My Family

My Family

Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Comping Wish List

Do you have a Comping Wish List?

Since i stated Comping ( entering competitions ) I've always had a list of prizes that I'd love to win in my head.My dream win when i started was an Ipad and i still can't quite believe that i actually won one :D
I was just thinking,what is my new target that I'd love to win?

My other half wants a 3D TV and its all he ever talks about so that's now at the top of my list as I'll do anything for peace and quiet and at the price they cost,they really are too much for us to just buy one,lol

Also at the top of my list is a UK family holiday that my kids can enjoy.A free holiday that i can actually use,not money off and not only out of school terms,as many are :(

My third and final wish item would be for a spa day for myself and my mum.Us girls need a nice break and a free one would be awesome.

What 3 things do you have on your comping list??

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Friday, 17 June 2011

What Is Boots Treat Street?

What Is Boots Treat Street?

I've been a loyal shopper of Boots for many years.Being a Mummy means i always want the best products,prices and brands for my children which is why i shop at Boots! Not only do i get great service and value for my money i also get valuable Points on my Boots Advantage Card.
Until yesterday i had no idea what Boots Treat Street was which is a little disappointing really as i shop there most days and haven't seen anything about it. Yesterday i was given a quick run through on what it's all about and how it can be useful for us mummies. means that not only can you now collect Advantage Card Points for hundreds of Online shops,not just Boots! You can get 1 point for every £1 you spend at so many wonderful shops like Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, New Look and many many more! You could be earning points whilst buying your kids clothes or buying family gifts. You can even collect points whilst booking your family holiday! Treat Street really is a great way to earn points for you to treat yourself with in Boots. I do a lot of online shopping as it's just easier and from now on i shall defiantly be doing it through my Treat Streets page (which i have already saved to my favourites) It's so easy to use,you just register once and shop to your hearts content. Every £1 you spend through their links earns you points.Its that simple!

Another great thing about the Boots Treat Street is they are bringing you some amazing savings and discounts from those stores too! Its a special discount just for us Boots shoppers. Its called Treat Street Summer Deals Festival Its currently offering you 20% off at New Look, 40% off the top 100 summer paperbacks at Waterstones and others!

I'm very excited about all these new savings and discounts that are on offer to us. Being a Boots customer has now got great advantages. My advantage points are gonna go up fast in the next few months and i can't wait to spend them on ME!

Boots say that Two thirds of women (67%) have difficulty finding the time or money to treat themselves.Which won't come as a big surpsrise to us Mums trying to juggle childcare, work commitments, households and a social life.

Treat Street is a way of helping us save money whilst shopping online for all those treats we buy for our family and friends,but at the same time building we're up Advantage points which we can then use to treat ourselves!

The whole concept and ideas behind this are so right! Its about time us Mums got something out of all the gifts and treats and pressies we buy for everyone else.

I love it and i think you will too so i just had to share it all with you.Hope i haven't bored you with too much information but i really wouldn't want you to miss out on all these fab money saving deals. There's also a great competition over there at the moment so pop over and have a look.Who knows how much you can save and how many points you can make!

Boots Treat Street realy is the place to be!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Big #BootsTreatStreet Event!

The Big #BootsTreatStreet Event!

You may have heard me talking rather excitedly over the past few days about a blogging even i was going to.Well today was the day! Today Ryan and I went to London for the day for a rather special afternoon tea at the Famous Savoy Hotel. OMG was it amazing!
Ryan enjoyed his first long distance train journey today.He was very well behaved considering the fact we had to sit still for a whole hour and a half.He had lots of fun climbing on our seats and table and playing peek a boo to the poor woman behind.Here's us on our way!

First impressions of The Savoy were WOW! Such a beautiful building,wonderfully furnished and sooooo Glam! I felt so under dressed walking in with a buggy but today i didn't care.I was a Mummy Blogger and Proud!
We had so much fun at the event,we chatted to some lovely PR people and lots of friendly staff members but best of all we got to meet some very lovely Mummy Bloggers that Ive often spoke to on twitter but now have finally met.It was great!
We all mingled in a gorgeous room which had the most fabulous centerpiece i think I've ever seen!

There was the most delicious scones with fresh cream,soft butter and raspberry jam. Scrummy cakes of all different varieties. Stunning strawberries dipped in silk milk chocolate and my fave - Beautifully created chocolate mouses in pretty little glasses,they almost looked too good to eat!
I drank tea from Wedgwood tea cups and stirred it with silver cutlery.Everything was so perfect.

