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My Family

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Samsung Mobilers - Mission 2

Samsung Mobilers - Mission 2

Hello again,I'm back with Mission 2.Its only a small mission but worth a very big prize.
My Mission is to drum up publicity and send people over to the new Samsung Tab 10.1 Launch Party page.
Anyone can attend the event,Unfortunately I'm a bit far away so won't be able to go myself.

All i need you to do is click through my unique link ( right here > ) Samsung Launch Party and click weather or not you would like to go.They are offering a free bar and DJ to anyone who would like to go along. You will get to play with the new Tab and play games which can win you some fab prizes too.

If you would like to help me win a brand new Samsung TV then please do click through for me,
It will only take you a few seconds. There are 30 Mobilers and the one of us who gets the most people over to their page will be the winner.

I would love to win but i have some steep competition so I am offering a mixed lot of prizes that will be worth at least £50 to someone who helps.Winner will be drawn at random x

To ENTER all you have to do is CLICK HERE and Then please tweet the following :

"Want to go to the #Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch event? Check it out here "

When you have done BOTH these steps please then leave me a comment telling me you have done so.

Please wish me luck,I'm not sure how many days i have to do this mission but I'm assuming i have until Tuesday,the day before the official launch.

The winner was drawn at random from all who entered on here and over on my Blog Facebook page. The winner is....

Kerry Mse Robertson

Well done .

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Blogging Journey so far.

My Blogging Journey so far.

I've been thinking lately about my Blog and how far I've come since i started only last December. It's not even been a year yet and already it has opened up such a new and exciting world to me and my family.
I now have an amazing following of over 300 people which i never ever dreamed would happen to me. It makes me feel so loved and really gives my Blogging a purpose. I have worked with so many fab companies both new and old,trying and testing their products along the way. Reviews are so much fun,both the good and bad ones,my kids have had toys i could never afford to buy them which really is amazing.

I have become a Ambassador for a fantastic company - Haba Toys

I have become a Samsung Mobiler! (still cant quite believe this one)

And i have met so many lovely people through my page.

I LOVE BLOGGING! It really gives me a voice,i can write whatever i like,whenever! Its such an amazing feeling to get my opinions out there.My Blog has come so far that it actually scares me sometimes,it's just moved so fast.

In December ( on the 27th to be exact ) it will be my One Year Blog Anniversary and i would love to celebrate it in style,I'm going to be working really hard to try and get some companies involved so i can bring you all some fab giveaways and prizes.

THANK YOU all for your love and support so far. I couldn't have done all this without you!

I hope you all stay with me as we grow and learn.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My 300 Follower Celebration!

My 300 Follower Celebration!

Whoop Whoop I made it too 300 amazing followers.I must celebrateas it's such a big achievement for me,i never dreamed i would ever have this many. To celebrate im running a giveaway just to say Thank You all for following my blog and being such lovely friends.

The PRIZE to make this celebration go with a bang is of course a bottle of very nice Champagne! It's A bottle of Froment - Griffon Champagne (75cl) worth £36.99 in fact!

Who Wants To Win This???
If you're shouting Meeeeeeeeee like i would be lol here's how to enter!

Its very simple and very easy! There's just 2 things you need to do:

First thing is make sure that you are following my Blog and leave me a comment with the best way to contact you below,if you use anonymous please leave your name or twitter ID so i know who you are.
Secondly you need to tweet the following tweet so that you can share it with all your lovely friends too incase they might want to enter:) Please leave a seperate comment telling me you have done so.

"Im in to #Win #Champagne with @v82chris "

You can earn extra entries if you please by commenting on non-competition posts and then leaving an extra comment to tell me where you have done it,i will allow up to 3 extra entries on this bit as im feeling generouse.You don't have to do this bit but can if you would like extra entries.

I will draw a winner at random on August 11th,thats 3 weeks today! Good Luck xxx

Thank You all for helping me Celebrate but there can only be 1 winner and that was Entry number 47 picked by the Randomiser which means.
Congratulations Jo_Bryan
Please DM me your address on twitter @v82chris x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Am I a mean mum?

