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My Family

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Competition - Win A Selection Of Summer Blockbusters

Competition - Win A Selection Of Summer Blockbusters with Best Buy & Boots Treat Street

This Competition is brought to you by Boots Treat Street and Best Buy. Boots Treat Street is an extension of the much-loves Boots Advantage Card as many of you will already know. Boots Treat Street can earn you extra valuable points by whilst shopping online. If you have an Advantage Card and shop online then this is definitely something for you. Shopping at your everyday high street stores has never been more rewarding. You can gain lots of extra points with every purchase and enter great competitions whilst you're there too!

The Prize is a show-stopping selection of three summer blockbusters for countless evenings of family fun! The fantastic selection includes:

 - Gnomeo & Juliet
- Despicable Me
- Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

To Enter I'm making it very easy for you! You just need leave me a comment saying which film you'd most like to see out of the three - just because I'm nosy lol
And Tweet the following tweet :

" I wanna #win a family fun night with @v82chris & #BootsTreatStreet  "

Please leave me a Separate comment to get your extra entry and Good Luck

Competition closes 6pm September 14th
Open to the UK only
1 Winner drawn at random

The Winner Is : @xeminoz

Well Done x Please DM me your details at (@v82chris)

Review & Giveaway - Bio Oil

Review & Giveaway - Bio Oil

I'm sure most of you have heard of Bio Oil or maybe even tried it for yourself. Its a specialist skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It's also highly effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. I actually bought myself a bottle just after the birth of my third child Ryan who was born by C-Section. I was so worried about the scaring and how it would look after it had healed. I applied a small amount of  Bio Oil every morning and night every day. The oil is great,non-greasy and not bad smelling. Absorbed quickly into the skin and left it feeling smooth and healthy. I wasn't quite sure if it would make a difference but it was worth a try. After a few months my scar had healed well and looked amazing faint. It's weird that i don't actually mind it being there anymore,it doesn't bother me or make me feel bad about my body. I forget its there most of the time in fact! I would definitely recommend Bio Oil to any one out there who maybe has a scar or a patch of skin that they may be self conscious of as it could help. It costs around £9 for a large 60ml bottle but lasts for ages as you only need to apply a small amount at a time so definitely worth the money. It made my life a little easier and made me feel much better about myself. If you haven't tried it yet then you are going to love this next part because i have a lovely surprise for you all.


I have got 10 of these fab Goody Bags to giveaway to you my loyal followers. Each Goody Bag contains:

- A lovely hessian Bio-Oil bag
- A 60ml bottle of Bio-Oil
- Sample sachets of children's suncare/ shampoo & conditioner etc too.

(The Products may vary in each Goody Bag)

To Enter - There are just two simple things you need to do:

1 - Follow My Blog using Google Friends Connect - Just click "Follow This Site" button on the left. Then leave me a comment letting me know you have done so.

2 - Tweet the following tweet to share this great giveaway with all your friends:

" I want to #win a Bio Oil Goody Bag with @v82chris "

Competition Ends September 14th at 6pm
Open to the UK only
10 Winners will be drawn at random.

The Winners Are :

  1. @hannahmdy
  2. @DanielleWelsh2
  3. @sophiejanem
  4. @buttonf1fan
  5. @nonnaalison
  6. @chrriss88
  7. @suej1601
  8. @sweet_Kat30
  9. @JohnTarbet71
  10. @CHOCOAJ

Well Done - Please DM me @v82chris your details x

Oh No! My Nice Boy Is Getting Naughty?

Oh No! My Nice Boy Is Getting Naughty?

My little man Ryan is now 15months old. He's always been such a sweet little thing. Always smiling and laughing, a real pleasure to have around. But lately things are starting to change...

I think his big sisters ate starting to rub off on him. He's so cheeky but naughty now. He pinches his sisters when he cant get the toy he wants or pulls their hair when they ignore him. He's turnign into a little terror. (A cute one at least)

His newest thing is kicking.Oh my,he kicks everything. It was so great seeing him kicking his ball around - A pro footballer in the making i thought. From the day he walked he always ahd a ball somewhere near by but now he's kicking everything! His toys,his sisters and evn me :O

Naughty Naughty

This little clip shows him having a good time with a new toy until the end when his true colours show. Tut Tut Ryan

He's so cute and cheeky that i haven't the heart to tell him off.I just say "No,thats naughty Ryan"
Hopefully it's just a passing phase and he'l soon grow out of it.
What do your little ones get up too that's a little naughty? Feel free to share them with me.

