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My Family

Monday, 23 May 2011

A "Surprise Prize" #Giveaway

Welcome to my "Surprise Prize" Giveaway!

The Prize is a Surprise! All i can tell you that it this prize is a Good one and will contain 3 gifts!

One For Mum
One For Dad
And One For the kids

It's very easy too enter too! All you need to do is 2 things.
  • Follow my Blog through Google Friends if you don't already :)
  • Like my new Face Book page Mummy-Of-3-Diaries and leave this message on my wall " I would like WIN your Surprise Prize! "
For an extra entry you can also tweet the following
" I wanna win your Surprise Prize @v82chris on your lovely Blog "

For each entry that you do,please leave a SEPARATE comment below telling me you have done so.So if you do all 3 things please leave 3 comments to make sure you get all your 3 entries!

The Giveaway is open to the UK only and will end in just 2 weeks on Monday 6th June

So please enter & Good Luck

THE WINNER IS ..... Fiona Maclean.
Congrats,could you please e.mail me at so i can send out your prizes x

X - Ray Anatomy Model

X - Ray Anatomy Model
Revel's X Ray range provides a fascinating insight into the inner make-up of a variety of wonderful creatures from all over the animal kingdom and now includes the human anatomy range.Relocating each anatomy with intricate detail,these authentic models are an excellent educational resource and also great to look at.The model kits are constructed as if viewed through an x- ray and include pre-painted parts that are simply snapped into place - No glue needed.

I was asked to try one of these sets with my 8 year old daughter Chloe who jumped at the chance,finally something for her to do. I took out all the pieces for her and left her to her own devices,i stood back and watched mainly. She seemed to be enjoying the challenge,she'd never seen the insides of a frog before.

The Frog model comes with a nice set of clear instructions on where each body bard belongs.It has nice clear images and a set of numbered actions on how to make it up. The booklet also has a lot of information about the Frog's anatomy and the body parts that you are putting into it. Chloe was very interested to read a lot of interesting facts about how things work inside it. We had a very educational afternoon. It was nice spend some quality time,just the two of us. Chloe seemed to enjoy this activity,she really tried hard to get everything in the right place but some were quite tricky so i did help a little. The concentration on her face was priceless,was nice to see her sat at the table doing something and not sat in front of the TV like she normally is.

This is how the model looked once she had put all the insides in:

How cool is that? I think it's awesome! A very clever model,that is easy to put together yet it just looks so good.

Here it is again once she'd finished it and put the skin piece on top too:

What do you think? It looks great and Chloe was very pleased with herself when it was finished. I must admit was very proud of her to! She had worked hard and put her all into making this model and I'm glad she did. She's now put her completed Frog onto her bedroom window for tonight but she wants to take it into school tomorrow to show her class teacher and all her friends.Bless her.
It's nice too see she enjoyed it and hopefully she learned something along the way.

We loved this Revell's X Ray Frog Model so much,it was a lot of fun yet very helpful to.The pieces are all bright and colourful and very easy to connect up together.They all slot in nicely into the places where they belong. The finished model is awesome,really fab to look at. I guess you could take it apart and re-make it as many times as you like but i think Chloe is quite happy just looking at it for now. These models are priced at around £18 - £20 which is a good price for this type of learning model. There are many different models that you can get from the Horse to the Shark They are all amazing.

Chloe had no problems with this model at all,I did have to help her with some parts but that's to be expected really. We both gave the X Ray Models a huge Thumbs Up though as it gave us a lot of enjoyment today. We may have to buy one of the other models now so we can do it all over again. There is a new and exciting Human Model one coming out soon so i think we may wait for that one. Will be great showing her the insides of our body.

If you like making models then this is a must for you.Not only is it very educational but its such good fun and you get a great model to look at afterwards!

Haba - Discovery Puzzle Knight's Castle

Discovery Puzzle Knight's Castle

The Discovery Puzzle Knight's Castle. is a 24 piece Jigsaw puzzle for children aged 4 +. It's priced at a very reasonable £4.99 and comes wrapped in plastic - no box.The pieces are a nice size and the colours and picture scene are lovely. Very detailed and enjoyable to look at. This puzzle comes with a paper sheet with subjects on it,like things to find. Its a great conversation starter. There are a few other lovely scenes available in their puzzle range to like the Construction Site or the Farm Animals ones. They're all lovely.