Am I a mean mum?

I was having a conversation the other day with a mum at the school who thought i was a bit of a  mean mum as i put my girls to bed at 7pm every night. Where as I happen to think they're wrong to be leaving their kids up til all hours,past 10pm sometimes. What do you think?

My girls are aged 4 and 8 years old and have always had a set bedtime of 7pm on a school night. Yes they may mess about for an hour or so,as most kids will but they are normaly asleep by 8pm and then fresh and ready to get up about 7:30am. I believe my kids are much happier after having a good nights sleep. If my kids were getting up at 5am cus they were'nt tired then yes i would think about letting them stay up a little later but for now,they seem quite happy. Do you think i'm being mean?

I think letting kids stay up til they say they wanna go bed isn't the way it should be, were in charge , not them! How is a child supposed to do well at school when they've had very little sleep and go to school tired?

I understand that everyone has different ways of bringing up their kids but surely kids need a good nights sleep. What time do you put your children too bed??

Sorry for the Rant but it really annoyed me so i thought why not get it off my chest and ask you lot,what you think. Please feel free to leave a comment,i won't bite, Promise x

The Samsung Mobilers BIg Launch!

The Samsung Mobilers Big Launch!

July 7th was the day of the Big Samsung Mobilers Launch.I wasn't able to attend myself as it was in London and i couldn't get there on that date :( boo hoo so sad tho as it looks like they all had so much fun!
Thought I'd share a quick video with you all so you can see what went on.

What do you think? How exciting did that look and sound.Im very excited after seeing that! Woo Hoo bring on the Missions!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Samsung Mission 1 - Andriod vs RIM

Samsung Mission 1 - Andriod vs RIM

Hi there and welcome to my first ever Samsung Mobilers Mission.Mission 1 is to compare ANDROID to it's rival RIM. I'm not sure how much you know about the two but lets start and hopefully by the end,you will all have a good idea about them both!

OK so what are they? ANDROID is the software that constantly runs on the phone, managing its more basic functions and supporting any apps (applications) that are run on top of it and RIM stands for Research In Motion which is the company that makes Blackberry. It's a similar kind of OS but for a different brand.I have had a good look on the Internet and a good play with both my Blackberry Torch and my new Samsung Galaxy Pro too see what i thought of the two. Both have the Qwerty keyboard which is fab for quick typing and makes it easier when being online for e.mails and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which you all know i use an awful lot.

 The general feeling about the two is that Android is apparently liked by social users who like to customise their phones for a more personal touch whilst RIM is used a lot more by businesses. I hear that a lot of big companies like the NHS and even my partners work place do use Blackberries as their employee works phones as they are great for e.mailing and working whilst on the go.Also Blackberry has the BBM ( BlackBerry Messenger ) which allows you to message anyone who is also using a BB handset for free. 
I see alot of school children now use BB's as the BBM is a great attraction for them,they can message their friends when ever they like and it doesnt cost them a penny, well it does kind off because when i set up my Blackberry Torch i had to add a Bolt on which cost me £5 a month too access the BBM on my phone. £5 isn't a lot of money but it does cost so technically it isn't free.
 My Samsung Galaxy Pro has Samsung Messenger which is practically the same thing tho and there is an App ( application ) called What'sApp which all Andriod users can download for free which also does the same as BBM and it is free to use!
So for best useage for both business and social i would have to say i cant pick either as a clear leader.  Most people would say RIM i guess but i have to say that the newer Android phones are just as good now so it's a really hard call. Both Android and RIM have their pros and cons but I'm gonna try and work out which really is best for each area I'm gonna cover.

