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My Family

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Nakd Bars Review

Naked Bars Review.

I had never heard of these before until i was kindly offered to try some so it was all completely new to me.I was sent 3 bars from their nudie collection to try and this is what i thought.I began by cutting up each bar into 4 pieces,1 for me,1 for my dad and 1 each for my aunts.I'm a good girl,i do like to share :)  
Our 1st bar was a Cashew Cookie bar which is 51% raw cashews and 49% raw dates.I never eat dates so i was a little worried when i read this,i have to be honest but after a little bite i was pleasantly surprised.I was actually quite yummy! I love cashew nuts though so i think that helped. 
My 2nd bar was the Cocoa Orange which is 40% raw dates,40% raw cashews,14% raw raisins and 5% cocoa.My dad loved this one the best.He's a big chocolate fan so this was a huge hit with him.
My favourite was my 3rd and final bar, the Berry Delight and boy what a delight it was.It was so scrummy,i could have ate the whole bar to myself lol This one is 49% raw dates,31% raw cashews,17% raw raisins and 3% raw raspberries.
I would never dream of eating dates or raisins normally but these were great and i am so glad that i tried them as i wont be put off in future.

Nakd Bars are 1 of your 5 a day for fruit and are Free from Gluten,Wheat and Diary
Just perfect <3

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