My middle daughter Lily is 4 and loves doing jigsaws so this was one for her to get stuck in with.The jigsaw is on a nice thick cardboard backing that is quite strong.Hopefully it won't be bending any time soon. There are a few little holes in it which make pushing the pieces back out a bit easier for when we want to start again. Lily loves castles and believes a princess lives in every one lol So she spent lots of time talking about where the Princess would be and what she would be doing. Just look at the concentration on her face.

Lily loved this puzzle,it is slightly different from other puzzles as she's used to sorting her jigsaw pieces into pieces with edges and pieces without edges so this was a nice new challenge for her as the edges have circular bits cut out from them making it a little more difficult. Lily had fun putting it together and it didn't take her very long. She was very proud of herself once it was completed but soon tipped it back out to do it all over again!

We defiantly think this puzzle is worth the price and really is lots of fun. Its good quality and very strong. Lily gave it a huge thumbs up. I had to agree but the only problem i found was having no box. We like to put things away neatly in our house but with no box it's a little harder to store.

We give this puzzle a whopping 4 / 5 though. With a box it defiantly would have got a perfect 5.

Introducing Haba Toys

Introducing Haba Toys
Have you heard of Haba Toys? If not let me tell you a bit about them.

Haba  are a German company who are now doing very well in the UK to. They are a wood manufacturing company known for their high-quality baby and children's toys, as well as their children's games and furniture. They  view themselves as a "single source supplier" for children. They are expanding their product portfolio beyond wood products using the same high quality standards for which they are known. Thus, HABA are also offering  jewelry, porcelain dishes and textiles, for example. HABA products will  be found in well-stocked toy stores around the globe.

I have been chosen as a a Haba Toy Ambassador and will be bringing you all lots of lovely toy reviews as well as sharing all their latest news.

We will be given a fab new Blog badge real soon,I'm very excited and can't wait to see it!

Over the next few weeks i hall be sharing my first lot of reviews which will be featuring :

Its all so very exciting.I'm looking forward to sharing our Haba Toy Journey with you all.

What do you think of my first 4 toys? 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Soda Stream Review

Soda Stream Review

The lovely people over at Sodastream gave me one of their New Soda Stream Fizz drinks machines. I was so excited when i received their e.mail. I had spent months on Twitter trying to win one and here they were offering me one for free for my family to try. I was so shocked but oh so happy for us. I had a Soda stream when i was little and remember the funny noise it used to make lol The loud "Burr" noise which made us all laugh,the drinks were always a fun treat in our house.

This is what arrived.A Red Fizz Drinks Maker which retails at £119.99 on the Official site : Which included :
  • The red machine
  • A gas canister
  • A drinks bottle
It was so easy to use,i was pleasantly surprised.You just fill the bottle with water up to the little line marked on the side and screw into place under the drinks machine.Then pull down on the little lever on the front a few times until you hear it "Burr" hehe. Yep it still makes that silly noise that we all remember! This new Fizz machine has a Digital display that shows you how fizzy you're drink will be. There are 3 choices shown by 3 pictures.A cup with one bubble for small amount of fizz. A cup with two bubbles for medium fizz or a cup with three bubbles for very fizzy.Which is what i tend to use as we like our drinks real fizzy in our house.It's such a great feature as you get to decide just how fizzy you would like your drink to be. I took a picture of the fizzy water for you too see. Just look at all those bubbles! Lovely bubbly!

I was also sent 3 yummy flavour to try to. I was given Sugar Free Blackcurrant,Tonic and Fizzy Apple.My girls love the Fizzy Apple but i prefer the sugar free Blackcurrant. as its a little less sweet. There are so many lovely Flavours too choose from,you really are spoilt for choice! They are available on-line or at your local stores like Asda and cost around £3 per bottle but each bottle make 12 Litres of delicious drink so it's very cheap. Much cheaper than the cost of buying several bottles of ready made coke or other fizzy drinks. You just fill a cap full of your chosen flavoured syrup and pour it into the water,but a Little hint. Make sure you tilt your bottle and pour the syrup in VERY slowly or you'll get a fizzy explosion like i did,hehe. I added my fizzy apple syrup in way too fast and ended up with bubbles over flowing like a fizzy volcano. Made a bit of a mess but it was fun lol Like an old school science project. I did learn from my mistake tho,i now pour it in very slowly :)

Here's a picture of our yummy sugar free blackcurrant drink all made and ready to drink. I love my new Soda Stream so much and wish i had bought one myself a lot sooner. I had always wanted one but just never got round to buying one as i had thought the price was a little high. I now have to admit that i was so wrong and think it's actually worth every penny. I have saved so much money from not buying my usual 4/5 bottles of Coke and 7UP each week over the past few months. I've probably made that amount back in savings! There are cheaper Soda Stream machines available if you would like to go for a model a little cheaper like the Stream which is £55 or the Genesis which is £59.99. There are fabulous machines to suit all budgets.

