to battle it out to enter their free prize draw to win the lot! I played against my other half who wasn't too impressed when i won - whoop whoop! Go me,i beat him - only by 1 round tho lol but a win is a win so into the draw i went. Still have my fingers crossed for the prize draw now ( x )

There was so much going on at the Euro Gamers Expo that i could sit here writing all night, I'm not gonna do that tho. I do say however if you get the chance to go to next years event i deffo would. The atmosphere was electric, gamers were so friendly and helpful. So many new and exciting games and products to check out and so many of your favourite characters to be met. I had to go see Mario lol He's always been one of my faves!

So to wrap it up, Check out my Photo Collage and maybe you'll see just a small glimpse of what i saw. An Amazing day! Truly Enjoyable.

Review - Angel Delight Ice - Cream

Angel Delight Ice - Cream

I remember having Angel Delight when i was little,we'd have some of their yummy Strawberry Mouse after our Sunday dinner. Was always a delicious Sunday treat in our house. I have some very exciting news for you - Angel Delight are launching a new range of Ice - Creams! Oooh .

I was very luckily sent a packet to try out before it gets released into the open market. Its the same as with their mouses' you only need to add milk to the mix but with the ice cream you also need to whisk and freeze ;) I was sent a Vanilla flavoured mix, I'm not sure if this will be the only flavour or if there will be others but I know I'm very excited find out.

So here's the fun part, lets see how i got on:

First step was to pour 150ml of chilled fresh milk into a bowl. That was easy!

Next step was too add the Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix into the bowl and then using an electric whisk - whisk for approximately 5 minutes until the mixture has doubled in volume.

The third step is an Optional one: If you want to add in any goodies to your ice cream then now is the time. You can add anything you like really, chocolate, sweets, jam maybe. We decided too add in a packet of yummy Maltesers for added yummy goodness and extra crunch.

The Last step is then to pour your yummy mixture into a plastic box or tub and then place a lid on it and freeze for at least 4 hours. Once it's completely frozen you can tuck in.

Mmm not only had it set really well, it looks fab and tasted so good. It was so smooth and creamy. Utterly Delicious. We all loved it, there wasn't one single complaint or unhappy person at our table. We had heaps of fun making it as it was very easy and quick to do. We definitely can't wait for it to hit the shops now as i know as soon as it does. We'll be first in line to buy some more! Its delicious and yummy and i want some more.

I'm EXCITED but are you?

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Review - The P’kolino Silly Soft

The P’kolino Silly Soft

The P'Kolono Silly Soft is a "fun loving combination of stuffed toy and modular toddler seating which has multiple features designed to support your toddler’s developmental needs, making these engaging and multi-talented silly seats a playfully smart addition to any family home". It sounded great so i had to test one for myself. There are five fun loving characters : Kiko (Red), Pipa (Blue), Iggy (Yellow), Tias (Green) and Lila (Purple). Ryan was sent his very own Pipa to play with.

Ryan is 15 months old now and loves to climb. He loves Pipa! He had his new friend pulled apart in seconds and on he jumped. It's so soft to touch, its really nice to feel, stroke and explore. Ryan loves rocking on the base part and jumping on the head lol He even sits on his new playful seat in front of the TV now too. I think he really loves his new friend as he doesn't seem to like it when his big sisters want a turn. He pushes them straight off - oops. I've had to explain to them that they are big girls and this is Ryan's special chair. I'm sure if they came in bigger sizes my girls would love one too. Saying that if they came in adult sizes, so would I.

The colours are fab, really bright and eye catching. The silly faces they have are a great friendly feature too. The Silly Soft Seating is made up of three soft, sturdy, light weight pieces that can be used in any way your child likes. You can play with one piece or pile them all up together. You can make seats n chairs or even use it as a table. There are lots of ways your child can play and use this toy. Its great fun.

The Silly Soft retails at £39.99 but is such a lovable toy that i would say its well worth it. Ryan loves his Silly Soft and has lots of fun playing with it. If he's not sitting on it, he's building or jumping on it. Its a great way to keep him comfortable yet happily entertained.

