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My Family

Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Comping Wish List

Do you have a Comping Wish List?

Since i stated Comping ( entering competitions ) I've always had a list of prizes that I'd love to win in my head.My dream win when i started was an Ipad and i still can't quite believe that i actually won one :D
I was just thinking,what is my new target that I'd love to win?

My other half wants a 3D TV and its all he ever talks about so that's now at the top of my list as I'll do anything for peace and quiet and at the price they cost,they really are too much for us to just buy one,lol

Also at the top of my list is a UK family holiday that my kids can enjoy.A free holiday that i can actually use,not money off and not only out of school terms,as many are :(

My third and final wish item would be for a spa day for myself and my mum.Us girls need a nice break and a free one would be awesome.

What 3 things do you have on your comping list??


  1. Well im a really slack comper in fact havn't entered any comps for months its more of a winter sport for me lol
    I guess my top 3 wins would have to be
    1. cash or vouchers
    2. an ipad or laptop
    3. Diamonds would be good lol

    Good luck in winning your 3d tv hopefully sometime soon x @missdaisy32

  2. Would love to win some bits for baby at the moment. Also, wouldn't say no to an ipad and a cash prize ;) Good luck, hope you get to cross some more off your list!