Even the Ladies toilets were amazing lol A friendly toilet assistant,fresh hand towels and gorgeous smelling hand washes and creams. I must have been in there for what seemed half an hour,it was divine.I could have stayed in there all day lol I think all the Mummies would have agreed with me on that one :)

We had such a lovely day finding out more about the Boots Treat Street and what it can do for us Mummies. I will be sharing some fab news and discounts with you all soon. I will even be hosting some fab competitions too!

I truly had a wonderful day today and i have the lovely people from Boots to thank. After a great day i didn't think it could get any better but it did! We were all given a Goody Bag and a HUGE box of Thornton's chocolates to take home. So generous of them.

I think Ryan enjoyed himself too,the poor little thing was asleep within ten minutes of leaving the hotel.He didn't even make it to the train station. I'm really excited to have been apart of all this today,it was a real pleasure and such a treat for a every day mummy like me. I can't wait to tell you all about it right here on my blog real soon. Stay tuned Guys x It's gonna be good!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

5 Questions

5 Questions

So tonight on Twitter i bravely announced that i was bored and would answer 5 questions honestly.Nothing rude or naughty,just simple things that people might like to know.So here goes,this is what i was asked!

Question 1 came from @ who asked: whats the best thing you have ever won on twitter?!
The answer has got to be My Ipad2 that i was lucky enough to win last week :)

Question 2 came from the lovely @Claire_Kinton who asked: What did you have for dinner this evening?
The answer would be yummy Lasagna,chips and garlic bread Mmmm but i only got a small bit cus my greedy kids ate the rest lol

Question 3 was from @mister_steven who asked: if you could be any animal for a day, what would you be?
Now that's a tricky one but completely random lol trust you Steven.The answer would be a cat cus i'd like to sleep all day curled up on my bed and actually see what my cat does at night?

Question 4 was from @dizzydanni84 who asked: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
The answer to that is in 5 years time my youngest will be 6 and in school so i hope I'll be in a GOOD (easy) job which i will enjoy.Will have a bigger house and will be happy.I don't dream of much,me lol

Question 5 is from @melandjake99 who asked: What's your favourite film and why?
The answer to this one is so hard but the first thing that comes to my mind is a film that i LOVE ! It's called "Leon" about a hitman and a young girl,such a moving story and very entertaining.I'm not sure if many people have seen it but if you haven't.You deffo should see it!

Thank you all for your questions,i might have to do this more often,it's been fun and helped pass half hour of boredom for me.Not sure if it helped you lol

God I LOVE Twitter!!!!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ice-cream shop "Venezia"

This is the Gorgeous Ice Cream Shop from the Haba range. It comes with, 2 ice cream cones (fabric); tray; plastic coins; 2 x chocolate scoop (fabric); 2 x vanilla scoop (fabric); 1 x strawberry scoop (fabric); 1 x stracciatella scoop (fabric); a strawberry (fabric); a wafer (fabric); portion of whipped cream (fabric) and a shatter-proof melamine bowl.The packaging converts in to the ice cream shop and is aimed at children Age: 3+ Years 

My girls really adore this,they spend hours playing Shops and have so much fun. It's so cute and colourful and oh so very pretty. The ice creams are so sweet and soft and the cones are really fluffy too. My girls just love playing with play money and items like this,they find it very entertaining. It's a great toy for getting them to interact with each other.

The Ice Cream shop is priced at around £26 but the quality is excellent as always. Haba have very high standards and their toys are always made very well. The Box acts as the shop, you just pop it together to make the counter. It's a very clever idea and means that it's all very easy for the girls to assemble and put away all by them selves.

We give this toy a huge 5 out of 5 as it's so much fun. Very pretty and Very entertaining!
My girls love it and i defiantly recommend it you you if your girls love playing make believe or shops like mine do.

"Shoe Me Your Shoes"

"Shoe Me Your Shoes"

I have been Tagged by the lovely Ninja Killercat to show the world My Shoes.So here goes,lol

Sorry they're not very interesting but that's my newest pair of shoes,well flip flops. The reason my photo hasn't got my feet in the shoes is well,i don't like feet lol I was asked to show you my shoes,so i have ( hehe )

And now I'm going to Tag and Annoy the following three people to do the same!

Hehe You have now been Tagged,Can't wait to see your shoes but that's cus I'm nosy lol

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday!

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Girls!

My Girls!

