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My Family

Monday, 25 April 2011

My Toyologist Review Entry.

Divine Chocolate Dubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit Review

We were lucky enough to be sent a  Divine Chocolate Dubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit to review for the lovely Izziwizzi Kids.It truly has been one of our most fun reviews yet.We were very good and waited until Easter Sunday itself before we set it up,Lily was one very excited little girl,I can tell you. The Divine Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt kit consisted of 6 Milk Chocolate hollow eggs wrapped in shiny coloured foil and a set of fun direction cards to cut out for the hunt.2 x Shiny Blue,2 x Sparkling Red and 2 x Golden Gold,all of which were very attractive to the eye and being shiny made them easier to find.
We were having a family dinner over at Lily's Great Grans to celebrate Easter and all the family was there so this really was a whole family game.The sun was shining and the weather was gorgeous,perfect for an afternoon of good old outdoor fun. We hid the eggs in her beautiful garden and placed the signs ready for the hunt.We hid them in easy places for Lily as she's only 4.In trees and behind flowers.On toad stools and under the bird table. The hunt was set and almost ready to start.

With a very excited Lily and a naughty Daddy and Uncle Ian ready at the starting point we blew a whistle and off they went.You'd think the men would have grown out of Easter Egg hunts by now but no chance they were running around the garden like lunatics trying to find and steal all Lily's eggs.Lily was a little sweetie,wondering around the garden with a Sieve to put her eggs in,lol Don't ask,she didn't want a basket,she wanted to use her cooking sieve! She's such a little madame but very cute so we let her off. The hunt only lasted a few minutes in the end as all the eggs were found quickly but the fun was well worth it.It was so funny to see them running around like little kids,falling over each other in the scramble to get to the eggs first.Lily had a blast,she really enjoyed this game and wanted to play again straight after. She didn't want to eat the eggs,she replied "Mummy Can you hide them again please?" I'm afraid I didn't though as bad daddy and uncle Ian had already un wrapped theirs,tut tut. Lily unwrapped a pretty red wrapped egg and bit off the top. The chocolate was Milk but quite plain,it wasn't creamy like most chocolate but Lily didn't mind.I wasn't too keen on it myself,one bite was enough.I prefer chocolate with more milk or cream in.It seemed very adult like for a children's egg or like the cheaper chocolate you can buy from the shops even though it wasn't.

Over all we loved the whole Easter Egg Hunt experience as it was good clean family fun,apart from the taste of the chocolate which I found a little disappointing but Lily liked and ate it anyway so the set was a hit. We had so much fun that we would deffinatley do another Egg hunt next year but i think we may be using a different brand of chocolate eggs.

I put together a collage of all the pics I took on our lovely hunt for you to see,There was a copy at the top but i love it so much that I'm going to share it again once more for a closer look.

Princess Lily gave this review a huge thumbs up but when it comes to chocolate she would every time! I gave the Hunt kit itself a 4/5 but had to score the chocolate itself only 2/5 as the taste wasn't quite yummy enough.

A Special Sweetie Giveaway!

Happy Easter Everyone,A Sweetie Giveaway!

The prize is for ONE winner only and includes the following:
8 x Double Lollies
6 x Fizz Wizz
1 x Haribo Tangfastics
2 x Banana and Shrimps
2 x Haribo Fantasy Mix
3 x Hedgehogs
4 x Teeth and Lips
1 x Fun Gums
2 x Haribo Jelly Bunnies
3 x Foamy Ice Creams
2 x Chocolate Baubles
2 x Chocolate Reindeer
1 x Peppa Beauty Set Chocolate

How yummy is that little lot? This giveaway has been made possible by a special friend of mine Helen also know as @ on twitter.She has kindly offered up this prize for one of you lucky followers to win and all you have to do to be entered into this Random draw is two things
  1. Be a Follower of my Blog AND Follow @ on twitter and say hi as she's such a lovely lady and deserves many more followers.Just leave me a comment below letting me know that you have done so and you shall be entered.
If you would like an EXTRA ENTRY you can also tweet the following and then come back and let me know in a Separate Comment that you have done so.

"I'm in to #Win some Yummy treats with @v82chris & @ "

That's it!