Safety wise this toy is perfect for all ages as there are no hard surfaces, sharp edges or loose pieces. So, climb on it, sit on it or drool on it; the snugly fabric is durable, removable and washable. Your baby or toddler can have safe fun without you having to worry.

We give our Silly Soft toy Pipa a fab 5 out of 5. Ryan loves his new silly friend!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Review - Fox's Biscuits

Review - Fox's Biscuits

Vinnie Says "You look like the kind of guy that knows a good biscuit when he sees it" I'm not a guy but i was dying to find out if Vinnie was right! Mummy Of 3 Diaries was kindly offered an opportunity to put our tasting services to good use.The very generous Vinnie of Fox's Biscuits  sent us some goodies to try from their new Christmas range. Does anyone want to know how we got on??
You must remember good old Party Rings . I used to Love these as a kid. I always remember licking all the coloured icing off first before finishing off the yummy biscuit. My girls were very happy to try these out. Its amazing how they both grabbed the pink and purple ones first isn't it lol I guess we all have our favourite coloured ones. They still taste just as good as they used to but now they come in all different sized pots. Handy Snack packs for kids school lunches or after dinner treats. Plastic sharing tubs and the original family packet. Fab Brightly coloured icing, sweet tasting and utterly delicious. Perfect for an sweet tooth.
Party Rings have been my Favourite Fox's Biscuit for years but last week that all changed! I discovered Fox's Ambers Caramel and wow. I now have a new favourite. I'd not seen these before so was quite looking forward to trying them,the packaging looks very tempting. I love caramel anyway so these had my name written all over them. One bit into the yummy, crumbly, melt in your mouth biscuit and i was hooked. Oh my gosh, they were heavenly. I actually ate 5 before i realised my girls were both staring at me waiting for their one to try. Bless them, they just stood there gawping at me in shock like I'd forgotten they were there. Sweet and tasty, just the right amount of crunch without being hard. The packet was gone within ten minutes and i was defiantly left wanting more which is always a good sign. Have you tried these before? If so, why didn't you tell me how good they were!

For those of you that like more of a selection then there are loads of fab boxes and tins for you to choose from. The Speciality box has a fab assortment for all the family to share. Chocolate ones for the chocolate lovers of course. Plain ones for the oldies and many other fab favourites to pick. The assorted selections come in lots of different sizes and come in both hard tins or cardboard boxes. Perfect for any occasion, sharing with the family. A treat for us mums or maybe even a gift for a loved one this Christmas.
You can Find Fox's Biscuits on their very own Face book page or visit them on their fab site .We loved Fox's Biscuits and shall definitely be buying some more very soon.

What's Your Fox's Favourite??

Friday, 16 September 2011

Review - Snapfish


Nowadays we all use Digital cameras or Mobile phone sot take most of our family Photos on.  How many of us actually print them off? I can honestly put my hands up and say i have hundreds of precious photos saved on my memory cards but have never had any of them printed. I never really thought about it, but i do miss having some nice photographs in the house. I was given the opportunity to have a look at a site that printed them for you and delivered them in a whole range of ways. It sounded very exciting so i had to check it out.

Snapfish are an online company that Ive heard of but never really paid much notice to. I'm so glad that i did finally have a look though. Their Prices are very reasonable and their site is so easy to use. I say that because I managed it! When first visiting the site you get a very friendly,brightly designed - attractive joining screen like shown on the left. It's quick and easy to join up and doesn't require a lot of information from you.  

There are a wide variety of products to choose from: Calenders and Key rings. Photo Magnets and Mugs. Mouse mats and Jigsaw puzzles. Lots of perfect gifts for any occasion. One of their most popular products is their Photo Books which range from just £2.99 up to £19.99 I was given the opportunity to make my own Family Photo book in exchange for sharing how i got on with the process
Making a photo book was really easy. You simply click the Upload button and add all the photos that you want to include. You can add more than you need in fact, they store nicely in separate folders so that you can always find them quickly when you need them. I made two folders, My Family and My Family Part 2 - Not very original i know but i like to keep things simple lol
Once your photos are uploaded you simply click on the type of Photo book that you would like and click Go x It adds all the photos you have selected into the book,spreading them neatly over the pages ready for you to view. You can then choose your design and front cover and have a play with all the different margins,spacing, colour options and many other settings. You can make your Photo book to suit your own tastes.