My girls and I defiantly give the Fizz Soda Stream a huge Thumbs Up and a deserving 5 out of 5 as it's a great family product that i just couldn't fault. It's fun and easy to use and really does make fizzy drinks a lot more adventurous. We cannot wait to try all the lovely flavours in the range. This week we bought Cola and Lemon and Lime from Asda to try. Can't wait to get stuck in.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Birmingham Baby Show

Birmingham Baby Show

We had a lovely day today at the Birmingham Baby Show. Its been on my to-do list for years but today i finally made it to the show. I had seen a tweet on twitter a few weeks ago from "mummyslittlemonkey" asking if any mummy blogger 's would like a pair of free tickets to the Fisher Price Play Lab Opening at the Baby Show with a free Goody Bag too. Of course i jumped at the chance and put myself forward. A lady named Vickie e.mailed me & invited us along.

As soon as we arrived we headed straight over to the lovely fisher price stand. There were this years official sponsors so their stand was huge,lots of fun toys and products for my little man Ryan to get his hands on. Vickie was lovely,a real nice lady. I was so surprised when instead of a little goody bag i had imagine we would get she handed us one of these -

The Amazing Animals Sing & Go Choo-Choo train retails at around £35.We can't wait to get it out of the box and start playing with it.I'm not sure who's more excited,me or Ryan lol I can't thank Vickie enough really,she made our day very special.I got my Other half to do something useful and take our pic so that i could have a nice memory of our lovely chat.Thank You Vickie x

It was a big day for Fisher Price who had UN -veiled their new "Cruisin' Motion Soother" which is designed to replicate the feeling of a real car journey for babies.It looked awesome. The idea behind this is so great,we all know that our babies love sleeping in the car when we're out and about. Babies just love the soothing noises and that snug feeling they get in their cosy car seats.Well this is exactly what this is! I think It's pure genius. It costs around £67 and can be used from birth. It has a snug fitting seat just like a car seat and moves in a unique way to replicate the gentle movements of a real car. It also has sounds of a gentle engine humming and other reassuring noises that will comfort them. It looked fab, a real god send for us mums who have children who like to sleep in the car but not in the house. It's ideal for all mums who can't get their babies to sleep without that midnight car journey,we've all been there. If i had seen these when Ryan was born i know i defiantly would have bought one,would have saved me so much hassle. Fisher Price have lots of amazing creations out at the moment,why not pop over to Fisher Price now and have a look.
 We spent several hours having a nice look round,collecting free samples and playing with all the toys. We had a nice rest in the Baby Plum feeding area where Ryan had a free beef casserole dinner and apricot & pear yogurt. He loved it and ate every bit :) Just look how happy he was.My mother always said "A messy baby is a happy baby" well i think this means he's happy!

I would defiantly recommend visiting the Baby Show if you have young children or are expecting.There's bargains,freebies and free prize draws for all.

We had a lovely day.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Just Like Mummy.

Just Like Mummy.

I think my little man Ryan wants to be just like me...he's forever trying to press the buttons on my laptop.
He makes me smile,he stands beside the settee just waiting for his moment to strike and Pow! I find a long line of zzzzzzzzz's or aaaaaaaa's accross my screen,lol.

Today he really made me laugh.I got up out of my seat for just a few seconds and in he jumped.

I think the smile on his face really says it all. Sitting in mummies seat with mummies toy. He even had my mouse like he was really using it. I just had time to take this photo before he had completely changed all my control settings and somehow had managed to open my e.mails lol
He's such a cheeky monkey but i guess he just wants to be like Mummy x

Silent Sunday.

Silent Sunday.

Silent Sunday

A giveaway to celebrate my new Facebook page.

A giveaway to celebrate my new Facebook page.

There's 3 Brand new & Sealed DVDs to be won.A selection for mum,dad and the kids!

All you need to do to win is head over to my New Facebook Page and Like it and Share it with your facebook friends .Please leave a hello or just let me know you have done so on the wall so i can see you have entered :D

That's it,simple.

I shall draw ONE WINNER as soon as i reach 100 Likes.

Good Luck x

Im So Excited!

I'm So Excited!