I always seem to talk about my Lil man Ryan when I'm blogging and yesterday my eldest daughter asked me why she wasn't on my Blog too? It got me thinking that i had been a little unfair and so decided today i have dedicated my Post to Both My Girls! Chloe is now 8 and Lily is 4 and even though they both drive me crazy i love them more than anything in the world! I've picked a few of my Fave pics of them both together and posted them below so you can see.They get on great most of the time but do have their fights and moans like most kids lol I hope they grow up close and will be there for each other when they get older.


Brit Mums June Blog Hop

The Brit Mums June Blog Hop

I love Blogging but i also love reading other peoples Blogs. If you do too but never know where to find all the lovely blogs that you might enjoy reading. Then look no futher! Brit Mums have set up this great Blog Hop for the month of June.
Just add your Blog Link and join in. There's no set theme this month so Everyone can join in.  Its so easy and will help us all find each other. I've added my blog to the list and have added the link to the list below so you can too. Its a great idea!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Brand New Childrens Chair From Comfy Living.

Brand New Children's Chair From Comfy Living.

Comfy Living have trusted me with trying out and testing their brand new children's chair which isn't even on sale yet. I am so chuffed that i was chosen to do this for them as they as such a lovely company and sell such fantastic products.They sell children's Chair Beds already which currently retail from £44.99. Their new chair range will be very similar in size and style to the chair beds but they will be just chairs.

My first thoughts when it arrived were,It's very pretty and  the size is good and looked comfy.Both my girls were desperate to get sat on it but they had to wait til i got the plastic off at least. This chair is very girlie which is great for my house as my two girls more than loved it. They love pink so the pink cushion was a huge hit. Also the patterns of pink hearts,flowers and other pretty shapes make it very attractive to the eye. Here's a photo of the chair itself and a close up of the lovely design.

I have placed the chair in our front room right under our window as my girls like to read alot and this chair is the ideal place to sit them whilst they do. It's very comfy,made of a nice thick foam which doesn't squash down too much. My eldest daughter Chloe is 8 and it holds her weight firmly. My middle daughter Lily is 4 and loves the chair,she snuggles up on it to watch TV every evening. I wasn't sure how long a foam product would last in my house as my kids are very rough and tumble and jump around a lot. They jump and climb over everything i own which is a total nightmare. All the photo's that i have taken were taken today which is a good 3 weeks after i was sent the chair. I did this on purpose as i wanted to show you that it still looks great after all its been through.

I was asked to give my honest opinion on what i think about this chair so that this is what i am doing. I love the chair itself and i really like the fresh,girly design. Both my girls use it daily. Weather for Reading,watching TV or just generally in play. Even my little man Ryan who is now 11 month has found it very useful lol As its situated under the window he uses it to climb on so that he can see out. He cant walk yet but he's an expert climber. He sits there for ages sometime just smiling at us,it's very sweet.

 One of the questions i was asked was the price.Would i be prepared to pay £40 for it in a shop? After all the joy i have seen it bring my kids i would have to say "Yes i would". At first i was thinking £40 for a foam chair sounded quite a lot but from the moment it arrived and i saw how well it was made and beautifully designed i had changed my mind quite easily. I know if i took my girls shopping and we had seen this in a shop they would have nagged me until i bought it anyway. So lets do a checklist to help make it easier to show you how good i think it is:

Size - is great,big enough to sit an 8 year old easily yet not too big that it takes up too much space in your home.

Design - very pretty,great for all the little girls/young ladies in your family.

Comfort - very comfortable,nice thick foam which doesn't squash and lose its shape to easily.Its with stood my manic kids and still looks great like new.

Price - £40 is reasonable for a chair that my kids love and actually do use everyday.

Keeping it clean - It's easy to wipe down with a damp cloth but there are zips on both the cushion itself and on the bottom of the actual chair so that the covers can easily be removed and thrown into the washing machine when needed.

Overall - we loved it.It's such a lovely chair and will be apart of my living room for many months to come.I'm very happy with it as a product and wish them every success when it's launched.

 I had never looked at the Comfy Living website until i had seen them asking for help with this new chair on twitter but I'm so glad i have now. They have some lovely products on their site to suit everyone.

You can join Comfy Living on both  Facebook and Twitter.

They have kindly given me a 10% discount code that can be used online at their site until the end of June. It can be used on any purchase from their website and all you need to do is enter the word mummy in the box provided and 10% will be taken off for you automaticaly.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Friday, 3 June 2011

Do You Pray?

