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My Family

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Big #BootsTreatStreet Event!

The Big #BootsTreatStreet Event!

You may have heard me talking rather excitedly over the past few days about a blogging even i was going to.Well today was the day! Today Ryan and I went to London for the day for a rather special afternoon tea at the Famous Savoy Hotel. OMG was it amazing!
Ryan enjoyed his first long distance train journey today.He was very well behaved considering the fact we had to sit still for a whole hour and a half.He had lots of fun climbing on our seats and table and playing peek a boo to the poor woman behind.Here's us on our way!

First impressions of The Savoy were WOW! Such a beautiful building,wonderfully furnished and sooooo Glam! I felt so under dressed walking in with a buggy but today i didn't care.I was a Mummy Blogger and Proud!
We had so much fun at the event,we chatted to some lovely PR people and lots of friendly staff members but best of all we got to meet some very lovely Mummy Bloggers that Ive often spoke to on twitter but now have finally met.It was great!
We all mingled in a gorgeous room which had the most fabulous centerpiece i think I've ever seen!

There was the most delicious scones with fresh cream,soft butter and raspberry jam. Scrummy cakes of all different varieties. Stunning strawberries dipped in silk milk chocolate and my fave - Beautifully created chocolate mouses in pretty little glasses,they almost looked too good to eat!
I drank tea from Wedgwood tea cups and stirred it with silver cutlery.Everything was so perfect.

Even the Ladies toilets were amazing lol A friendly toilet assistant,fresh hand towels and gorgeous smelling hand washes and creams. I must have been in there for what seemed half an hour,it was divine.I could have stayed in there all day lol I think all the Mummies would have agreed with me on that one :)

We had such a lovely day finding out more about the Boots Treat Street and what it can do for us Mummies. I will be sharing some fab news and discounts with you all soon. I will even be hosting some fab competitions too!

I truly had a wonderful day today and i have the lovely people from Boots to thank. After a great day i didn't think it could get any better but it did! We were all given a Goody Bag and a HUGE box of Thornton's chocolates to take home. So generous of them.

I think Ryan enjoyed himself too,the poor little thing was asleep within ten minutes of leaving the hotel.He didn't even make it to the train station. I'm really excited to have been apart of all this today,it was a real pleasure and such a treat for a every day mummy like me. I can't wait to tell you all about it right here on my blog real soon. Stay tuned Guys x It's gonna be good!


  1. Glad you had a good day in the big smoke Hun

  2. Ryan was so cute on the day. That pic of the chocolates makes them look massive! #BootsTreatStreet

  3. Sounds like an amazing day! x

    Kellie Faggle