Yesterday was a VERY Exciting day for me! I had applied to be a Fabulous Toyologist for the lovely people over at Toys R Us There was 150 entries in total so i was not expecting to make it through to the 2nd round known as the Shortlist so i was Totally Shocked when i saw my name on the list. It was such a happy sight! I am over the moon with Excitement!

I had made it through to a group of just 25 and I am delighted! It was a lot of fun doing our Review for our application. My Lily had such a fun filled day with our Easter Egg Hunt and the pictures say it all. She smiled like mad the whole day.
We all had to fill out a really challenging Questionnaire,which I've now completed but no all that is left to do is WAIT. We've now got to wait patiently til Monday Midday before the Lucky 10 Toyologists will get announced.
I know it's going to be the longest weekend of my life ever! I really am so happy with getting this far but now that i'm this close i want it so bad that it scares me.
Just imagine though if we were chosen!  - All those fantastic toys that we would get to play with and all the lovely giveaways i would be able to do to.Oooh it's just such a wonderful thought.
I think one of my favourite parts also is the blog badge i would get:
Wouldn't that look so good!

I have now got my fingers crossed that when my kids come home from school on Monday,Mummy is in the best mood ever with some fantastic news to share but I guess it all depends if we have what they are looking for.
I had a dream a few nights ago that i would make the shortlist but then not make the final 10. I really hope that it doesn't come true as I'll be devastated but i guess so will all of the families who don't make it through.

I have so many lovely friends in the shortlist too so I'd like to wish them all the best of luck !

God I'm so scared but truely excited - Please wish me luck.

Hurry up Monday!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How cute are these?

How cute are these?

Lily my 4 year old had such a wonderful surprise when she got to nursery this morning! They have been hatching chicks in a new incubator they have been given by our local farm as a whole school project but luckily for us they just happen to be in Lily's class room.When we left yesterday several of the eggs were starting to crack and by the time we got there this morning they were here! So sweet and cute. Ooooh so lovely. Just look!

Awwww How Gorgeous are they!

I can't wait to take Lily into nursery tomorrow just to see them hehe
I'm like a big kid but who cares!

What do you think??

My Pal Scout Review

My Pal Scout

This is Scout. He's an Amazing toy from Leapfrog which was sent to me for my 10 moth old son Ryan to review. I was expecting just the usual push a few buttons and i make sounds teddy but boy was i wrong. This one was totally awesome. The teddy is so cute ans soft which is perfect for little people to safely play with and he has 4 buttons,1 on each paw and 1 on each foot. Scout has one big difference from other talking teddies,you can connect him up to your home computer and change the things he says to your child. You can add their name, their favourite food,colour and even pet! It's so much fun. You can change the music and lullaby's it plays too.
We changed the name to Ryan,The colour to Red. His favourite food now says chips lol and his favourite animal is a Dog. I love the way it talks,its so cute. It says "I love you Ryan" in such a sweet voice,we giggle every time we hear it. My favourite thing about this bear is the nigh time button on his left foot. It has three options : 2 minutes to bedtime. 5 minutes to bedtime or 10 minutes to bedtime .I think who ever thought of this is a genius as its solved all my night time troubles.
Ryan likes the sound of his cot mobile when he's going to sleep but it only lasts for 2 minutes and then stops which means i then have to keep getting up and re-winding it to make it play again. Now i just press Scout's paw 3 times and he'll play soft lullaby's for a whole 10 minutes and then turns itself off. Its great!
Ryan loves his new Scout very much,it's like his new best friend. I took a pic of them together the other morning,it was quite early though lol Bless him x I would defiantly recommend this toy to all parents of children aged 6 months plus as its so sweet and a lot of fun.

Scout helps to teach  your child :

- First words
- Daily routines
- Early number sense
- Feelings and emotions
- Animals

They retail at £19.99 which i think is a very reasonable price for all the fun it brings.You can buy him in green for boys and purple for girls. have a great range of other exciting toys you can purchase too.

Lalaloopsy Review

Lalaloopsy Review

This is a Pillow Featherbed, she's a Lalaloopsy doll. Isn't she lovely! She was born on January 3rd ( Festival of Sleep Day ) and was sewn using pieces of a babies Blankie. She loves good stories, long naps and her favourite snack is milk and cookies! She also comes with her pet sheep.

