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Monday, 23 May 2011

X - Ray Anatomy Model

X - Ray Anatomy Model
Revel's X Ray range provides a fascinating insight into the inner make-up of a variety of wonderful creatures from all over the animal kingdom and now includes the human anatomy range.Relocating each anatomy with intricate detail,these authentic models are an excellent educational resource and also great to look at.The model kits are constructed as if viewed through an x- ray and include pre-painted parts that are simply snapped into place - No glue needed.

I was asked to try one of these sets with my 8 year old daughter Chloe who jumped at the chance,finally something for her to do. I took out all the pieces for her and left her to her own devices,i stood back and watched mainly. She seemed to be enjoying the challenge,she'd never seen the insides of a frog before.

The Frog model comes with a nice set of clear instructions on where each body bard belongs.It has nice clear images and a set of numbered actions on how to make it up. The booklet also has a lot of information about the Frog's anatomy and the body parts that you are putting into it. Chloe was very interested to read a lot of interesting facts about how things work inside it. We had a very educational afternoon. It was nice spend some quality time,just the two of us. Chloe seemed to enjoy this activity,she really tried hard to get everything in the right place but some were quite tricky so i did help a little. The concentration on her face was priceless,was nice to see her sat at the table doing something and not sat in front of the TV like she normally is.

This is how the model looked once she had put all the insides in:

How cool is that? I think it's awesome! A very clever model,that is easy to put together yet it just looks so good.

Here it is again once she'd finished it and put the skin piece on top too:

What do you think? It looks great and Chloe was very pleased with herself when it was finished. I must admit was very proud of her to! She had worked hard and put her all into making this model and I'm glad she did. She's now put her completed Frog onto her bedroom window for tonight but she wants to take it into school tomorrow to show her class teacher and all her friends.Bless her.
It's nice too see she enjoyed it and hopefully she learned something along the way.

We loved this Revell's X Ray Frog Model so much,it was a lot of fun yet very helpful to.The pieces are all bright and colourful and very easy to connect up together.They all slot in nicely into the places where they belong. The finished model is awesome,really fab to look at. I guess you could take it apart and re-make it as many times as you like but i think Chloe is quite happy just looking at it for now. These models are priced at around £18 - £20 which is a good price for this type of learning model. There are many different models that you can get from the Horse to the Shark They are all amazing.

Chloe had no problems with this model at all,I did have to help her with some parts but that's to be expected really. We both gave the X Ray Models a huge Thumbs Up though as it gave us a lot of enjoyment today. We may have to buy one of the other models now so we can do it all over again. There is a new and exciting Human Model one coming out soon so i think we may wait for that one. Will be great showing her the insides of our body.

If you like making models then this is a must for you.Not only is it very educational but its such good fun and you get a great model to look at afterwards!


  1. That looks fantastic fun!


  2. Aw it was,was just nice to see her enjoy something other than the TV for a change.Were excited for when the Human Body ones comes out.x