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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Review - Baby Plum Finger Foods

Review - Baby Plum Finger Foods

I'm sure you've all heard of Plum Baby if you have children yourself? They are a very well known Baby Food Maker. My son Ryan loved their foods and puree's as a baby so now that he's past the 12 months stage i decided to move on to the next stage, Finger foods. Ryan likes to experiment,feel and play with his food before he eats it nowadays so finger foods are a lot of fun. Baby Plum has a nice variety to choose from but for this review we were sent 2 different ones to try. Savoury Carrot Bakey Bites and Spelt Tomato & Herb Breadsticks

IL give you a little information about each but i can tell you this,Ryan loved them both! Easy to hold,great tasting - perfect little snacks for little hands.

Savory Carrot Bakey Bites:
1 Multi pack contain 4 = 25g individual packs which make life a little easier as you can just bring out one pack when needed. Also helps keep them fresh and tasty for when your little one wants a yummy snack. They cost £1.99 and are available at most big supermarkets,Boots and online at .
These baby sized bakes combine the wholesome goodness of the grain spelt with carrot. They have no added salt, making them the perfect nibble to help develop toddlers' savoury taste buds with adult flavours and nothing but goodness. They do contain Gluten but are Dairy Free so they are suitable for vegetarians.

Spelt Tomato & Herb Breadsticks:    
1 Multi pack contain 3 x 30g individual bags. Again this is so you don't have to open the whole box at once,making the freshness a lot much longer as some can be left sealed until needed. Authentic hand rolled spelt breadsticks using the traditional Tuscan method passed from generation to generation and made with extra virgin olive oil - these breadsticks taste better than adult versions! Subtly tangy and fresh, these are made with the finest tomatoes and are complemented with the perfect combination of rosemary and oregano herbs. Yummy! They cost £1.99 a box .These also contain Gluten but are Dairy Free and are suitable for vegetarians.

What Ryan Thought?

Ryan loved them both,as a baby he always preferred Plum Baby food as there always seemed like they had alot more taste than some of the other brands. There is no change here then as Ryan really enjoyed these too. He loves being able to hold them and feed himself like a big boy. We loved them so much that once our samples had run out we went out and bought more! When ever we go out,on a bus journey,to visit family or even on a shopping trip.I always stick a pack of snacks into his changing bag ready for when he's feeling hungry. A nice snack always keeps him happy and best of all quiet lol.

We give Plum baby's Finger Foods a Fab 5 out of 5! Yummy Yummy.

Have you tried any of their Finger Foods yet? If so,what did you think?

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