The giveaway is UK only and shall be drawn at Random on Tuesday May 10th so you have plenty of time to enter.

Good Luck Everyone

The Winner is Number 18 which is @chris_woodgate Congratulations!

Spanx Wear

Spanx Wear

The very generous people over at Tights Please have sent me some lovely Shapewear to try.
I have been sent a pair of Super High Power Spanx as Ive always wanted to try them.I am only a size 10 anyway but after having 3 kids i still find that my belly is a little bigger than the rest of me.I have got so many slim fitting dresses that i haven't been brave enough to wear yet as i always think me belly looks big in it.I though that Magic knickers could be my perfect solution.
The Super Higher Power Spanx feature:
  • Amped up,high-waisted SUPER tummy-taming panel
  • NEW Shockingly sleek,cling free finish
  • Comfortable waistband that stays in place
  • Mega compression zones to minimise love handles
  • Unique new design gives rear a lift
  • Cotton double gusset for ease when nature calls
  • Panty lines be gone! Wear as underwear
  • Legband-free design prevents bulges on the thighs
All sounds good to me! I put them on quite easily i have to admit and they were actually quite comfortable.I was pleasantly surprised. I then put on a gorgeous tight fitted mini black and gold dress that i have been wanting to wear for ages and Wow! It looked great on.No wobbly bits or huge hips,just a nice curvy figure.I was very pleased.I shall be wearing these lovely Spanx every time i need to wear a dress now so I'll never have to worry about my belly again.They retail at around £29.99 but as they are such good quality you should only need one pair unless of course you want a nude and a black for every occasion.A great buy is what i say! I loved them!

There is a fantastic selection of these life saving pants to choose from over at why not pop over and have a look for yourself.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Dubble Easter Egg Hunt

Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Dubble Easter Egg Hunt

First off I have been asked to review the Dubble Easter Egg Hunt by Divine Chocolate for Izziwizzi Kids Izziwizzi Kids.The Dubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit is a sweet little box of 6 delicious hollow milk chocolate eggs and a set of signs to cut out for your perfect Easter Egg Hunt.We had 2 shiny gold eggs,2 sparkling red eggs and 2 beautiful blue eggs.
We were having a family dinner at Lily's Great Grans today and all the family was there.We hid the eggs in her beautiful garden and placed the signs ready for the hunt.We hid them in easy places for Lily as she's only 4.In trees and behind flowers.On toad stools and under the bird table.
 The lovely colourful signs we placed.
With a very excited Lily and a naughty Daddy and Uncle Ian ready to start we blew a whistle and off they went.You'd think the men would have grown out of Easter Egg hunts by now but no chance they were running around the garden like lunatics trying to found and steal all Lily's eggs.Lily was a little sweetie,wondering around the garden with a Sieve to put her eggs in,lol Don't ask,she didn't want a basket,she wanted to use her cooking sieve! The hunt only lasted a few minutes as all the eggs were found quickly but the fun was well worth it.It was so funny to see them running around like little kids,falling over each other in the scramble to get to the eggs first.Lily had a blast,she really enjoyed it.
 Lily finds the first egg with the biggest smile on her face.
 Lily collecting another.
 Lily having to fight Daddy to save her eggs.
But Lily won in the End.Look at all those Yummy Eggs.

We had so much fun with thisDubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit and would deffinatley do it all over again next year!

You can follow Divine Chocolate both on  Twitter and on Facebook

John Crane Ice Cream Party Set Review

John Crane Ice Cream Party Set

The Lovely people over at Here For A Day sent me a surprise item to review for them and this is what i got.I received a John Crane Ice Cream Party Set as pictured above.It is a 14 piece porcelain party set which consists of:

  • 4 Fluted Dishes

  • Ice Cream Scoop

  • 4 Spoons

  • Pretty Polka Dot Tablecloth

  • 4 Matching Napkins

  • Imagine a picnic party with a difference and this is what you will get.Children will love this adorable little set but the ice cream is not included lol but having said that you can use this pretty little set to serve fruit salads and all sorts of tempting desserts, a gift with a hint of individuality this summer and if you buy it now its 45% Off, so its  just £4.99

    We saved our set until today as we were having a family get together and i thought it would perfect it.
    Lily loves all things pretty like this so she was over joyed and very excited.We had a lovely little ice cream and strawberry picnic in her Grans caravan at the bottom of her garden.As you can see from the pics below,we all had a nice time.Its suitable for all ages,from Lily who is just aged 4 to her Gran and even Great Gran.It doesn't matter how old you all to enjoy this little set.