This chart simply shows the number of Apps that are available from each of the current providers. This  chart is quite dated as it shows the numbers from March 2011 but i have been told that the current figures from March 2011 are : Android has 200,000 Apps and RIM has 35,000 Apps which is quite far apart really. And the next chart will show how many of the Apps are free and how many you do have too pay for. It clearly shows that Android have a much higher percentage of Free Apps compared to RIM.
So App wise Android definitely wins without a doubt having not only the highest number off Apps available to download but also by far having the most Apps that are free! I have downloads quite a few apps now onto my Pro which is an Android run phone and i haven't had to spend a penny. I love playing games and watching movie clips and even watching TV on the I-player which were all free.
Last but not least i wanted to have a quick look at their phone handsets and how easy they are to use. Android is used on handsets like my new Samsung Pro and my partners HTC Desire where as RIM is only on Blackberries which include my Blackberry Torch which is one of their higher quality phones or the Blackberry Pearl which is one of themore basic, cheaper ones. I used to love the cheaper BB's as the Qwerty keyboard with touch screens was a favourite feature of mine as i love texting and browsing on the Internet ( on Twitter mainly ) but now i have my Pro i have too say I'm more than happy to give up my BB. Both have cheap handsets which are available from around £129.99 and then  more expensive and more complicated handsets which can set you back over £300. I think quality wise i would have to say i do prefer Android phones as i like to personalise mine to make it easier for what i want to use it for,it just saves me so much time later on. I also found my Android based phones are much easier and quicker to set up when you first start. Android just sent me simple messages to add all my set up information onto my new handset whilst with my Blackberry i had to install their software onto my laptop to do it all through there.

So overall i have to say that Android is the winner in this fight! It has the most Apps,the highest number of free Apps and the easiest to use handsets. It has some great features and some real time saving assets. Go Android, lol.

I really feel like i've learnt a lot on this Mission and i really do hope that you might have learnt something new too. Or maybe its helped you to understand a little more about what things are in the Mobile world. I sometime feel taht people can say things in terms that i don't understand and can get easily confused so i promise you that i'm going to try and keep this as simpl as i possible can. At the end of the day,i'm learning just like you. Please do ask any questions if you have any and i'l see what i can do. Until the next Mission i'l say Good Bye and Thank You so much for even taking the time to read all this.

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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 16 July 2011

My First Railway from The Wooden Toy Shop

My First Railway from The Wooden Toy Shop

The Wooden Toy Shop sell the most beautiful wooden train sets i have seen in a long time. I've never really had to buy these before as i had two girls but now my little man Ryan is a year old its the start of a great big adventure of new and wonderful boy's toys.We were generously offered to try and test out this lovely Brio - My First Railway Set . So we jumped at the chance as this is Ryan first ever train set! I was so excited too see how he'd get on with it so as soon as it arrived we had it out of the box and put together in no time.

This set comes with 8 track pieces which are very easy to click together to make any shaped track you like. We started with the full circle track but we have tried out lots of other fun and twisting tracks too. You get 1 front train piece and 3 little fruit carriages which gives you a total of 4 train piece to push around the track. They each have 4 little wheels which fit nicely on the track,making it easy for little fingers to push them around and around and around.You also get a squishy foam tunnel which i love,its so bright and colourful and really adds life to the tracks. Last but not least you get 2 little plastic ramp pieces to allow your trains to have a smooth transition from the tracks onto the floor so you can play with your trains both on and off the tracks.

The Brio - My First Railway is lots of fun and retails at £19.87. It's very sweet and a great first set for beginners like my Ryan. Ryan loves pushing his little trains around the track,round and round and round they go lol He loves his new train but still has a habit of trying to eat them and throw them. Luckily for me the wooden pieces are very well made and very strong,nice and baby proof. The pieces are just the right size for little hands and the track really can provide hours of fun!

Ryan a very rough n tumble little boy so he's prone to breaking things quite easily. That's why these wooden toys are perfect for him. I really do love traditional wooden toys,they're always good value for money and last much longer than the new cheaper plastic versions. I think Ryan has give his new train set a great 5 out of 5 as he loves playing with it,he breaks it apart an awful lot but mummy comes to the rescue and puts it all back together in seconds,yay for mummy lol

If you like wooden toys ,like we do. I definitely have to recommend that you pop on over to and have a look. There are so many different types of wooden toys to choose from, so many wonderful hours of fun to be found!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Another Sweetie Giveaway!

