My Family

My Family

Monday, 28 March 2011

You Crack Me Up Hotel Chocolat - Easter Egg Review.

These extra thick shells are absolutely gorgeous.One shell is cast from their special 40% cocoa house milk chocolate and the other is milk chocolate with a dash of white which is superb.On the inside there are 10 gorgeous pieces of pure heaven! There are little solid bunnies and chicks. Piped smiley faces filled with yummy fillings like chocolate brownie or strawberry mouse.There are cute little Fried eggs with a melt away hazelnut paste and also a lovely variety of pralines including the smooth,a orange,vanilla and a crunchy one too.All of which are all to die for.Its so hard to choose which one to eat first.One of the things i love the most about Hotel Chocolat choccies is the colours! They are always so bright and dreamy.They make you wanna eat them all up after having a quick peep!

Hotel Chocolat has got one of the most beautiful ranges of Easter Eggs that i have ever seen.They are all so lovely and all all look so yummy.Each and every one has had so much hard work and love put into it that its almost a shame to eat it.There is a lovely range of extra special eggs in the Extra Thick  collection to which is what i had here to try.How exciting.

I got my mum and dad to help with this one,Even let my kids help too.
My mum loved the Crunchy Praline smiley face as she loved the delicious crunch as she bit into it.She couldn't believe how great the chocolate tasted,she's defiantly a new fan now.
My dad went for the little solid chocolate Bunnie which much to my daughters dismay but she wasn't quite quick enough,he said it was such a lovely smooth flavour which was a real treat to eat and then went to eat the poor little chick too but we managed to stop him and save it hehe.
My youngest daughter Lily wanted to try everything so i gave her some of the chocolate shell to try which she loved.I was very brave and even gave my little man a very small piece too,which he couldn't get enough off as you can see from the state of his face I'm not quite sure what Lily was dreaming of but I've got a good idea,don't you?

My favourite had too be the Strawberry Mouse smiley face,Oh my god it was so yummy,i could have eaten so many more of them.I think Hotel Chocolat should do a whole box just full of them because i loved it and was so disappointed that there was only 1.If they sell them separately i know I'd buy loads.
I have such a fab time with this review and it really gave my family a good excuse to all get together and have some fun.We each had our own favourites which clearly shows that there is something for everyone even in an eater egg.I used to think that Easter eggs were boring and just plain old chocolate but that was until i was introduced to the amazing Hotel Chocolat. Once you taste their chocolate you will never want to go back to the cheap stuff ever again,lol I know i don't.

The lovely people at Hotel Chocolat are running a lovely Easter competition over on their Face Book page which i have entered myself and I'm recommending that you all head on over and enter too.

But that's not the only competition going on,oh no!
I have got another Fab giveaway going on right here on my blog.Its so easy to enter and all you have too do to be in with a chance of winning one of theses lovely "You Crack Me Up Easter Eggs" is 2 things.
  1. Be a follower of my blog through Google Connect which is very easy to do and then leave me a comment below saying that you have done so and also leave me the best way to contact you.
  2. Tell me in another comment one of your favourite things about Easter as i love hearing from all of you.
For an extra entry you can tweet the following and then leave a separate comment telling me you have done so.

"You Crack Me Up @v82chris so I'd love to win your @hotelchocolat Easter #comp "

The competition will end on Friday 15th April and is only available to people in the UK

Good Luck My Lovelies and remember to tell all your friends! x

You can follow Hotel Chocolat on FaceBook Or on Twitter

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday At The Garden Centre.

I spent my Sunday at my local Garden Centre.

I have had such a lovely day today.I had never been to a garden centre before but my partners mum and gran go all the time so today i though i would tag along with my daughter Lily to see where they keep disappearing off to for hours at a time.
I had assumed a garden centre was full of plants.Boy was i so wrong! It was amazing,had so much there,from toys and clothes to furniture and lots of lovely gifts.It was like a huge store of goodies but for us adults.I loved all the little table decorations and the pretty candles.I was like a kid in a sweet shop which by the way i was as they had this huge selection of old fashioned sweetie,Yum.

At 1st i was a little nervous about touching things as my mother used to always tell me "you look with your eyes and not with your hands young lady" But my partners mum "Gran" and her mum "Gran Gran" were off and away from the moment we got in there.Sitting on all the chairs and swinging on the hammocks lol I had to take pics.Here is all three of them on a swinging garden chair.

After the chairs we moved onto the cafe where we had a nice relaxing but expensive cold drink whilst Lily played outside in the play area for ten minutes.Was nice to sit and watch her through the window as she played happily with another little girl.
After our quick tea break we headed towards the gorgeous wooden Wendy houses.My Lily was in heaven,she'd love one of these but its so out of our budget I'm afraid as they cost over a thousand pounds :( but we had fun playing in them anyway as you can now see below. 

Next on list of things to try was Green Houses lol We had a little game of hide and seek which wasn't hard as they were all made of see through glass but that didn't matter as Lily still managed to enjoy out game.I found here sitting under a little shelf in this one but she just looked so sweet that i had to get a pic.She's my little princess in a green house instead of a castle lol

We had such a fun day playing with all the stock even though we probably wasn't meant to be but sadly it was all abruptly interrupted by a loud overheard announcement "You have 10 minutes before the store closes" aw we hadn't even got what we came for yet lol So it was a quick grab the compost and a few sweets and off to the til.I was so upset as we hadn't even had time to look at all the pretty animals.There was huge talking parrots and fluffy little bunnies.I cant wait til they go next time because i want to go too!
We did have time for one last little treat for Lily on the way out though,a ride on a Roary the racing car ride hehe.She had such a good time as so did i.I now know why they come here so often,it's great and i wanna come back again and again and again!