Once your happy with your product you fill out the easy form to buy.It then gets made up withing 3 to 5 working days and posted out to you at home.Mine was delivered in just under a week which is pretty good really seeing as someone had to make my book and do it all by hand.

I went for the Dark Blue cover with classic Black & White pages.I thought I'd keep it all nice and simple and easy on the eye. The Book is fab,Great hard back covers with good quality pages. Beautiful glossy pictures and very well put together.  I have took a few pics of my finished Photo book but as i took them on my IPad they quality of my Photos don't quite do them justice. My Book is top followed by a few sneak peaks of my pages.

I really enjoyed using SnapFish and am very pleased with my finished product. The Photo book i made was £19.99 but worth every penny. For less than an hours uploading and messing on the site and just £20 i now have a Beautiful Family Photo album that i can treasure Forever!

SnapFish get a fab 5 out of 5 from me. Easy and simple to use. Great prices and a Great range of products and gift ideas. I know where I'll be shopping this Christmas!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Samsung Mobile Challenge

Samsung Mobile Challenge

Samsung have a very exciting Mobile Challenge for you! If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which is the Official Phone for this challenge you can now download the game ASPHALT 6 for FREE.You can then take part in the exciting challenge and join in the Top scores battle.

Get your adrenaline pumping for the newest edition of the Asphalt series. Discover 42 cars & bikes from Ferrari, Lamborghini,Aston Martin, Ducati and other world-class manufacturers. Build a collection in your 3D garage that you can explore using the touch screen, then tune your vehicle & customize it with decals before tearing up the streets of L.A., Tokyo, the Bahamas & other beautiful locations, each rendered in HD. You'll be driving against tough opponents in 11 different leagues with 55 events plus Online/Local Multiplayer for up to 6 players.

There are Top Prizes to be won. What do you think? Will you be taking part?
I know if i had an S2 i would!

Samsung - App Ideas For Under 5's

Samsung - App Ideas For Under 5's

What could your children under 5 possibly get out of using apps on your IPhone or Tablet i can hear you say! Well i have a 4 year old daughter who loves to play and learn using mine. There are so many endless possibilities of fun yet educational apps they could use and enjoy.

                                                                                                       Children love Colours and Bright screens. An App including naming or simply showing all the different colours that there are can be a big help. Maybe an App that teaches children how to say or even spell the colours in words. Hide the learning bit behind a fun yet simple game and you have a hit.
Use your children's favourite cartoon characters to make an children's App an instant hit.My daughter Lily loves Peppa Pig so any App we see in the store with it on - She wants and has to have. It's an instant selling point. Most parents including me will do anything for a few moments of peace and quiet and if that means spending a few pounds on an App that will do this, then so be it. Consider the App bought!
Number need to be an important part of any child's learning process but it doesn't have to be an obvious 1 + 1 = 2 thing as that can be very boring and will put many children off, especially the younger ones aged 5 and under. You need to make it fun like A character has a bag of 2 sweets and has to share with her sister so how many each will they have? You can have pictures of brightly coloured bags and pretty sweets which can be moved/dragged around so they can learn how to share and count at the same time as they are being entertained by some funky added music or sound effects.
One of Lily's favourite things she likes to do is draw and doodle. So any kind of App that lets her draw and play with lines and shapes is always good. Learning doesn't have to be in a set form, it can come in many shapes and sizes. Learning needs to be made fun and interesting.
I don't think that Apps for children under 5 are a bad thing. I think if they are done right they can actually be a very positive thing. I understand that every parent may have different views on this but that's OK. I let Lily play with Apps all the time, She loves Angry Birds even though i don't think that's particular App was aimed at her age range but it's still good honest family fun.

What do you think about children's Apps? Good idea? Bad idea?
I'm always happy to hear your thoughts. I you are like me and think they can be a good idea, what kid of thing would you like to see created??