Review - ELC HappyLand Great Britain Set

ELC HappyLand Great Britain Set

The Early Learning Centre is an amazing place to shop. 

Fun toys, Musical toys, Educational toys too
So much to choose from and lots too do.
A fun time out whilst you stop
The kids can play until they drop
Great prices and value all round
Lots of joy and laughter sounds.

Ryan was sent a Surprise toy to test and try the other week.We were very excited to see what would arrive. On opening the box we pulled out a HappyLand Great Britain Set Wow how cool is that!
The set includes  a royal family set of 6 people, a red phone box and post box, a London bus and a black London Taxi. I love the whole Great Britain theme,its great and you don't see it often in toys. It retails at just £16 and is available both in store and online.

Ryan loves his new toy.The little red phone box has a sweet little button dial inside which is you press actually makes a ringing sound.It's very cute. Ryan loves his new little people friends,he sits there putting them in and out of the bus for ages.

 The toys are all great quality,beautifully painted and nice and bright. Definitely worth the price. We give the Happyland Great Britain Set a fab 5 out of 5 as there's nothing we would change at all. With 6 people and 2 vehicles there's lots of fun to be had. Ryan loves playing with his new friends. There are so many other HappyLand sets to collect too,i think we're going to have to buy a few more.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A Guest Post - Celebrate Diversity with the Whole Family

I would like to share a Guest Post with you today -  Its all about teaching our children about the world's Diversity,Cultures and Differences.There's some great tips here and Its something I'm definitely going to be trying to do more of with my children.This article is written by Mr Dan Gilbert and i have chosen to share it with you as it's something i believe quite strongly in.Please do have a read and let me know what you think? Comments and feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Celebrate Diversity with the Whole Family

Children are perceptive little people. Explaining a complicated idea like “diversity” to your child may seem like a daunting task, but if you embrace teachable moments as they occur and use a little creativity, children will naturally begin to grasp the beauty of our diverse cultures, people and world.
“We live in a diverse world. By teaching preschool children to appreciate other cultures from an early age, you will help them develop compassion and seek out shared values,” said Dr. Mary Zurn, (aka Dr. Z), vice president of education for Primrose Schools.

The first step to teaching diversity is to see the world from your child’s perspective. They are cocooned in a closely-knit circle of family, friends and perhaps teachers or peers from daycare or preschool. By utilizing music, holidays, cultural events – even animals – to illustrate the great variety of life on earth, you can begin to instill an appreciation for the global community.

Children with a positive outlook on cultural diversity grow into caring, compassionate adults. Begin at home with your own culture and expand outward in an ever-widening circle to raise children who value the great variety of human experience.

Here are a few tips offered from Dr. Z for teaching diversity while celebrating different cultures at home:
Take a trip down memory lane. Bring out the family photo albums and share pictures and stories with your children. Perhaps someone in your family was a witness to history. Children love hearing stories, especially stories they can relate to their lives. Sharing family history will help them feel connected to something larger than themselves. Ask grandparents or other older family members to share what life was like when they were children.
Listen to music.
Children love music. Begin with the music of your family’s native land and slowly expand to other cultures and countries. See if your children can identify common themes. How is all music alike? How is it different?
Read, read, read.
Books open the doors into other worlds and other lives. Choose books that celebrate the diversity of life while expressing the similarities among children around the world. Your children will identify with young protagonists, even though their customs or dress may be different. A few suggestions:
· The Family Book by Todd Parr
· The Scholastic Big Book of Holidays Around the Year by Susan Dillon
· Come to the Great World: Poems from Around the Globe by Wendy Cooling
Celebrate life. Seek out opportunities to interact with children and families from other cultures. Spin the globe, pick out a country and dress up or prepare a meal from that land. Street fairs, holiday celebrations and museums are all fun and exciting ways to immerse your children in the beauty and diversity of life.
Dr. Z says,“Encourage a celebration of cultures near and far, including your own, to help your child grow to be an accepting, compassionate adult, who values the differences in others.”

This Guest Post was written by Mr Dan Gilbert. 

Mission 4 - A Day of my Holiday taken in photos on my Samsung Pro

My 4th Samsung Mission - A Day Of My LIfe taken in photos on my Samsung Pro.