Another Sweetie Giveaway!

Yes that's right another sweetie giveaway! The very lovely Helen has kindly offered another yummy sweetie prize for one of my blog readers to win. It will be very simple to enter and it's just for you,my loyal followers. Everyone likes a sweet treat every now and again. This is what you can win :
There are :
4 Drumsticks Lollipops
2 bags of Rowntrees Jelly Aliens
2 bags of Rowntrees Very Berry Jellies
5 bags of Jelly Cherries
2 bags of Jelly Babies
2 bags of Haribo Milkshakes
2 bags of Gummy Bears
1 bag of Haribo Supermix
2 packets of Cola Bottles
12 Mini Chupa Chups Lollipops
    If you would like to win that little lot of yummy sweets then all you have too do is 2 things.
Firstly - Follow my Blog if you're not already through Google Friends Connect and leave a comment telling me you have done it.
Secondly - Tweet the following and then leave a comment telling me you have done so.

"I Want To #Win Sweets.A Real Yummy Treat With @v82chris and @staffstechgirl "

Winner will be drawn at random on Sunday July 24TH .

x Good Luck x
Sorry im late but the winner is.............
Emmysmummy ~ @emmys_mummy x Well done,if you DM me on twitter your address il get those sweets on their way too you. @v82chris xxx

HABA - Tim Doll Review

HABA - Tim Doll Review

Meet Tim, he's a Haba Pure Nature Doll. He's made of pure materials and 100% natural. He has no small parts or loose objects and is very soft so he is perfectly suitable from birth. He is so sweet you could almost eat him lol He had lovely brown eyes and sweet blond hair under his pretty blue hat.
I wasn't sure if Ryan would play with a doll but he seemed to quite like him,it was like his new partner in crime. His new little buddy. He pulls and carries him around everywhere, he throws him up in the air and loves to play with his hair. Its a good job Tim is made so well that he is up for his new role here living with us. He's very strong and hard wearing and loves all the fun he's having with my man man Ryan. Ryan gave Tim a very deserving 5 out of 5. He's fun and sweet and very pretty. He's a good friend to Ryan now which means i love him too!

HABA - Diego Dragon Review

HABA - Diego Dragon Review

This Gorgeous Wooden pull along dragon called Diago is such a sweet dragon. He wouldn't harm a fly. He's well made and very charming like all Haba toys are! He rolls smoothly when pulled along on his long red cord. He's so much fun and so bright,he's a real delight!

Ryan Loves Diago,he drags the poor thing along our wooden floor all day just to hear the tapping and rattling noises. We give Diago a fab 5 out of 5 as he's lovely,we have no faults or floors to report with this toy. Just fab fun and loving play.

If you love Haba toys like we do you can join the new Haba Mums Club where you can read all our fab reviews and enter some fab competitions too. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

BrotherMax - 5 Bath Toys

BrotherMax - 5 Bath Toys

Your child can Play, Wash and Learn with these fab 5 bath toys from BrotherMax . The box comes complete with 5 toys which are:
  • A flexi brush - To encourage brushing their own hair which is very sweet.
  • A sprinkler cup - Which is lots of fun as children love to learn through play, these bath toys are designed to be a fun introduction to the materials we use to wash ourselves with every day.
  • A ring rattle - Not only a rattle but a cleaning cloth for feet,hands and wrists.I find children respond better to interesting shapes and colours which is why bath toys look a bit different.
  • A sponge stamper - It has fab heat detecting bumps on it as it's so easy to run the water too hot, the spots on all the toys will turn to yellow when the temperature's too high.A great safety idea.
  • A twister flannel  -  Flannels and sponges get grimy after a while, this twister flannel is machine washable which is great to know.
This 5 Piece Bath Toy set retails at around £19 from Amazon which is great value for the 5 fab toys you get. Or now you can buy they separately for just £4.99 each at your local Tesco. I was kindly given a box of these to try. They are recommended for children aged 10 months plus.Ryan is now 1 and loves these toys,they keep him entertained whilst helping him learn how to wash and keep clean. My middle daughter Lily who is 4 also loves them,she likes to sprinkle water everywhere and make more of a mess though lol I had never seen these toys before being contacted by Brother Max but i am so glad that i have now. My kids love bath toys but i always find it very hard to find decent ones,that aren't made up of small parts or just not fun. These are so great. Lots of fun but safe and educational at the same time.Have a look at how Ryan loves them!

