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My Family

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Brand New Childrens Chair From Comfy Living.

Brand New Children's Chair From Comfy Living.

Comfy Living have trusted me with trying out and testing their brand new children's chair which isn't even on sale yet. I am so chuffed that i was chosen to do this for them as they as such a lovely company and sell such fantastic products.They sell children's Chair Beds already which currently retail from £44.99. Their new chair range will be very similar in size and style to the chair beds but they will be just chairs.

My first thoughts when it arrived were,It's very pretty and  the size is good and looked comfy.Both my girls were desperate to get sat on it but they had to wait til i got the plastic off at least. This chair is very girlie which is great for my house as my two girls more than loved it. They love pink so the pink cushion was a huge hit. Also the patterns of pink hearts,flowers and other pretty shapes make it very attractive to the eye. Here's a photo of the chair itself and a close up of the lovely design.

I have placed the chair in our front room right under our window as my girls like to read alot and this chair is the ideal place to sit them whilst they do. It's very comfy,made of a nice thick foam which doesn't squash down too much. My eldest daughter Chloe is 8 and it holds her weight firmly. My middle daughter Lily is 4 and loves the chair,she snuggles up on it to watch TV every evening. I wasn't sure how long a foam product would last in my house as my kids are very rough and tumble and jump around a lot. They jump and climb over everything i own which is a total nightmare. All the photo's that i have taken were taken today which is a good 3 weeks after i was sent the chair. I did this on purpose as i wanted to show you that it still looks great after all its been through.

I was asked to give my honest opinion on what i think about this chair so that this is what i am doing. I love the chair itself and i really like the fresh,girly design. Both my girls use it daily. Weather for Reading,watching TV or just generally in play. Even my little man Ryan who is now 11 month has found it very useful lol As its situated under the window he uses it to climb on so that he can see out. He cant walk yet but he's an expert climber. He sits there for ages sometime just smiling at us,it's very sweet.

 One of the questions i was asked was the price.Would i be prepared to pay £40 for it in a shop? After all the joy i have seen it bring my kids i would have to say "Yes i would". At first i was thinking £40 for a foam chair sounded quite a lot but from the moment it arrived and i saw how well it was made and beautifully designed i had changed my mind quite easily. I know if i took my girls shopping and we had seen this in a shop they would have nagged me until i bought it anyway. So lets do a checklist to help make it easier to show you how good i think it is:

Size - is great,big enough to sit an 8 year old easily yet not too big that it takes up too much space in your home.

Design - very pretty,great for all the little girls/young ladies in your family.

Comfort - very comfortable,nice thick foam which doesn't squash and lose its shape to easily.Its with stood my manic kids and still looks great like new.

Price - £40 is reasonable for a chair that my kids love and actually do use everyday.

Keeping it clean - It's easy to wipe down with a damp cloth but there are zips on both the cushion itself and on the bottom of the actual chair so that the covers can easily be removed and thrown into the washing machine when needed.

Overall - we loved it.It's such a lovely chair and will be apart of my living room for many months to come.I'm very happy with it as a product and wish them every success when it's launched.

 I had never looked at the Comfy Living website until i had seen them asking for help with this new chair on twitter but I'm so glad i have now. They have some lovely products on their site to suit everyone.

You can join Comfy Living on both  Facebook and Twitter.

They have kindly given me a 10% discount code that can be used online at their site until the end of June. It can be used on any purchase from their website and all you need to do is enter the word mummy in the box provided and 10% will be taken off for you automaticaly.

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  1. This is a gorgeous chair, very girly. I was looking for something similar for my stepson but ended up with a beanbag which isn't really ideal. If I hadn't been such a numpty yesterday and had to spend out on my car then I would pay the site a visit. Perhaps next month!

    Great review!