    We loved the little ice cream cups which we are going to re-use as egg cups i think.The table cloth and napkins are also very sweet and will be used again at every available opportunity.We did have one small accident with the little ice cream scoop which snapped but that may have been our fault as the ice cream wasn't very soft lol We would definitely say the set was would be worth the £4.99 though even if it was just for the 4 sweet little porcelain cups which we adore.They are beautifully decorated and come in 4 lovely colours,Pink,yellow green and blue.A definite thumbs up from Lily today.

    You can have a look at all the great products for yourself over at They run a Deal Of The Day so you can get some real bargains for your home and family.
    They also have a Facebook and Follow them on Twitter too.

    PlayMais Fun

    PlayMais Fun

    This is PlayMais.Beautifully bright coloured pieces of corn starch which is a 100% natural,safe ingredient and completely bio-degradable.You can create,build and play to your hearts content.No glue is needed! You just simply add water and they stick together to build anything that you can think of.It comes from Germany but is doing very well now in the UK.It is aimed at children aged from just 3+ and won the 2009 Good Toy Award.
    I have been given two lovely sets to try for them.The first was a  Basic bucket which contains 500 pieces,a cutting tool again made purely from corn starch and a water sponge to use for dabbing your pieces onto.This set comes in a large plastic bucket and is made for children aged 3+ and retails at around £9.99.The pieces are lovely and bright and beautifully coloured with only food colouring.There was lots of colours included,a nice selection to keep my girls happy.Pink was a big hit of course but they loved the oranges,greens,whites and yellows to.You can create or make anything you like using as many or as little pieces as you choose.You can start with a nice easy PlayMais person or go for something much harder like a castle or a house.The possibilities of what you can make really are endless.

    My daughters Chloe and Lily had a go at seeing what they could make.Chloe being 8 was really excited as this stuff was great for her imagination as there was no limits on what she could make.Lily on the other hand being only 4 was very happy to just look at the picture booklet for ideas.They were sat at our dinner table for over an hour playing quite happily.The great thing with PlayMais is there really isn't much mess.There was plenty of cutting and sticking going on but no glue or scissors needed.It was fab! What a great family activity.Something we could all have a go at together.This would be great for a rainy day as there's no end to the number of things they can create and make.Luckily its sunny at the moment but being on their Easter Holidays,its came in handy.Its offered them some simple yet very rewarding fun to keep them entertained for a few hours.The smiles on their faces each time they showed me what they had made "Look what i made mummy" They were both very pleased with themselves which is great..Here's a picture below of some of the lovely things they created,from flowers and trees too butterflies and caterpillars lol I think they did very well for their first attempt.Who knows what they are going to make me next time.
    The second set was a PlayMais Safari box which includes a 1000 pieces and a pre - cut card board to build your jungle on.This set is for building jungle and safari animals mainly but i guess there nothing stopping you building what ever you like really.This set retails at around £16.99 which i think is pretty good for what you get and the hours of fun your kids will get out of it to.They've started building their trees like the ones shown above getting their jungle ready but haven't quite finished yet so I'm afraid the pics will have to follow.My girls are telling me its a surprise and i have to wait until its all finished,bless them.

    Both of my girls love PlayMais,they have spent several hours enjoying the simple fun of just creating and making.It really is a great toy to get their brains and imaginations going.Playmais defiantly got a huge thumbs up from all of us here.

    PlayMais is now available from John Lewis, and all good Toy Shops and retail from £2.99 to £19.99.You can watch a demonstration video and learn more about PlayMais here.

    You can also follow PlayMais now on Facebook or check out more info at

    Be careful what you write on some Facebook walls!

    Please Be Careful What You Write On Peoples FaceBook Walls.