My Mission was to take photo's from my Samsung Device which for me is my Samsung Galaxy Pro to show how good my camera is.I chose to base my mission on a day last week whilst we were away on our family holiday.All the pics i take on my phone are always of my kids,my family and my world.I've put a few into a collage so you can see.The Pro has a 3.2 MP camera with Auto Flash and many other great settings.For a low Mega Pixel camera the pictures can be quite awesome at times.
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Ryan meets the Sea for the 1st time -Ooops

Ryan meets the Sea for the 1st time -Oops

Ryan met the waves for the first time this week.Wasn't quite sure what he'd think.Do you think he liked it??

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A trip down Memory Lane - Poem wise.

A trip down Memory Lane - Poem wise.

Today i was looking through my draw and i found a little box,Inside were a collection of poems i had written many years ago,whilst i was still in school in fact! So they're over 10 years old,wow. I thought it would be nice to read through them and share one of my faves with you all.

It's a poem called "Friends" and was written to and for my best friend Alison (Ali) We're still friends now and I'm thankful for our friendship.Its been a tough one but worth every minute.


Throughout your life friends come and go
but true friendship will last and grow.
Some grow closer whilst others apart
A selected few will remain in my heart.

To me you are my shining star
with you i know i won't stray far.
This poem is a gift for you
for all the things you've helped me through.

For being my light when it was dark
for picking me up when i fell apart.
I thank you from within my heart
I pray to God we never part.

For you're a friend i truly love
sent to me by powers above
And at this time i want to say
In my heart you'll always stay.

I have many others in my little box but many are from a much darker and unhappier place.I was such a depressed teenager from looking at these.Maybe I'll share some more poems sometime.
Do you like Poetry? I love it and always have.I write off the top of my head,what i think - i write. Writing poems has always been my way of writing down what I'm feeling. I guess its the only was i know how to say what i really mean.

Monday, 15 August 2011

I've Been Shortlisted For The Gurgle Awards!

I've Been Shortlisted For The Gurgle Awards!

This Morning i received a lovely E.mail telling me that my Blog Had been nominated for Best Photography and that i had been chosen by their judging panel as one of their top 5. I'm truly Delighted just to be in their top 5. I have been invited to their Awards Ceremony in London hosted by Myleene Klass which is an honour. I'm very excited and so happy right now. The only thing is now its a voting contest between the 5 that they picked :( I really don't like being against other Bloggers as i think we all deserve to win but if you would like to Help me win then you can vote for my Blog right here:


CLICK HERE TO VOTE You will taken to a very short survey.

You Simply just tick the box next to "Mummy Of 3 Diaries" in the first section of Best Photography.

Thank you so much for all your support and Good Luck to us all.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Review - Boots Boy's Mealtime Set

Review - Boots Boy's Melamine Set

My little man is 14 months old already,where did the time go? He's not my tiny baby anymore but he's my gorgeous big boy now! When it comes to meal times he's such a star. I never have any problems with him, he loves his food! We were sent a sweet little feeding set by Boots for Ryan to test out and review.  The Boots Boys Melamine Set Pirate consists of : Plate,Bowl,Cup and 3 piece beautifully coloured stainless steel cutlery set. It retails at £8.16 which is quite a good price for a whole set.Its so nicely decorated,it looks great. This set is designed for babies 12 months + which is perfect for all toddlers learning too feed themselves. This Boots Melamine Set is a bright and fun way to get your children interested at meal times. The melamine crockery is brightly coloured and easy to clean making it perfect for us mums and your child.  Breakfast is Ryan's favourite meal of the day,he loves his Weetabix lol So we decided this would be the perfect time to introduce his new Bowl and spoon whilst he's in a good mood. I let him play with it first so he knew that it was his :) And then feeding time began : Yummy

Ryan's Breakfast Before We Started.

It's Going - Can You See The Pirate Yet?

Going - We Can Nearly See Him.

Almost Gone - Ooooh Look Ryan He's Hiding.

All GONE! There He Is Ryan.- YaY

Ryan loves his Breakfast,its so much fun.I think he likes his new Bowl and Spoon too! Just look at that smile. The Boots Melamine Set was a big hit with both of us. I can see Ryan using this set for a good few months too come. A Fab 5 out of 5 for us. There's nothing i would want to change about this set. Its perfect just the way it is! What plates/bowls does your child have?

Review - Baby Plum Finger Foods

Review - Baby Plum Finger Foods

I'm sure you've all heard of Plum Baby if you have children yourself? They are a very well known Baby Food Maker. My son Ryan loved their foods and puree's as a baby so now that he's past the 12 months stage i decided to move on to the next stage, Finger foods. Ryan likes to experiment,feel and play with his food before he eats it nowadays so finger foods are a lot of fun. Baby Plum has a nice variety to choose from but for this review we were sent 2 different ones to try. Savoury Carrot Bakey Bites and Spelt Tomato & Herb Breadsticks

IL give you a little information about each but i can tell you this,Ryan loved them both! Easy to hold,great tasting - perfect little snacks for little hands.

