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My Family

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

SMARTIES Chicken and Egg

The new SMARTIES Chicken and Egg.

Bursting with the colourful confectionery loved by families across the nation,SMARTIES new chocolate Chicken and Egg is an exciting three-in-one treat for everyone to enjoy this Easter.

I have been lucky enough to have been sent one for us to try.It only arrived this morning but we got a little excited and a bit anughty as we ate it before breakfast Oops! Its actually very sweet,almost too sweet for the kids hehe.The Chicken was a nice size,not to big that you'd feel sick eating it all but just enough for a special Easter treat. My girls and I loved it,they thought it was great when i gave it to them and couldn't wait to get the pretty foil wrapper off. Once the lovely decorated wrapper was off you get a yummy Milk chocolate Chicken but this isn't the best bit,oh no.You then get to crack into the poor little Chicken to find a surprise SMARTIES Easter Egg and inside that there are lots of mini SMARTIES also to enjoy.It was great fun but lets not tell Daddy as he'l be upset that he missed out. My kids dont eat a lot of chocolate as im forever telling then "It's a treat" so they were more than happy to share and to be honest i think that there was enough chocolate for both of them. My girls love SMARTIES so this really would be the perfect thing to buy them this Easter,it was much more entertaining than any Easter egg they have had and a Retail price of just £2.49 i think it's well worth it.This price was worth every single penny for the simple joy it brought to my girls faces.Their smiles are worth it a million times over.They are now available from many Grocers nationwide.

If you're looking for a little something different this Easter then maybe you'd like to try one of these new SMARTIES chocolate Chicken and Egg's as i think I'm gonna have to go and buy some more for my girls this Easter.

To finish my yummy - tastic review I'd like to end in style with a Witty egg joke or two. :)

Q > What happened to the egg that was tickled too much?
A > It cracked up

Q > How do egg's stay healthy?
A > Egg-cersise

Don't forget to share some fun Egg jokes with your friends this Easter.And if you're still stuck on the old favourite "What came 1st? The chicken or the egg? Then here's a hint for you.

Only SMARTIES have the answer!

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