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My Family

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A trip down Memory Lane - Poem wise.

A trip down Memory Lane - Poem wise.

Today i was looking through my draw and i found a little box,Inside were a collection of poems i had written many years ago,whilst i was still in school in fact! So they're over 10 years old,wow. I thought it would be nice to read through them and share one of my faves with you all.

It's a poem called "Friends" and was written to and for my best friend Alison (Ali) We're still friends now and I'm thankful for our friendship.Its been a tough one but worth every minute.


Throughout your life friends come and go
but true friendship will last and grow.
Some grow closer whilst others apart
A selected few will remain in my heart.

To me you are my shining star
with you i know i won't stray far.
This poem is a gift for you
for all the things you've helped me through.

For being my light when it was dark
for picking me up when i fell apart.
I thank you from within my heart
I pray to God we never part.

For you're a friend i truly love
sent to me by powers above
And at this time i want to say
In my heart you'll always stay.

I have many others in my little box but many are from a much darker and unhappier place.I was such a depressed teenager from looking at these.Maybe I'll share some more poems sometime.
Do you like Poetry? I love it and always have.I write off the top of my head,what i think - i write. Writing poems has always been my way of writing down what I'm feeling. I guess its the only was i know how to say what i really mean.

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  1. I trashed all my poems from school a long time ago. I'm not in that place anymore and it was liberating to shred them all! Much kudos to you for being able to keep it all!