    On March 7th i innocently wrote a comment on the womans own magazine facebook wall.It had asked what my favourite gadget was and said "Post your top tip below and the best 20 will be printed in the magazine" so i did.This is the exact comment that i wrote:

    Christine V Taylor My hot buy that i would defiantly recommend too everyone is my Tefel Acti-Fry.I got mine on sale in Currys for £107 and I'm so happy with it ♥ Its amazing.Chips in my house have never tasted so good. My girls have learnt that chips come from potatoes too lol but that's another story hehe

    Today i was handed a copy of this weeks Womans Own mag from a friend who said,have you seen this?
    On page 37 there it was.A photo of me and a comment under Tried and Tested.I was in total shock.Where had that come from? I checked back to the facebook wall and remembered i had left a comment but this was out of order and i was fuming.How had they got my photo and why hadn't they asked me? Even worse was the article,none of what was said was my words! I was so angry at them.They have taken my Profile picture from my Facebook account without even asking me and they had changed the comment to push sales for their own benefit.

    I remember when i bought my Acti Fry i only bought it because it was in the sale and cost me £107 from Currys which i had wrote in my comment.I do love using it but i know i wouldn't have paid any more for it as a mother of 3 i know i couldn't afford it.I'm so annoyed that they have advertised Argos and their price of £149.99 and said that i was happy to pay every penny - which i had not!
    They have completely changed my comment that i had originally left on their facebook wall into their own,Its their words now and not mine.

    I have sent them an e.mail wanting to know why this has been done? As i have now lost complete faith in their magazine and all their other Tried and Tested stories as how many other people have they done this too.None of them could be true which is a big let down in my opinion.
    I have checked their Facebook Page for any hidden terms and conditions but cannot find any.No where does it state that they could tale my photo without my permission or edit and change my comment to suit themselves.
    I am so angry with them right now that i had to write this just to get it all out.

    I will be careful what i comment on in future as i think this is totally wrong that they can do this.Being such a big name magazine as well i am very disappointed now.

    I shall have to wait until they reply to my e.mail now and see what they have got to say but my main issue here is that they took my photo and stuck it on a comment that is not my words.

    I'm so annoyed as its telling people Ive said something that i haven't.

    Its so unfair.

    Friday, 22 April 2011

    Boots Nappy Rash Spray Review.

    My Boots - Nappy Rash Spray Review.

    My son Ryan is almost 10 months old and I'm finding that he's suffering with nappy rash quite often now that his teeth are coming through.I normally use Sudo Crem which i like but find very messy.Ryan NEVER lies still when I'm changing his nappy,I'm lucky if i can hold onto one leg as he's trying to roll away from me.He's getting so strong and nappy changes have become a real struggle.I was looking for something new,something that works just as well as Sudo Crem but without the mess or struggle.A lovely lady from Boots suggested i try this new Nappy Rash Spray and was sent one free to try.
    Boots Pharmaceuticals Nappy Rash Spray protects and prevents nappy rash and can easily be applied with one hand which is great.Just what i need! It comes in a 100ml spray and retails at £5.60 which isn't too bad as i have paid a lot more on other nappy rash creams in the past.The spray is:
    • Clinically tested.
    • Soothes and softens.
    • Protects and prevents nappy rash.
    • No need to rub.
    All of which are great.I have been using the spray on Ryan for several days now and already his nappy rash is looking alot better but my favourite thing about this spray is that there's no mess as i don't have to rub it in and its so much easier to just spray it on instead of trying to hold him still whilst i rub it all in.Ryan doesn't mind being sprayed at all either,in fact i think he quite likes it now.It must be cooling for him.
    I will defiantly continue to use the Boots Pharmaceuticals Nappy Rash Spray in the future.Its great! Its a nice thin bottle which fits nicely into my changing bag to take around with us.Its nice and easy to use and it does work! Perfect. I'm so glad that i tried this as now nappy changing time is less stressful and more fun.If you would like to try one or see more of their fab baby range you can visit from the link below.

    Enjoying the Gorgeous Weather.

    We had such a lovely day in the sun.
    We went to our local Nature Reserve today to avoid the usual park madness.The park is always hectic in the holidays so we went for the quieter option.It was beautiful,very quiet and hardly anyone else around.Ive put a few pics below to show you just how great it was.
    Lily totally amused with a flower,bless her.

