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My Family

Friday, 3 June 2011

Seriously Good Sauces - Butter Chicken

Seriously Good Sauces - Butter Chicken

Indian sauce by Gordon Ramsey

" This sauce of mine is seriously good.It tastes fantastic and it helps Comic Relief.Even better.I don't get a penny. seriously good Sauce? Done! "

I'm not very good when it comes to cooking so when i saw this i thought "how hard can it be?" Join me on my mini adventure and see how it turned out! I decided to just make a simple Butter Chicken Curry like it says on the jar,thought i better play it safe and not try anything fancy just yet.

I stated with my chicken breasts and cut them up into nice little bite sizes chunks ready too cook.I decided to to try out my new Wok for this too,now i really was getting brave.

I fried the chicken for a good 5 or 6 minutes until it was all nice and white,not pink anymore like it is in the photo.I wouldn't wanna make myself ill,lol Once it was cooked i then poured over the whole jar of sauce and gave it a quick stir to make sure all the chicken was covered.

I left it to simmer gently for 15-20 minutes but did keep an eye on it and stirred it frequently. I was actually starting to quite enjoy myself,cooking wasn't that hard after all. Once the timer was up and it was now ready to eat.I served it up in a bowl with a few chips on the side for both myself and my other half who was willing to be my tester.

I am a big curry lover whilst my other half isn't really a fan.He eats a Korma now and again but that's about it where as i love all curries and normally the spicier the better for me.
I had promised him that this was a very mild curry and that he would enjoy it. Which he did! Yay i made something that he actually liked and ate. OK it was just a jar of sauce but it was a big thing for me and i was very proud of myself for doing it all on my own :)
The flavour was very nice,quite creamy and very buttery which is what i had expected really. I couldn't fault it,the sauce was a big hit. In fact i think i may have to go and get some of the other yummy sauces now from the Seriously Good range.

The ingredients in this jar of "Buttery Chicken" are:
Tomato Puree (60%)  Double Cream (11%)  Butter (7%)  Lemon Juice from Concentrate (4%)  Demerara Sugar. Garlic Puree. Maize Starch. Ginger Puree. Sea Salt. Coriander.Vegetable Oil. Ground Coriander. Garam Masala. Turmeric. Paprika. Cardamom. Ground Cloves. Ground Cumin. Ground Oregano.

We loved this sauce and gave it a fantastic 5 out of 5.It's a great product and supports a great cause as at least 10p from each jar goes to Comic Relief who work all year round in both the UK and overseas to help people living in the toughest of lives.

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