We give these bath toys a huge and very well deserved 5 out of 5. They are a big hit in our house and now live in my bath tub. I find myself having to remove them every time i need a bath as the kids leave them in there ready for their next playtime. That shows just how much they love them, or just how lazy they are lol.

If your children love bath time as much as mine do then these are definitely a great buy. Why not pop over to
and see what great stuff you can find.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Tippy Toes - Boost Trike

TippieToes - Boost Trike

The very generous people over at TipppieToes have given me on of their Boost Trikes for my Little man Ryan to test and try. We were very excited when we got this lovely offer as it would be Ryan's first trike and we was looking forward too seeing his reaction. The Tippitoes Boost Trike has been designed from early use all the way through to full on toddler hood. It was both the Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award (Bizziebaby) and Winner of the Best Value 2010 Award ( FQ Magazine )
There is a lovely Pink and Grey one for girls and a Black and Red one for boys. I was sent the Black and Red one as seen above which was perfect for us,daddy thought it reminded him of a little knight rider trike and was very pleased. It was very easy to assemble and didn't take long so Ryan was soon in his new trike in no time.

The Boost Trike comes complete with an adjustable push handle bar which is great for everyone as i often lower mine so my daughter Chloe can push him.It has a robust baby surround to stop him climbing out or falling off and little yellow foot rests for the aid of younger riders needing the parental assistance. Once children can pedal for themselves these items can be removed to give the child a more independent journey where they can pedal for themselves. It does have A brake for safety of course and a clever pick up truck like basket for utility. Ryan stores his water bottle in there lol Last major thing is it has a nice cushioned seat to keep our children comfy on their journeys. We use ours for walks to the park,shopping trips and even on the school run most mornings. It's lots of fun. Ryan really loves it. When i say park visits i mean our local Sutton Park which is a huge place and has all sorts of ground surfaces. Grass, concrete paths and lots of bumpy off road woodlands.
We've been over it all and had no problem on any of them. The only thing i would say that it does not have that i would have liked is maybe a seat belt. Ryan has the tendency to try and climb out if we stop for to long. The surround bar does help to stop him but a seat belt would make me feel that he is a little more secure. This product is officially aimed at children over 18 months which maybe he won't need a seat belt by then, seeing as he's a little under that age at the moment. This lovely trike retails at a great price of just £59.99 which i think is very cheap and worth every penny. Also you get Free Delivery when you spend over £29.99 on their online store which is a bargain. Ryan loves his rides out in his trike,he looks like he enjoys every minute and when were not out and about he likes to push it around the house himself , bless him. TippieToes sell lots of lovely products from Pushchairs to beautiful bedding and even toys and feeding equipment. There's something for everyone. If you're looking for a trike i would definitely recommend this one as it really is fab quality and looks great. I can see Ryan will be making good use of his over the next 2 or 3 years. We give this trike a big 4 out of 5,i think if it had featured a seat belt or a safety harness of some sort then it definitely would have gotten a 5. Ryan gave his new Trike a big Thumbs Up!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I am an Official Samsung Mobiler

I am an Official Samsung Mobiler

Woo Hoo I am now an Official Samsung Mobiler!  I am now one of 30 Mob!lers from across the UK who will be telling you and everyone else out there, what i think of Samsung’s new mobile products. How amazing is that! I'm so excited. I'm still in shock that I've actually been chosen lol  Over the next 5 months i will have plenty of products to try and exciting Missions to complete, with the chance to use great products and win great prizes. My life just couldn't get any better right now.

