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My Family

Friday, 3 June 2011

Do You Pray?

Do You Pray?

That might seem a bit of a weird question but i was just thinking,do many people pray these days? I am a Roman Catholic but haven't been to church for many years so I'm not exactly a practising one any more. Even though i don't go to church or preach to other people i still find myself praying quite a lot.
I find myself having little conversations in my head with God i guess.That might sound really strange to some people but to me its quite normal. I find myself asking him to watch over my kids most days and i do stop to say thank you for anything good that might have happened. I have a few little prayers that i say more than others,like if i see a funeral car pass or hear of someone dieing then i always bless myself and say an "Eternal Rest". And every night before i go to sleep i say a prayer to my Guardian Angel.Its only a little prayer which i think i learnt back in school but it really sums up how i feel at the end of each day.It goes like this:

"Oh Angel of God
My Guardian dear.
To whom God's love
commits me here.
Ever this night
Be at my side.
To light and to guard
To rule and to guide.

I'm not quite sure why I've wrote this post but i guess i just wanted to share something a little private with you. I never really tell people that i pray as I'm scared they might think I'm weird or something but I'm not ashamed that i do. Do you pray?

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  1. Yep, I pray often and am happy to tell people that I do.

    I generally just chat to God as my prayers and that is an ongoing thing but I also say the serenity prayer and the Lords prayer a fair amount.

    I think if it gives you comfort and draws you close then that is perfect.

    Mich x