My Family

My Family

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday At The Garden Centre.

I spent my Sunday at my local Garden Centre.

I have had such a lovely day today.I had never been to a garden centre before but my partners mum and gran go all the time so today i though i would tag along with my daughter Lily to see where they keep disappearing off to for hours at a time.
I had assumed a garden centre was full of plants.Boy was i so wrong! It was amazing,had so much there,from toys and clothes to furniture and lots of lovely gifts.It was like a huge store of goodies but for us adults.I loved all the little table decorations and the pretty candles.I was like a kid in a sweet shop which by the way i was as they had this huge selection of old fashioned sweetie,Yum.

At 1st i was a little nervous about touching things as my mother used to always tell me "you look with your eyes and not with your hands young lady" But my partners mum "Gran" and her mum "Gran Gran" were off and away from the moment we got in there.Sitting on all the chairs and swinging on the hammocks lol I had to take pics.Here is all three of them on a swinging garden chair.

After the chairs we moved onto the cafe where we had a nice relaxing but expensive cold drink whilst Lily played outside in the play area for ten minutes.Was nice to sit and watch her through the window as she played happily with another little girl.
After our quick tea break we headed towards the gorgeous wooden Wendy houses.My Lily was in heaven,she'd love one of these but its so out of our budget I'm afraid as they cost over a thousand pounds :( but we had fun playing in them anyway as you can now see below. 

Next on list of things to try was Green Houses lol We had a little game of hide and seek which wasn't hard as they were all made of see through glass but that didn't matter as Lily still managed to enjoy out game.I found here sitting under a little shelf in this one but she just looked so sweet that i had to get a pic.She's my little princess in a green house instead of a castle lol

We had such a fun day playing with all the stock even though we probably wasn't meant to be but sadly it was all abruptly interrupted by a loud overheard announcement "You have 10 minutes before the store closes" aw we hadn't even got what we came for yet lol So it was a quick grab the compost and a few sweets and off to the til.I was so upset as we hadn't even had time to look at all the pretty animals.There was huge talking parrots and fluffy little bunnies.I cant wait til they go next time because i want to go too!
We did have time for one last little treat for Lily on the way out though,a ride on a Roary the racing car ride hehe.She had such a good time as so did i.I now know why they come here so often,it's great and i wanna come back again and again and again!

Its been such a lovely day.x

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