    Lily and Chloe blowing fairy flowers.

    Ryan had fun chewing his ball,lol.

    Chloe got a little worried being trapped between a mag swan and a goose,lol

    We had a nice stroll,fed the ducks and had a picnic on the grass.Sun was shining and kids were all happy.
    Its been such a lovely day.

    Monday, 18 April 2011

    Meccano Toys Review

    Meccano Toys Review

    I have kindly been given a lovely selection of Meccano toys for my girls to play with.We were sent 3 sets to try.A Girls Pink ToolBox like the one shown on the left.A Mini-bulldozer ans another Build and Play car set.My girls were so excited when these got delivered.They couldn't wait to get stuck in.

    We started with the Pink Tool Box of course,we are girls! This is a gorgeous pink Glittery storage case which has got 60 flexible plastic parts to make one of 10 detailed girly models or more if you can imagine any others.You can only make one vehicle at a time tho.We started with the pink car.

    We laid out all the pieces on our dining table and off we went.The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.We had a great time,built it in about 30 minutes.It only took that long because i had to let the girls take it in turns screwing in the bolts. There are 60 pieces but they are not too small.Lily is 4 and i was worried they'd be to fiddly for her but they were fine.The toys do say 5+ on the box so i did sit with Lily while they made this as she's only 4.

    Both my girls loved making this car.It was a nice family activity for us which was perfect as were on our Easter holidays at the moment.As you can see from the pictures,they were truly engrossed in what they were making.The last picture shows the final product,doesn't it look cool? The girls were almost ready to take off with the pink toy car to play with it before i had to remind them that we wasn't finished and had one more to make first.

    We next had a go at the Build and Play mini-bulldozer which comes in a smaller orange plastic carry case and is a little more basic than the tool box set.It only has 30 parts and can make just 2 models this time.You can either make a mini bulldozer or a funny animal like model which my girls called a doggy.This one was quicker to make but still equally as fun as my girls were little building experts by now.Again we laid out out the bits ready 1st,we decided on making the bulldozer model and off we went.We had to share parts as we all wanted to be the one with the screwdriver lol The pics below show the parts,the instructions and our finished model,i think we did very well.

    All the new Build and Go range are made from a new flexible plastic with click in parts,It's much more suitable for younger children than their older metal part range.They are very child friendly and safe to play with.We had so much fun building with Meccano and we've still got one more model to make which I'm sure will be just as much fun.Were gonna save that one for a rainy day when we need a little family time together.My girls loved this review as it was based on them but my little man Ryan wasn't happy as he was too little to join in the fun and had to sit this one out.He did manage to worm his way in at the end and grab what he could though,bless him.Cheeky little monkey.

    I relay enjoyed playing with these toys and i know my girls had a lot of fun.We would defiantly buy Meccano in the future.These building games are a lot of fun and a good way to builds your children's hand eye co-ordination.We are a new fan of Meccano now and will be for a few years to come ,i think.Ryan will love these when he gets older too.A deffinate thumbs up from us!

    You can follow Meccano on Facebook or Twitter

    Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray Giveaway

    Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray 50ml Giveaway.

    Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray 50ml
    Very Gentle Spray - Baby's Nozzle
    0 - 3 Years - Sea Water Microdiffusion
    100% Natural - Isotonic
    Sterimar Baby is a medical device and is recommended for cleansing baby's nose.
    On a daily basis:
    Clears mucus from baby's nose to help with breathing and bottle feeding.
    Stimulates the natural defences of the nasal lining.
    Assist with ENT disorders.
    With a specially designed nozzle and very gentle pressure and microfine spray.
    Sterimar Baby ensures gentle nasal rinsing and cleansing.
    Sterimar Baby is an isotonic filtered sea water solution, 100% natural and free from preservatives. It provides the beneficial properties of mineral salts and marine trace elements.
    I have got 8 of these to Give Away to you my lovely followers that have been kindly donated to me by Boots.They normally retail at £4.07. It is going to be a very simple giveaway.
    If you would like 1 all you need to do is Be a follower of my blog and leave a comment bellow letting me know that you would like to enter.I shall give you one week to get your entries in and then draw 8 names out of a hat on Monday 25th April.
    This giveaway is UK only i am afraid as i am having to pay the postage on sending these items.

