My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My 29th Birthday.

So yesterday was my birthday.

Hi there,i feel like its been a while since Ive blogged but I'm back now and here goes,lets catch up!
Over the past week we've all been so ill here in my house,one by one we all came down with that sickness bug that is flying around but thank god we are all OK now.Well almost my Lil man is still a little poorly with a cough and bad belly.Hopefully he will get back too normal too soon.

Yesterday was the 1st of March which was my 29th birthday! Just one more yeah now until the big 30,how depressing is that.Well all i can say is thank god its now over! I got a few cards and a bit of money in some of them but no pressies this year which was a little disappointing i must admit. Maybe people just didn't know what too buy but i always still feel like maybe they couldn't be bothered. :(

I've never been very good with birthdays as i always dream up how great they could be but then they never are and its just another day but worse because i always feel let down i guess i am now old enought to know better and maybe shouldnt expect so much from otheres but come on it wouldn't kill them too make an extra special effort just one day a year now,would it?

Oh dear i feel like this blog has turned into a rant now,oh dear but hey i guess once a year im allowed!

And so today March 2nd is now the start of a new year for me.I wonder what it has in store for me??
Maybe a new job,maybe some big competition wins or maybe something completley unexpected.Who knows but i know im going to try my best too enjoy it as my little ones are growing up so fast and i dont want too miss any of it.

How do you feel about your birthday? Are you a fan or not? Would be lovely too hear from some of you.

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