My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mothers Day Treat.

Mothers Day Treats.
Mothers day is a special day
A time for all of us to say...
Thank you Mum for loving me!
And making me,the best i could be.

What gift are you going to buy?
I know a great site you should try.
It's full of wonderful gifts you see
For every mother,including me.

What king of gift will you choose to buy?
I know a great gift that will keep you dry.
Its oh so pretty and useful too
Spreads love and cheer all year through.

Shade the sun on a sunny day out
A picnic in the park or a walk round about.
Shield yourself from the pouring rain
This pretty heart will keep you sane.

It's the trendiest brolly you will find
But you can't have this one as it is mine!
But worry not as there are plenty more
So hurry,what are you waiting for...

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a special Mothers Day Gift reviewer for a fantastic well know company called Find Me A Gift .I was one of ten lucky people to be selected for this lovely opportunity.We were each sent a surprise gift for us to try and i was so happy with what i received. A long box was delivered the other day and it had me completely baffled. I opened it up quickly and found this Funky Heart Shaped Umbrella Wow, how great is that and talk about perfect timing,the day it arrived it poured down with rain so i got to use it straight away.No waiting for me.Whoo Hoo,i walked down my local high street feeling really pleased with myself. I must have had a huge smile on my face as i could see people looking at me as i walked past them with my new and unusual but lovely brolly. There was them with their plain black average looking umbrellas and here was me with this fantastic heart shaped one,how loved did i feel? Let me tell you, Very!
My 8 year old daughter Chloe was just as excited as i was,bless her.Every shop i went into she wanted to stand outside and wait just so she could have a turn at holding the umbrella lol Of course being a sensible but mean mummy she wasn't allowed and was made to come inside with me.
Being a mummy of 3 myself i needed a large umbrella to fit us all under.This one is so great as it  measures approx 86 cm in diameter when fully open and isn't too heavy to hold in one hand so that i have a free hand too hold a smaller hand too.If you are looking for a pretty and feminine Umbrella then this Heart Umbrella is great. This brolly puts the 'fun' in 'functional' and adds a little sunshine to a cloudy day.Well i know it certainly did with mine! This umbrella gets even better as its on SALE at the moment and you can get one for just £12.99 instead of the usual £18.99. has got gifts for all your mothers needs and wants.There are thousands of gift ideas to suit every yummy mummy or even gracious granny.All ages are catered for at this lovely site and the prices are pretty good too! If you haven't thought of what to buy your mum this Mothers Day then worry not and please do go have a look as I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

Funky Heart Shaped Umbrella Just £12.99 now.


  1. Great review, Christine! I love the fact that it's a review based on genuine personal experience and not dull, trite facts. I actually am giggling at the thought of you strutting along the street smugly with your heart-shaped brolly!

    Well done on your win!

  2. This review made me smile. It was a great review. It's a pretty brolly I would be love one