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My Family

Friday, 1 July 2011

Bob Martin Dog Shampoo

Bob Martin Dog Shampoo Review

I was sent a Bob Martin dog shampoo to try out on my pooch Bella who is very good at getting dirty and very smelly. I was given the Bob Martin 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo which is meant to both clean and condition your dog’s skin and coat.  Its said to use their new Stay Fresh Technology which is a  pleasant orange fragrance and will help your dog stay fresh for longer whilst  leaving a healthier looking,more shiny coat.

Bella isn't a huge fan of baths so a 2 in 1 is a great idea as it saves me time and makes my job a little bit easier. The shampoo itself was nice and went on great. Was easy to apply and lathered up nicely. The only trouble i had personally was the smell of oranges was a little over powering for me. I love the smell of fruits but in small doses. Fragrances are a personal thing tho,what i dislike some one else may love so don't let this put you off. If you love the smell of fresh oranges then you will love this product and will love smothering your pooch in it too! The shampoo did exactly what it said it would do,cleaned her really well and made her coat look great. I had a good look at the Bob Martin site and found lots of great pet products. I would definitely use Bob Martin products again as the results were great but i think I'd personally go for their Original Shampoo which has a Mild Scent much more suited for me and Bella. Bella was such a good girl trying out this shampoo that i had to give her a treat and as her reward she got one of her faves,a pancake lol So she was happy,even if she did have to sit at the table to eat it. Bella doesn't realise that she's a dog you see, she just thinks she's one of us,which she is i guess. She's a big part of my family and we all love her loads. Thanks for your help on this review Bella x

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