At first glance i though she was a little unusual as she had a gorgeously dressed body but then had a rather large,hard head. The pink and purple pyjamas are so soft and snuggly! I think i actually quite like it now though as it's very different to any of the other dolls that Lily has got. I gave this doll to Lily who absolutely loves her and has shortened her name to just "Lala" which is so cute. Lily has made Lala a nice comfy home in her bed where she now lives quite happily. Lily loves her sleep time cuddles and reads her stories to Lala every night before bed. Its been 3 weeks now and Lala is still in her bed which is the longest any doll has been there as Lily gets bored quite quickly and changes her sleeping toy all the time. So far Lala is doing well!

Lalaloopsy dolls retail at around £24.99 which isn't too bad as i have paid up to £35 for some of the dolls she has had before. There is a whole world for these dolls over at where your child can interact with their doll and do so much more!

Lily loves Lala very much.Here's a pic to show you just how much,lol.

A huge thumbs up from Lily and i think I'm going to have to agree on this one.Any doll that Lily hasn't lost interest in straight away is a big success in my house.So we gave it a whopping 5 out of 5 from us! We Love Lala !

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New E45 Endless MoistureDerma Restore Review

New E45 Endless MoistureDerma Restore
New E45 Endless Moisture Derma Restore is a breakthrough for high street beauty products, it contains a unique and patented combination of 3 premium ingredients (usually found in high end face creams) to combat the 3 key problems associated with mature skin.Including natural moisture-magnet Glycerine and skins best friend Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) E45 Endless Moisture Derma Restore also contains Nicotinamide,a form of Vitamin B3 which is proved to boost collegen production. The new body moisturiser has had some fantastic reviews and clinical data and promises softer and more supple skin in just 3 weeks.
I began using a this new E45 moisturiser myself after I had been sent one to try a few weeks ago.I decided to use it twice a day for a few weeks to see how it worked.I applied it mainly to my legs and arms every morning and every night.It was a nice creamy moisturiser with a very non greasy feel.It soaked in pretty quick which is always good for me as i hate waiting around for it to dry in.There was no perfumed smell,just fresh and clean smelling.
After a few weeks im happy to report that my skin is feeling great,I feel like my legs are noticeably smoother and feeling softer than ever.Due to the fact that i ad not been bothering to moisturise before,im glad to know it does make a huge difference to my skin.I shall deffinatley be keeping up my daily routine and at just £4.59 per 200ml bottle i can easily afford to.

I would give this Endless Moisture Derma Restore a great 5/5 as i had no problems with it,it didnt irritate my skin at all and left my skin feeling great.

NEW Veet Hair Minimising Moisturiser Review

NEW Veet Hair Minimising Moisturiser
This is the New Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser.It's s a revolutionary product that is guaranteed to help modern, savvy women maintain that soft, silky smooth feeling for longer.It contains a dermalogically tested ingredient – ProMinimise, to noticeably reduce the appearance of hair re-growth.The unique ProMinimise formulation contains natural botanical extracts that are known to inhibit hair follicle activity and noticeably slow down the appearance of hair re-growth. This means that silky smooth feeling is prolonged and you can remove hair less often.It Can also be used after any hair removal technique.

With summer approaching quickly i jumped at the chance to try this in hope of nice smooth legs that i won't have to hide this summer.I have a mild case of Eczema so i always use products for sensitive skin so my skin doesn't get irritated.This new Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser  is available in two different formulations so no matter what your skin type, you can help prolong that just-shaved feeling for longer.There are:

- Veet’s Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E
- Dry Skin with Aloe Vera are proven to hydrate your skin for up to 24 hours

I was sent the dry skin moisturiser to try and i can honestly say i loved it.First time i used it i had just shaved my legs and was ready to apply.The texture is a lovely creamy moisuturiser,not greasy at all.It smelt nice,not perfumed just fresh and it smoothed into my skin real nice.It was absorbed quickly into my skin and felt kinda nice.Being a busy mum i dont get a lot of time to stand there applying and re-applying moisturisers so this was great as one application was plenty.It left me skin feeling nice and hydrated and very smooth.Just as a good moisturiser should! 250ml from Boots would cost £4.99 which to me is a great price.I would be more than happy to pay that with no regrets.I have now been using it for 4 weeks and have found that my skin is feeling a lot softer than it was before.Im not sure if ive noticed much hair thinning but who knows over time i may.
Veet are so sure that you will love their product just like i have that if you dont feel that your skin is softer after 6 weeks of using it,they will give you your money back.So thats even better.

I would give Veet a 4/5 as a moisturiser and a 3/5 as a hair minimiser as i haven't really noticed any major results yet.

I would give Veet a thumbs up though and shall now continue to use it as i do kinda like it!