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My Family

Monday, 23 May 2011

Haba - Discovery Puzzle Knight's Castle

Discovery Puzzle Knight's Castle

The Discovery Puzzle Knight's Castle. is a 24 piece Jigsaw puzzle for children aged 4 +. It's priced at a very reasonable £4.99 and comes wrapped in plastic - no box.The pieces are a nice size and the colours and picture scene are lovely. Very detailed and enjoyable to look at. This puzzle comes with a paper sheet with subjects on it,like things to find. Its a great conversation starter. There are a few other lovely scenes available in their puzzle range to like the Construction Site or the Farm Animals ones. They're all lovely.

My middle daughter Lily is 4 and loves doing jigsaws so this was one for her to get stuck in with.The jigsaw is on a nice thick cardboard backing that is quite strong.Hopefully it won't be bending any time soon. There are a few little holes in it which make pushing the pieces back out a bit easier for when we want to start again. Lily loves castles and believes a princess lives in every one lol So she spent lots of time talking about where the Princess would be and what she would be doing. Just look at the concentration on her face.

Lily loved this puzzle,it is slightly different from other puzzles as she's used to sorting her jigsaw pieces into pieces with edges and pieces without edges so this was a nice new challenge for her as the edges have circular bits cut out from them making it a little more difficult. Lily had fun putting it together and it didn't take her very long. She was very proud of herself once it was completed but soon tipped it back out to do it all over again!

We defiantly think this puzzle is worth the price and really is lots of fun. Its good quality and very strong. Lily gave it a huge thumbs up. I had to agree but the only problem i found was having no box. We like to put things away neatly in our house but with no box it's a little harder to store.

We give this puzzle a whopping 4 / 5 though. With a box it defiantly would have got a perfect 5.

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