    Its 10PM so here are the winners,I drew them ten minutes early as the entries had stopped.The 8 winners are:

    1. @rubyred232323
    2.  @joanneblunt
    3. @markra501
    4. @bobbity666
    5. @cheryl7003
    6. @anna8301
    7. @ashallan
    8. @emmabrennan82
    Thank you to everyone who entered,all 14 of you lol And well done winners.

    Saturday, 16 April 2011

    Nakd Bars Review

    Naked Bars Review.

    I had never heard of these before until i was kindly offered to try some so it was all completely new to me.I was sent 3 bars from their nudie collection to try and this is what i thought.I began by cutting up each bar into 4 pieces,1 for me,1 for my dad and 1 each for my aunts.I'm a good girl,i do like to share :)  
    Our 1st bar was a Cashew Cookie bar which is 51% raw cashews and 49% raw dates.I never eat dates so i was a little worried when i read this,i have to be honest but after a little bite i was pleasantly surprised.I was actually quite yummy! I love cashew nuts though so i think that helped. 
    My 2nd bar was the Cocoa Orange which is 40% raw dates,40% raw cashews,14% raw raisins and 5% cocoa.My dad loved this one the best.He's a big chocolate fan so this was a huge hit with him.
    My favourite was my 3rd and final bar, the Berry Delight and boy what a delight it was.It was so scrummy,i could have ate the whole bar to myself lol This one is 49% raw dates,31% raw cashews,17% raw raisins and 3% raw raspberries.
    I would never dream of eating dates or raisins normally but these were great and i am so glad that i tried them as i wont be put off in future.

    Nakd Bars are 1 of your 5 a day for fruit and are Free from Gluten,Wheat and Diary
    Just perfect <3

    Baby Clothing Boutique

    My Baby Clothing Boutique Review.

    Baby clothing boutique aim to bring you Funky Organic Baby Fashion that is affordable, of high quality baby clothing that is both organic and ecological. To me this sounded Fab.
    I was lucky enough to be sent an item for my little man Ryan to try.I was sent one of these gorgeous yet fun vests last week.
    At first glance i really liked it,its funky and fresh.Something different! I love putting Ryan in little short sleeved vest with his trackie bottoms over as its getting too warm for layers so i was very pleased with it.It is made from 100% cotton which is great,nothing to annoy his skin or make him sore.I think Ryan liked it too,well he didn't puke on it so that's a yes from
    Here's my little man in action Rocking his new Air Guitar vest,How sweet does he look.It was a hard job taking a pic as he didn't want to sit still lol The vest is black with a red rock guitar on the front at the centre.Its very sweet. It has 3 poppers to fasten at the bottom like most vests do and has nicely fitted shoulders which fitted real snug and didn't stretch like most do.

    Baby clothing boutique currently have an Ebay store where you can purchase their beautiful clothing items from.You can visit it here -
    They also have a fab Facebook page where you can see all the latest additions which will be perfect for your little rock star or princess.
    You can also follow them on twitter @BabyClothingBou

    Pop on over and have a look and see what you think.
    Its a thumbs up from Ryan i think.x


    Wednesday, 13 April 2011

    SMARTIES Chicken and Egg

    The new SMARTIES Chicken and Egg.

    Bursting with the colourful confectionery loved by families across the nation,SMARTIES new chocolate Chicken and Egg is an exciting three-in-one treat for everyone to enjoy this Easter.