Savory Carrot Bakey Bites:
1 Multi pack contain 4 = 25g individual packs which make life a little easier as you can just bring out one pack when needed. Also helps keep them fresh and tasty for when your little one wants a yummy snack. They cost £1.99 and are available at most big supermarkets,Boots and online at .
These baby sized bakes combine the wholesome goodness of the grain spelt with carrot. They have no added salt, making them the perfect nibble to help develop toddlers' savoury taste buds with adult flavours and nothing but goodness. They do contain Gluten but are Dairy Free so they are suitable for vegetarians.

Spelt Tomato & Herb Breadsticks:    
1 Multi pack contain 3 x 30g individual bags. Again this is so you don't have to open the whole box at once,making the freshness a lot much longer as some can be left sealed until needed. Authentic hand rolled spelt breadsticks using the traditional Tuscan method passed from generation to generation and made with extra virgin olive oil - these breadsticks taste better than adult versions! Subtly tangy and fresh, these are made with the finest tomatoes and are complemented with the perfect combination of rosemary and oregano herbs. Yummy! They cost £1.99 a box .These also contain Gluten but are Dairy Free and are suitable for vegetarians.

What Ryan Thought?

Ryan loved them both,as a baby he always preferred Plum Baby food as there always seemed like they had alot more taste than some of the other brands. There is no change here then as Ryan really enjoyed these too. He loves being able to hold them and feed himself like a big boy. We loved them so much that once our samples had run out we went out and bought more! When ever we go out,on a bus journey,to visit family or even on a shopping trip.I always stick a pack of snacks into his changing bag ready for when he's feeling hungry. A nice snack always keeps him happy and best of all quiet lol.

We give Plum baby's Finger Foods a Fab 5 out of 5! Yummy Yummy.

Have you tried any of their Finger Foods yet? If so,what did you think?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August Competitions!

August Competitions!

My Blog has gone Competition Crazy this month.I thought i better put all my Competitions in one place so that you can enter them all easily.

Win a years Subscription to Prizes Galore ENDS 31st August

Win Baby's First Year Book in my Competition with Need-To-Know Books ENDS 31st August

Win A years Supply Of Persil Small & Mighty ENDS 31st August

Win a bottle of Isla Negra Wine ENDS 31st August

Competition - Isla Negra Wines

Isla Negra Wines

Isla Negra Wines Wines have launched a campaign called ‘Inspired by the Coast’ and the aim is to encourage people to visit our beautiful coastal spots in Britain rather than abroad. They have a Digital Map on their Facebook Page where people can upload their pictures of the coast and take a virtual tour along Britain's coastline - made up of your coastal snaps. Everyone who enters a picture will also be entered into a Competition to win a Digital SLR Camera.
The Isla Nerga range includes a Chardonnay, Rose, Merlot and many others. Great wines to suit every one's tastes. Not only is there a wide range of wines they're also a very Eco Friendly company.
Several months ago Isla Negra wines started using lightweight bottles for its Reserva and Isla Nerga ranges, in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions(GHGs) produced by these products' manufacturing and shipping.

Isla Nerga Wines has kindly offered a prize for one lucky reader to win a bottle of their lovely Isla Negra Sauvignon Blanc ( pictured above ).I wish i could enter myself, but I'm not allowed (boo hoo) It's very easy to enter,here's what you need to do.

The WINNER is Entry 26 - @daisyangel1

Congratulation Please DM me (@v82chris) with your details.x


1 - FOLLOW My Blog.

2- Like the Isla Negra Facebook Page by clicking this link and leave a message on their wall saying "Mummy Of 3 Diaries Sent Me"

Please leave me a comment to let me know that you have done both these things.

For an EXTRA ENTRY you can tweet the following tweet and leave me a SEPARATE comment to let me know you have done so.

"I want to #win Isla Negra Wine with @v82chris  "

Competition Ends August 31st.Winner will be drawn at random.Open to the UK only.

