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Friday, 17 June 2011

What Is Boots Treat Street?

What Is Boots Treat Street?

I've been a loyal shopper of Boots for many years.Being a Mummy means i always want the best products,prices and brands for my children which is why i shop at Boots! Not only do i get great service and value for my money i also get valuable Points on my Boots Advantage Card.
Until yesterday i had no idea what Boots Treat Street was which is a little disappointing really as i shop there most days and haven't seen anything about it. Yesterday i was given a quick run through on what it's all about and how it can be useful for us mummies. means that not only can you now collect Advantage Card Points for hundreds of Online shops,not just Boots! You can get 1 point for every £1 you spend at so many wonderful shops like Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, New Look and many many more! You could be earning points whilst buying your kids clothes or buying family gifts. You can even collect points whilst booking your family holiday! Treat Street really is a great way to earn points for you to treat yourself with in Boots. I do a lot of online shopping as it's just easier and from now on i shall defiantly be doing it through my Treat Streets page (which i have already saved to my favourites) It's so easy to use,you just register once and shop to your hearts content. Every £1 you spend through their links earns you points.Its that simple!

Another great thing about the Boots Treat Street is they are bringing you some amazing savings and discounts from those stores too! Its a special discount just for us Boots shoppers. Its called Treat Street Summer Deals Festival Its currently offering you 20% off at New Look, 40% off the top 100 summer paperbacks at Waterstones and others!

I'm very excited about all these new savings and discounts that are on offer to us. Being a Boots customer has now got great advantages. My advantage points are gonna go up fast in the next few months and i can't wait to spend them on ME!

Boots say that Two thirds of women (67%) have difficulty finding the time or money to treat themselves.Which won't come as a big surpsrise to us Mums trying to juggle childcare, work commitments, households and a social life.

Treat Street is a way of helping us save money whilst shopping online for all those treats we buy for our family and friends,but at the same time building we're up Advantage points which we can then use to treat ourselves!

The whole concept and ideas behind this are so right! Its about time us Mums got something out of all the gifts and treats and pressies we buy for everyone else.

I love it and i think you will too so i just had to share it all with you.Hope i haven't bored you with too much information but i really wouldn't want you to miss out on all these fab money saving deals. There's also a great competition over there at the moment so pop over and have a look.Who knows how much you can save and how many points you can make!

Boots Treat Street realy is the place to be!


  1. Anyone reading my post will just think it is a day about The Savoy and Cake!
    I didn't really say anything (yet) about Treat Street.
    I already felt bad and will address it but your post is so so clear.
    Thanks to the image at the top I already knew what it was before I started reading.
    I think THIS is the sort of post Boots Treat Street needs to get the message out there.
    Super stuff!
    Liska x

  2. Fab post, you have explained it really well - I was there but you've sold it to me. Well done x