Do You Pray?

That might seem a bit of a weird question but i was just thinking,do many people pray these days? I am a Roman Catholic but haven't been to church for many years so I'm not exactly a practising one any more. Even though i don't go to church or preach to other people i still find myself praying quite a lot.
I find myself having little conversations in my head with God i guess.That might sound really strange to some people but to me its quite normal. I find myself asking him to watch over my kids most days and i do stop to say thank you for anything good that might have happened. I have a few little prayers that i say more than others,like if i see a funeral car pass or hear of someone dieing then i always bless myself and say an "Eternal Rest". And every night before i go to sleep i say a prayer to my Guardian Angel.Its only a little prayer which i think i learnt back in school but it really sums up how i feel at the end of each day.It goes like this:

"Oh Angel of God
My Guardian dear.
To whom God's love
commits me here.
Ever this night
Be at my side.
To light and to guard
To rule and to guide.

I'm not quite sure why I've wrote this post but i guess i just wanted to share something a little private with you. I never really tell people that i pray as I'm scared they might think I'm weird or something but I'm not ashamed that i do. Do you pray?

Cambridge Baby

Cambridge Baby

Cambridge Baby are an online trading company who specialize in all things baby and toddler, clothing wise. They only use natural, chemical free, ethically traded materials sourced mainly in Europe, in organic Merino wool, organic cotton and silk/Merino wool blends, all of which help your baby or child’s body do its work,naturally.
 They cater from the premature baby to older child (in some ranges) and also offer sheepskins, bedding, nappies (the washable, not disposable type) and much more. I had received a lovely e.mail asking me if my son Ryan would like to sample some of their lovely clothes,so of course i jumped at the chance.

 Cambridge Baby have so many lovely items on their site and the quality looks superb. I didn't choose what i would like to review but instead told them to surprise me.I was sent a very sweet pair of Organic Cotton Comfy Stripy Shorts  which retail at £17.99 and a lovely matching Organic Cotton T-shirt which costs £15.99. Both looked fab! They are quite thick but look very comfortable and they are very soft and snugly. The quality is very high as they are beautifully made which explains the prices. Ryan my little model will show you how he got on.Doesn't he look handsome having fun in the sun in Nannies back garden.

Ryan is a very rough and tumble little boy who loves to play outdoors! He gets through a lot of clothes as he wears out the knees and scrapes his trousers along the floors. He loved his new outfit,the shorts are a nice length which cover his little knees and the thickness is great as it keeps him cosy without him getting hurt. Even after a good days play they were still looking great. I had put both items on together and thought he looked very cute. But i guess you can mix and match to suit your own tastes. Stripes with stripes may be too much for you.
Both Ryan and myself love the whole Cambridge Baby range and would defiantly recommend that you pop on over and have a look for yourself. A huge thumbs up from us here! Trendy yet comfortable clothes are a must in my house so these are defiantly the ones for us.

Seriously Good Sauces - Butter Chicken

Seriously Good Sauces - Butter Chicken

Indian sauce by Gordon Ramsey

" This sauce of mine is seriously good.It tastes fantastic and it helps Comic Relief.Even better.I don't get a penny. seriously good Sauce? Done! "

I'm not very good when it comes to cooking so when i saw this i thought "how hard can it be?" Join me on my mini adventure and see how it turned out! I decided to just make a simple Butter Chicken Curry like it says on the jar,thought i better play it safe and not try anything fancy just yet.

I stated with my chicken breasts and cut them up into nice little bite sizes chunks ready too cook.I decided to to try out my new Wok for this too,now i really was getting brave.

I fried the chicken for a good 5 or 6 minutes until it was all nice and white,not pink anymore like it is in the photo.I wouldn't wanna make myself ill,lol Once it was cooked i then poured over the whole jar of sauce and gave it a quick stir to make sure all the chicken was covered.

I left it to simmer gently for 15-20 minutes but did keep an eye on it and stirred it frequently. I was actually starting to quite enjoy myself,cooking wasn't that hard after all. Once the timer was up and it was now ready to eat.I served it up in a bowl with a few chips on the side for both myself and my other half who was willing to be my tester.