Review - Kids "My Way" Sprinbrush

Kids "My Way" Sprinbrush

Arm & Hammer have launched the new "My Way" Spinbrush to make tooth brushing fun for kids! It's designed to appeal to children’s love of toys and gadgets and allows kids to put the fun back into tooth brushing. Both boys and girls will love the colourful design of this battery powered toothbrush, which comes complete with customising features such as a removable head and battery cap, a unique ‘Gem’ on-off button, and over 141 decorative stickers so that your child can really make the brush their own. The Spinbrushes come in a wide variety of designs and cost just £5.99 from your local Boots store.

My girls can be a pain when it comes to brushing their teeth. They never want to do it so i always end up standing over them to ensure that they do. Its not much fun so when i was kindly offered for them to try out these new Spinbrushes i jumped at the chance. I was dying to see if they would get my girls interested enough to start brushing their teeth by themselves.

My girls were very excited when they arrived,both had huge smiles on their faces. So excited in fact that they wanted to get started as soon as they saw them which explains why they have their PJ's on in the photos lol.

Both started by putting their names on their own Spinbrush so they didn't get them mixed up. They wanted them to look a bit the same so they decided to put their names down the front in the same way lol There are so many pretty stickers to choose from, two of each letter,one in pink and one in purple. Rainbows and fairy princesses. Animals and funky patterns. Such a fun choice!

Both Chloe and Lily had a lot of fun decorating their new Spinbrushes and were very excited to then try them out. There was lots of stickers left over so I'm sure they will be re-designing them soon. I was amazed they both went upstairs and brushed their teeth by themselves :O I was very proud. We've only had the Spinbrushes for a few days but already they love them. They've used them everyday without even being told too. They've actually asked me if they can go brush their teeth. Its great and makes a fab change in my house.

For the small price of just £5.99 i can gladly say that they are well worth every penny. We love the new Arm & Hammer Spin brush and would recommend them to everyone. If you have trouble getting your children to be excited about brushing their teeth like i did,then these would be a great idea for you. I will leave you with the photos of my girls having fun decorating theirs.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Competition - A years Supply Of Persil Small & Mighty

Competition - A years Supply Of Persil Small & Mighty

New Persil small & mighty, which achieves unbeatable cleaning results in 30 minutes, has teamed up with Kirstie Allsopp to encourage mums to get creative when it comes to entertaining the kids. For unbeatable tips and to share your ideas, log on to Persil/Mini Miracles 
Have you ever thought that if you could save over half the time spent doing your family’s laundry, it would be nothing short of a miracle? New Persil small & mighty liquid concentrate detergent will help you do just this, achieving unbeatable results on just a 30 minute quick wash cycle –saving you energy, money and time!
The new small & mighty is the most powerful liquid detergent from Persil to date so only needs one small dosage – measured simply in the shuttle device – to deliver mighty cleaning power, proven on a 30 minute wash cycle. 

The unique concentrated liquid formulation contains five new ingredients specially designed to work even on the quicker and cooler wash programmes of your machine, to tackle the toughest stains and deliver thorough cleaning. In fact, for families who average one wash a day Persil can save on average 3651 hours (or over 15 days) of waiting time every year - precious time that can be dedicated to doing something much more fun with your family. By simply switching to colder quick wash cycles you can save 5p-10p in energy savings in a single wash; so why not join a revolution of short, cool washing cycles?
Dani Ross, Brand Manager from Persil comments: ‘A significant number of washes in the UK are still done on the main wash cycle lasting one hour plus - at 60 degrees2 - but the new Persil small & mighty cleaning technology means we can adopt 30 minute quick wash cycles with confidence - and that small action alone, can make a mighty change.’

Sounds Great doesn't it?

The VERY LUCKY WINNER is Entry number 7 @Jamesdpaton

Congratulations - Please DM me (@v82chris) with your details.

Well Persil are offering one lucky mum the chance to win ONE year’s supply of Persil small & mighty!

To ENTER simply FOLLOW my Blog and leave me a comment below with a way to contact you,if you win.

For an EXTRA ENTRY Then tweet the following tweet!

" I wanna be Small & Mighty with a years free Persil with @v82chris "

Competition closes midnight on 31st August .

Boots Mini Club - 2 Piece Sun Safe Review

Boots Mini Club - 2 Piece Sun Safe Review

Boots Mini Club have a fantastic new summer range perfect for every child's summer sun needs.Ryan was sent a gorgeous Red & Blue 2 Piece Sun Safe set to test out this summer. Mini Club is only available within Boots Stores at the moment which means i cant link you to any images I'm afraid :( I do however have a gorgeous picture of my son Ryan wearing his!