I thought i better let you all know as i will be posting my Missions right here on my Blog, hopefully it will be of interest to you all. A lot of the others are very high tech and talk in terms i don't quite understand myself so i am making a promise right here and right now! I will be doing my Missions, My Way! Simple and clear and in terms all of us will be able to understand. I want you all to be able to benefit from these posts and be able to buy any products you may like. Please always feel free to comment if you have any questions or need help with anything or even if you just wanna show you're support :) All is so appreciated.

My first mission will be to test a Samsung Pro  which i haven't got yet but should receive early next week. Looks like fun,i can't wait.

Mission 1 will be to make use of my new Galaxy Pro by comparing Android and RIM . I'm not quite sure all the facts about these yet but i will be doing my research over the weekend, ie Google lol I will need to look at  how they measure up, which i prefer and what are the best features of each?

I shall leave it there for now and i will be back sometime next week with my completed mission . Woo Hoo.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair

Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair

This stylish and sleek highchair from Fisher Price is not only easy to clean, easy to store but the tray is dishwasher safe to. The Easy Clean Highchair comes with a stain a resistant seat pad and straps which are designed to be wiped down with no fuss – the smooth coating means food doesn’t get stuck! There are no cracks or spaces for crumbs to hide and even has Rear adjustment buckles which also reduce spaces where food can hide. It's brill!

Ryan is now 1 years old and until now has been using his sister's hand me down high chair which is fine i guess,a little old and tatty but did the job. Well that's what i was saying until i received this amazing high chair to review. I've never had a nice highchair like this one before, I've always just bought the cheapest due to budget's mainly but wow was i missing out.

Ryan loves his chair.He fits so nicely into it,it looks so comfy.It's all padded and cosy. Almost makes me wish they did adult ones so i could fit in,lol how silly would i look? I'll list a few of the highlights of this fab chair so you can see why I've fallen in love with it:
  • It has an quick release button right on the front of the tray for one handed easy release which is great when I'm in a hurry or when I've got Ryan in my arms.
  • There are 3 tray adjustments to keep your child within the right reach of their food. Perfect as you can adjust it as you're child grows so it will last longer.
  • There are 4 different heights so the whole chair can also grow along with your baby. This is a very clever idea as most high chairs are all at one standard height but this one who can adjust to suit yourself or maybe even the height of your dining table as he gets older.
  • There are 3 positions you can recline the seat into.Upright for the older eaters and laid back for the younger ones,also handy if your little one tends to fall asleep at the table like my friends little girl does.
  • The high chair has wheels which make it easy to move around.
  • The high chair folds flat which is great for storage.
  • All the straps are made from coated  materials so they all wipe clean very easily,no fuss.
  • The seat cover is completely removable and washable if you do wish to clean it more,mine is spotless just using a damp sponge or cloth though to be honest.

The high chair is very sweet,it has gorgeous zoo animals all over it in nice bright colours. It's very attractive and stylish too look at. Ryan loves sitting in it,no fuss or moans like i used to get with the old high chair. I'm guessing this new one must be way more comfy for him. I am so in love with this high chair,its so easy to use and clean and a real pleasure to use every day. It retails at £99 which is a lot of money but after using it I'm wondering if I'd actually pay it. If i had that amount to spend on my budget then yes i would,definitely. Ryan loves meal times, he looks so sweet in his chair,i take loads of pics all the time.

Ryan and I give this Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair a huge and very well deserved 5 out of 5! We love it so much and can't find anything wrong with it,we searched but couldn't find any faults at all. Its a gorgeous chair,very well designed and very practical. Who ever came up with this chair should be very proud,its a very clever idea and will be loved in homes all over the UK.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Ryan's 1st Birthday

Ryan's 1st Birthday

Wow where has the year gone? My lil man Ryan turned 1 on Saturday! Oh boy that year has just flown right past me,lol.He didn't really know what was going on but I'm sure he had a good day.Lots of pressies,balloons and a party on Sunday too.We had a small family get together with a BBQ and light refreshments in the sun.The weather was gorgeous,thank god. My lil man is looking so grown up.I wanna keep him little forever!