I am a big curry lover whilst my other half isn't really a fan.He eats a Korma now and again but that's about it where as i love all curries and normally the spicier the better for me.
I had promised him that this was a very mild curry and that he would enjoy it. Which he did! Yay i made something that he actually liked and ate. OK it was just a jar of sauce but it was a big thing for me and i was very proud of myself for doing it all on my own :)
The flavour was very nice,quite creamy and very buttery which is what i had expected really. I couldn't fault it,the sauce was a big hit. In fact i think i may have to go and get some of the other yummy sauces now from the Seriously Good range.

The ingredients in this jar of "Buttery Chicken" are:
Tomato Puree (60%)  Double Cream (11%)  Butter (7%)  Lemon Juice from Concentrate (4%)  Demerara Sugar. Garlic Puree. Maize Starch. Ginger Puree. Sea Salt. Coriander.Vegetable Oil. Ground Coriander. Garam Masala. Turmeric. Paprika. Cardamom. Ground Cloves. Ground Cumin. Ground Oregano.

We loved this sauce and gave it a fantastic 5 out of 5.It's a great product and supports a great cause as at least 10p from each jar goes to Comic Relief who work all year round in both the UK and overseas to help people living in the toughest of lives.

Hit Spring Water

Hit Spring Water 

Silver Spring have joined forces with Hit Entertainment to create these new cute little bottles of British spring water, they feature Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam. The aim is that by making the bottles as fun and engaging as colourful soft drinks, kids will be encouraged to drink more water.
I was sent a few of these bottle for Chloe and Lily to try.Chloe who's 8 loves drinking water so these were great for her lunch box even though i did think she was a little old for them.She quite happily took the Angelina Ballerina bottle to school tho. Lily on the other hand who is now 4 years old is a nightmare when it comes to getting her to drink water,she only ever wants juice. She was really quite excited when she say these colourful character bottles but the novelty wore of quite quickly,i think i got her to drink one bottle. I think these bottle are a great idea,healthy and a lot of fun. I found them really useful for my 11 month old son Ryan too as he loves water and was more than happy to try them out.

If you struggle to get your children to drink their daily recommended water allowance then these may work for you.Children love the characters and may just be enough to sway them to drink it. Lily was to clever for me and soon realised that she still doesn't like water no matter how pretty the bottle is but who knows.Your kids might love them!
I think the bottles are a great size,very colourful and very handy. Unfortunately Lily wouldn't drink them as she doesn't like water.She was on the other hand more than happy to re-fill tye bottles back up with squash afterwards and drink that.Fussy little madam. They make great re-usable bottles!

Hit Spring Water will available to buy in Boots and Asda stores nationwide from June 2011.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

I need your HELP please.

I need more VIEWS on my COOKER PLEA video above.
I need a new cooker and this is my best shot.If you would like to help you can by liking my plea and leaving a comment to wish me luck here at AppliancesOnline All your help is truly appreciated.

Today is the last day to help as they will pick someone tomorrow at noon and make their appliance dreams come true.

If you need any help with an appliance or would like to make your own plea then head on over to AppliancesOnline !


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wondeful Wins in May

Wondeful Wins in May!

May has been a wonderful winning month for me.Anyone who knows me will know by now that i love to enter competitions as my hobby.It really comes in handy sometimes.
I alwways keep a list of my wins on paper so i know what im waiting for lol Looking at my May sheet there was an amazing 33wins for me :)
My favourite win had to be my MissGuided Facebook win where i won a £25 voucher for me,a £25 voucher for my friend Mary and a selection of hair goodies.
I won 3 bottles of Champagne
A lepoard print corset
A billy bear teddy
A pair of Bareboot running shoes
£50 of Palmers goodies
Paramount uk posters
A bottle of Whiskey & a dvd from jamesons
A fab Tie Rack goody bag
A £2 scratchcard
A huge bar of Galaxy chocolate & a £50 bathrooms voucher
A jar of sweets
A Inkshop goodybag
£20 Asos voucher from Foxy
A Fabric Goodybag
A toy bundle from @netmums
Funky Stockings
Jennifer Hudson CD
Fireman Sam DVD
Retro sweets tub of Waffers
A Durex goodybag of beach stuff
A Durex goody bag of ;) stuff
A joke toy
Vegas t-shirt
£50 voucher
Koala teddy bear
Mini gum ball machine
A blossom mother & baby hamper
Milk swag (pint glass)
An amazing Swap Watch worth £189
A box of chocolates
A veg approved hamper

Here's hoping June will be as lucky.
I Love comping but i love all my frineds that i have made along the way,we all look out for each other.Its such a lovely world to be apart of.If you ever need any help comping,please just ask.x