    I have been lucky enough to have been sent one for us to try.It only arrived this morning but we got a little excited and a bit anughty as we ate it before breakfast Oops! Its actually very sweet,almost too sweet for the kids hehe.The Chicken was a nice size,not to big that you'd feel sick eating it all but just enough for a special Easter treat. My girls and I loved it,they thought it was great when i gave it to them and couldn't wait to get the pretty foil wrapper off. Once the lovely decorated wrapper was off you get a yummy Milk chocolate Chicken but this isn't the best bit,oh no.You then get to crack into the poor little Chicken to find a surprise SMARTIES Easter Egg and inside that there are lots of mini SMARTIES also to enjoy.It was great fun but lets not tell Daddy as he'l be upset that he missed out. My kids dont eat a lot of chocolate as im forever telling then "It's a treat" so they were more than happy to share and to be honest i think that there was enough chocolate for both of them. My girls love SMARTIES so this really would be the perfect thing to buy them this Easter,it was much more entertaining than any Easter egg they have had and a Retail price of just £2.49 i think it's well worth it.This price was worth every single penny for the simple joy it brought to my girls faces.Their smiles are worth it a million times over.They are now available from many Grocers nationwide.

    If you're looking for a little something different this Easter then maybe you'd like to try one of these new SMARTIES chocolate Chicken and Egg's as i think I'm gonna have to go and buy some more for my girls this Easter.

    To finish my yummy - tastic review I'd like to end in style with a Witty egg joke or two. :)

    Q > What happened to the egg that was tickled too much?
    A > It cracked up

    Q > How do egg's stay healthy?
    A > Egg-cersise

    Don't forget to share some fun Egg jokes with your friends this Easter.And if you're still stuck on the old favourite "What came 1st? The chicken or the egg? Then here's a hint for you.

    Only SMARTIES have the answer!

    Happy 60th Birthday Mum x

    Happy Birthday to my MUM who is 60 Today 13/04/2011

    I want to wish my Mum all the best for today,we're going to have a fab day.
    I 'd like to thank God for her and her health.May he bless us with many more years and birthdays together to come!

    This is my Mum also named Christine. She's the best Mum and Nan we could have ever hoped for.



    Thursday, 7 April 2011

    Wikaniko Review & #Giveaway .

    Do You Want Eco Friendly Products??

    Wikaniko is the UK's best Eco Friendly business.The online site is brought to you by a lovely lady named Catherine Brooke and is totally solar powered! You are about to discover a web site that is different from the norm. Exciting. Interesting. Enjoyable. Thought provoking. Informative and Fun.

    Becoming more ‘eco friendly’ is on many people’s lips these days. However, it is difficult to know where to start, and what to believe. So they have unravelled the mysteries for you in the most innovative and creative ways that you could ever imagine.
    Please take time to explore Wikaniko. You will be astonished at what you will discover, and delighted about how you can benefit from the services and resources oozing from this web site. Above all, we will show you how to become a whole lot more environmentally aware, whilst actually benefiting your wallet or purse! It needn't cost the earth to go ‘green’ - but it will cost us all the earth (literally) if we don't.
    I was given the opportunity to choose an item from the site to help me and my family make a difference.I had a good look through and there was so many great products to choose from,it was hard but i got there in the end.My daughters like to read at bedtime but we go through an awful amount of batteries in their torches which is not good,i know.With this is mind i happily choose a Wind up LED Torch .

    The torch is charged by winding the built in slim line arm, which simply folds away when not in use. One minute of winding will power the 3 high output xenon white LEDs for a full 30 minutes of use.Which is so perfect,its like a timer,i told my girls once the light goes out,its sleep time!
    My girls both adore the torch and now fight over who is going to have it at bedtime.The easiest solution was they take it turns and have it on alternative nights but if they're naughty then they miss their turn.Its great.I really love this torch,the light is so bright and clear that they can read easily and I'm happy now that the environment will thank me - No more batteries ever!

    This is how much my youngest daughter Lily loves it,bless her.I went up tonight to put my eldest into bed and this is how i found her.I couldn't resist taking a pic.Fast asleep with her torch in her hand still. Don't we just love them when they're sleeping lol
    Back to my review.I was so pleased with my torch from the lovely Wikaniko store that i am more than happy to recommend them to you my followers.My Lily is very handy at breaking things very easily but i can honestly say that this torch is very strong.She has had it over two weeks now and has Why not pop over and have a might be amazed at the wide range of fantastic products they sell from dropped it many time but it's still doing it's job and working fine.The colours is great,silver is a real hit with my girls.I have used it as their bedtime reading light but you could use it for so many other purposes like an emergency backup incase of a powercut or as a working aid in your tool box.I am sure it would serve many purposes very well.There are so many wonderful products for you to choose from like Garden Grow Your Owns and  Body And SkinCare You realy are spoilt for choice and i am sure that they would be something to sit everyone.

