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Friday, 22 April 2011

Boots Nappy Rash Spray Review.

My Boots - Nappy Rash Spray Review.

My son Ryan is almost 10 months old and I'm finding that he's suffering with nappy rash quite often now that his teeth are coming through.I normally use Sudo Crem which i like but find very messy.Ryan NEVER lies still when I'm changing his nappy,I'm lucky if i can hold onto one leg as he's trying to roll away from me.He's getting so strong and nappy changes have become a real struggle.I was looking for something new,something that works just as well as Sudo Crem but without the mess or struggle.A lovely lady from Boots suggested i try this new Nappy Rash Spray and was sent one free to try.
Boots Pharmaceuticals Nappy Rash Spray protects and prevents nappy rash and can easily be applied with one hand which is great.Just what i need! It comes in a 100ml spray and retails at £5.60 which isn't too bad as i have paid a lot more on other nappy rash creams in the past.The spray is:
  • Clinically tested.
  • Soothes and softens.
  • Protects and prevents nappy rash.
  • No need to rub.
All of which are great.I have been using the spray on Ryan for several days now and already his nappy rash is looking alot better but my favourite thing about this spray is that there's no mess as i don't have to rub it in and its so much easier to just spray it on instead of trying to hold him still whilst i rub it all in.Ryan doesn't mind being sprayed at all either,in fact i think he quite likes it now.It must be cooling for him.
I will defiantly continue to use the Boots Pharmaceuticals Nappy Rash Spray in the future.Its great! Its a nice thin bottle which fits nicely into my changing bag to take around with us.Its nice and easy to use and it does work! Perfect. I'm so glad that i tried this as now nappy changing time is less stressful and more fun.If you would like to try one or see more of their fab baby range you can visit from the link below.

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