He was so happy with all his new toys even though in this pic he was more amused with a small plastic cup lol.

Ryan is showing his big sister Lily his new toy in this pic. I noticed afterwards he's sitting on one of his presents too,typical boy lol.

Ryan's birthday cake made by his Grampy. I thought the little tanks were soooo Ryan and tasted like little pieces of chocolate heaven, Nom nom.

Ryan was definitely a Daddy's boy here! I actually quite like this pic and it's nice to get Daddy on my Blog for once,but we best keep it hush hush so Shhh we just won't tell him I've used it lol

We had a fab day and i think Ryan enjoyed himself too.Can't believe he is now 1 years old! Wow.

Happy Birthday Ryan

Huge Savings With #BootsTreatSteet TODAY ONLY

Huge Savings With #BootsTreatSteet TODAY ONLY

I just recieved an awesome e.mail and had to share it with all of you! There are some HUGE savings to be made today only at Treat Street Boots !

Theres up to 70% off at Play.Com (Ends At Midnight Tonight)
Up to 50% off and 2 for 1 points at the trendy Joules

So if you wanna grab a Bargain today please go use your Boots Advantage Card and shop through !

Friday, 1 July 2011

Bob Martin Dog Shampoo

Bob Martin Dog Shampoo Review

I was sent a Bob Martin dog shampoo to try out on my pooch Bella who is very good at getting dirty and very smelly. I was given the Bob Martin 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo which is meant to both clean and condition your dog’s skin and coat.  Its said to use their new Stay Fresh Technology which is a  pleasant orange fragrance and will help your dog stay fresh for longer whilst  leaving a healthier looking,more shiny coat.

Bella isn't a huge fan of baths so a 2 in 1 is a great idea as it saves me time and makes my job a little bit easier. The shampoo itself was nice and went on great. Was easy to apply and lathered up nicely. The only trouble i had personally was the smell of oranges was a little over powering for me. I love the smell of fruits but in small doses. Fragrances are a personal thing tho,what i dislike some one else may love so don't let this put you off. If you love the smell of fresh oranges then you will love this product and will love smothering your pooch in it too! The shampoo did exactly what it said it would do,cleaned her really well and made her coat look great. I had a good look at the Bob Martin site and found lots of great pet products. I would definitely use Bob Martin products again as the results were great but i think I'd personally go for their Original Shampoo which has a Mild Scent much more suited for me and Bella. Bella was such a good girl trying out this shampoo that i had to give her a treat and as her reward she got one of her faves,a pancake lol So she was happy,even if she did have to sit at the table to eat it. Bella doesn't realise that she's a dog you see, she just thinks she's one of us,which she is i guess. She's a big part of my family and we all love her loads. Thanks for your help on this review Bella x

Persil washing up liquid

Persil washing up liquid

Persil have launched a fab new line of Washing Up Liquids which is now available in four fresh, modern fragrances – Apple Fizz, Orange Crush, Pink Blush and Lemon Burst – with contemporary and ergonomic new packaging which will definitely stand-out on any shelf. It's so bright and fresh looking, I had to try them for myself! ( I was given my samples to try them for free )

I definitely found that these washing up liquids showed  a premium cleaning performance that consumers like myself have come to expect from the the well know Persil brand. It offers a new and improved formulation with anti-bacterial action that is tough on grease and dirt, and an improved plate-wash.

I have to say that the cleaning power is great! No dirt left,no marks or streaks,just a nice clean shine! My favourite thing about them i have to admit is the smell! Oh my,they smell so good! Almost good enough to eat,which i don't recommend by the way. They are so fruity and smell so nice. I find myself offering to do the washing up now just so i can experience it all again and again and again.

I definitely give the whole new Persil washing up liquid a huge and very well deserved 5 / 5 and a fab thumbs up. It retails at just £1 per 500ml bottle which is great value for money too!