    It's now Giveaway Time!

    The lovely people over at Wikaniko have given me the opportunity to run a lovely giveaway where you can win £15 to spend on their site and pick your favourite item to help get you started on an Eco Friendly path. Its very easy to enter and would be a good way for you to find out more about the little things you can change to save the planet.

    This giveaway is UK only and will end on Sunday May 1st.

    To enter you need to do 2 things
    1. I'd like you to visit Wikaniko and pick which item you think you would like to try.Leave me a comment below telling me what you'd choose?
    2. Please Follow my Blog using through the Follow button on the right hand side.Let me know you have done so and please leave me a way to contact you if you win.
    For Extra entries you can also tweet the following and then come back and leave a SEPARATE comment telling me you have done so with your twitter ID.

    "I'm Gonna Try It The Eco Way With @v82chris and @shopatwikaniko "

    Good Luck all and Thank You for sticking with me x

    There was 34 entries in total so i let Random.Org pick a number between 1 and 34 and the lucky result was 18.

    Congrats to ... @wendymcd83 who is the lucky winner.Well done.

    Tuesday, 5 April 2011

    I spent MothersDay With the Hoff & Amanda Holden.

    Yep it's True! I spent my Mothers Day with Amanda Holden and the Hoff.

    I have had one of the most exciting Mothers Days i could have ever wished for.It truly was beyond my wildest dreams and i owe it all to one lady named Claire who is my good friend on twitter under the ID @needaphone. She is so lovely and does so much for others all the time.She won a competition on twitter and being the amazingly lovely lady that she is,she gave them to me and made all my dreams come true!

    I got to go to see Britain's Got Talent being filmed in my home town of Birmingham.It was a special show for people who had auditioned through their new city this year - You Tube.
    I was so excited,I'm a huge Amanda Holden fan and i love Ant & Dec to.

    When i got there we had to wait outside in a nice little Que of about 20,all competition winners of what i found out to be from the company who were the BGT sponsors this year.We were told we would be the 1st group to go in once the judges arrived.I was so excited.I had taken my friend Kirsty with me for a nice day out.

    1st to arrive was David Hasselhoff who was quite charming,he walked up and down the whole crowd greeting us all.I was trying my best to snap a picture but i guess i zoomed in a little too far lol.

    Next to arrive was Micheal Macintyre and then the Lovely Amanda Holden who looked absolutely stunning.She is so beautiful both inside and out.She was so sweet,was smiling the whole time.I loved her white dress,It was gorgeous.

    Once inside i was seated dead centre behind Amanda just 5 rows back.It was amazing.The show was great and i had so much fun.The acts were both brilliant and awful.It was so much fun with all the over exaggerated boos and clapping.I had a blast.It lasted a whole 6 hours with all the acts and re-takes we had to do but it was all worth it.I wont bore you with all the little details but i will say that It is an experience that i will NEVER forget.I really had a Mothers Day to remember this year and now i cant wait to see what next year holds!


    I'll leave you with a few more pics x

    Me (RIGHT) Kirsty (LEFT)

    Amanda with Ant,Micheal Mackintyre and the Hoff.

    Ant and Dec with Amanda.



    MAD Bloggers Awards

    The MAD Blogger Awards

    This all sounds Very Exciting to me.I am very new to all this Awards things and would love to get involved this time.I am still quite new to blogging relay but i do love it very much.Its such a buzz to share my stories with you all and i love doing reviews.Its great when i get to host fantastic giveaways for you all too.
    I'm only doing this post to let people know that i do plan on voting myself for my favourite blogs and I would love a nomination if any of you think that i deserve one that is.

    I would never dream of asking people to do anything that they don't want to as this wouldn't be a true nomination then and to me,it wouldn't really count.

    If you would like to nominate me and my blog for any of the categories i would be delighted and you can get to the nomination forms through my MAD badge on the right.

    Thank you so much for reading and why not enter my Yummy Hotel Chocolat Easter completion while you are already here :)

    Love you all.

    Christine xxx