The set consists of shorts and a mid - sleeved top. Very cute and fits really well. They retail at just £13 for the set which is great. The Sun Safe set offers protection from the sun which is what every parent needs for their children this summer. They are available for children aged 0 to 6 years. There are many other colours and designs to choose from. Ryan looked good sporting his cute little Red and Blue set in our local swimming baths last week. Were off on holidays soon so we'll be sure to make sure we pack this into our case. As always Boots offer very high quality products and I'd definitely recommend this one to you all.
Keep your children safe this summer whilst out in the sun. Whether it be on the beach or even just in your own back garden,this sweet little set is perfect for anywhere.

Competition Need-To-Know Books - Baby's First Year

Competition Need-To-Know Books - Baby's First Year
This one is for all the parents out there,who like me - aren't perfect! We all struggle sometimes and need a little help with our little ones. I've come across some fab books that are definitely worth a read and thought it would be great to share them with you.
Need-2-Know Books have a wonderful range of books covering a really wide range of subjects from Parenting to Work issues and even more Personal or Health related ones.  Parenting wise they have a new book called - Baby's First Year which is written by Shanta Everington .It has lots of helpful chapters in it which include :

The first few weeks
Feeding options
Keeping baby clean
Interaction and play
Physical development
Looking after yourself.

The 2 WINNERS are Entries 12 and 22 which is :


Congratulations Please DM me (@v82chris) your details x

COMPETITION - There are 2 copies of this book to be won.

To enter all you have to do is 2 things :
1 - FOLLOW my Blog using the "Join this Site" button on the left hand side.Leave me a comment with the best way to contact you in you win.

2 - Have a look at the Need-2-Know Books website and tell me which book you would like to read? (your comments will be taken into account for further competitions)

For an EXTRA ENTRY you can tweet the following :

" I want to #Win Baby's First Year with @v82chris "

Please leave separate comments for each entry so i can count them all.

Competition is open to the UK only and 2 winners will be drawn at random on August 31st.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

How To Download Games On Your Android Phone.

How To Download Games On Your Android Phone.

Downloading your favourite games onto your mobile phone can be very easy as long as you know what you are doing.Here's my 6 simple steps demonstrated in pictures to help if you need it.I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Pro but this process should be the same on every Android Smart Phone.

STEP 1 - Find your MARKET button on your HOME SCREEN.


STEP 3 -  Choose the Game you want too DOWNLOAD. I have chose ANGRY BIRDS as it's my all time FAVE. Once you have found the GAME you want Just CLICK the FREE  button to choose it.

STEP 4 - CLICK OK too start your DOWNLOAD.

STEP 5 - WAIT as your phone DOWNLOADS your new GAME. Once its done it will automatically INSTALL it to your phone , ready to play!



All of my top 5 are FREE games that you can download from your Android App Store.






Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung has a new Android Smart phone out called the Galaxy Pro. I have been given one from Samsung as part of our Mobilers Programme  to try and test and over the past few weeks i have done so. I have been using it as my main mobile phone to see how it gets on. IL give you the Facts first and then give you my opinions Second.

The Full Specs:

The Galaxy Pro is run on Android 2.2 Froyo and it has a candybar-QWERTY keyboard.The Galaxy Pro has 2.8-inch touchscreen display and a nice 3-mega pixel camera with auto-focus and video recording abilities of 30 frame per second. It's Battery Life is up to 11 hours of talk time.
About the connectivity, it has Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Samsung’s Social Hub Premium Software which are all integrated with various social network site. Which of course include both Twitter and Facebook! ActiveSync will provide Galaxy Pro users with 150,000 applications, ready to download!
Galaxy Pro supports latest 10.1 Flash, Google Maps with Latitude, and A-GPS.

OK so you've seen the Facts,now for what i thought. The Samsung Galaxy Pro is the Android version of a Blackberry phone to me,it is designed in the same way that they have done theirs. This phone does have slightly bigger keys than my Blackberry Torch had which makes it easier for people with bigger fingers to use. If you do a lot of texting and tweeting on Twitter like i do,then this a good basic phone to have.
I say basic as its a very simple phone, Easy to use and great for beginners or people who want a lower budget phone. Even though it has a very simple,yet lightweight appeal to it,it does however have all the functions of any other Android Smart phone. You can have easy and fast access to the Internet whilst on the go.
I have to say i quite like this phone,it looks great with its silver and titanium case. Its lighweight so i don't feel like I'm carrying a brick lol and its easy to use the Internet on which is what i spend most of my time doing!

So if you are looking for a Android Smart phone with a Qwerty keyboard that won't cost you a small fortune then this is definitely the phone for you!