Its been such a lovely day.x

Friday, 25 March 2011

Some of Ryan's 1st's.

I though I'd share with you A few of Ryan's 1st 's x

Ryan's 1st time on a swing.
This was taken just a few weeks ago,he was around 8 months old and he was a Little scared at first but he loves the swing now.
That's my boy!

Ryan's 1st Ice Cream cone.
I gave him his very first ice cream cone last week.He loves ice cream as he's had it loads of time but this was his first time having it in a cone,i don't think he quite understood what he was supposed to do with it bless him.
He had more fun messing with it than actually eating

Ryan's 1st Tea Party.
His big sister Lily loves her Tea Set but wasn't too happy that Ryan has taken a liking to them.I think he wants to play too!
Even though he wasn't interested in pretending like Lily does,he just wanted to eat the cup hehe.

My little man is growing up so fast. I want to remember every minute and treasure it forever! xxx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Teething Bling

Teething Bling
Teething Bling,Designed for Babies,Worn by Mums and designed by

This business was set up in the USA and is now reaching out to us in the UK.It came from an idea from mums who noticed how their babies loved to pull at their jewelery as we know is true. I was sent a Teething Bling Pendant and matching Bangle . They arrived in a lovely little gift pouch which would be a perfect gift for any mother.

I have reviewed a similar product to this as you might have seen on my blog here Gumigem-teething-neclace-review but i am happy to say that my little man Ryan was more than happy to have another item too chew on lol. He's got two teeth already and there are more on the way which means he is constantly chewing on what ever he can get his little hands on.The bangle is great as i can just hand it to him which he can then chew safely as its too big for him to fit it into his mouth.The pendant is also fab and is made from safe silicone on a waxed lead cord with a safety breakaway clasp.All their products have  met up to the European Safety Standards and carry the CE mark.Which is always good to know.

Ryan loves his new bangle and pendant set and it means he can happily chew on my new child friendly jewelery any time now without getting into trouble.He looks so content in the picture above.He sat there for ages just chewing away but i did keep an eye on him as it was the necklace he was chewing and it is recommended that you do not leave your child alone with them. I found the pendant really useful to keep him happy when i was trying to do something,like eat lol It was a good way of distracting him from the pain of his teeth coming through,my poor little guy.
There are so many lovely colours and patterns to choose from so there really is a Teething Bling for every mummy.Why not take a look and see what you think.

Batiste Review

Batiste Dry Shampoo

When i was offered to try this i jumped at the chance as id heard so much about it but had never actually tried it. I have friends who go to alot of festivals and swear by the stuff, they are always ranting at how great it is. As a mum who's always on the go i thought it would be great to try it as i never get enough time to wash my hair as often as i would like which is terrible i know lol

Ok so it arrived,3 cans of Batiste dry shampoo.I had 1 original 1 bohoo and 1 new brunette spray.I never knew there was so many different varieties.
I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days and it wasn't looking to good so it was the perfect time to try my new Batiste,I followed the instructions on the can and applied the brunette dry shampoo to my hair.It smelt quite good really and was very easy too use.I brushed my hair after applying and had a good look in the mirror.It looked ok,the shine had defiantly gone off my hair which was a good start lol I then tied my hair up into a pony tail and my hair was looking pretty normal,not like i hadn't washed it in 3 days.

I am so glad that i got to try dry shampoo as now i can say with 1st hand experience that i love it and would defiantly recommend it to any of my friends that may have not tried it yet. Its such a life saver for me as I'm always in a rush and shall have to go buy myself some more when this lot runs out,he he.
I may have to buy some of the other types so i can say that Ive tried them all as the ones i have were all so good.

If you have never tried Batiste yet I'd go ahead and who knows you might come to love it like i

Monday, 14 March 2011

Spend your Mothers Day with Hotel Chocolat

I shall be spending my Mothers Day with Hotel Chocolat.

< Just look at what the postman brought me this morning! Wow just look at those. How amazing do they look? From the moment i opened up the lid i was smitten with them. The colours are so beautiful and bold. So creative and thoughtfully done. I knew straight away that they were now my new best friend.
I love Chocolates like any woman would but these are not just any chocolates,oh no.They are the Sleekster All About Mum selection from fabulous Hotel Chocolat.I was overwhelmed when i was contacted and asked if little old me would like to review a box of their finest chocolates.I jumped at the chance obviously,who wouldn't?
Mother's Day is coming up fast and will be upon us before we know it.We all love chocolate so what greater gift could we possibly buy.I had a little help as i had to share with my mum which was only fair hehe.So lets get started and here we go > Mmm. Nom Nom Nom

This box has been designed with every mother in mind.It has been created especially for mums to enjoy with their feet up - with uplifting fruit recipes,silky smooth cream truffles and melt-away pralines.There are 13 different amazing chocolates to choose from,one to suit every ones needs I'm sure.

My 1st choice was the Strawberry Love,a beautiful white chocolate heart shaped chocolate with a pretty pink heart on the top.Oh my how lovely it was.The tangy strawberry ganache is to die for.I loved the colour and the texture,the crisp white chocolate as you bite into it and then the soft and smooth strawberry centre.It was lush.I was enjoying it so much that i missed the fact that my OH had walked past the box and grabbed the other one.I was horrified,he had stolen my delicious choccie and left me totally gutted as i was truly looking forward to eating that one to.Typical men,just cant leave our chocolates alone,tut tut.

My next favourite was the Blueberry Truffle which again is a white chocolate shell but this time it had the most amazing purple coloured middle which was bursting with real blueberry goodness.It tasted so good.Its such an amazing taste,i can hardly describe it.Again the colours are so great they make you fall in love with the little chocolate before you even bite into it so its defiantly true what they say,we eat with our eyes before we do with our mouths!

There are so many wonderful flavours to pick from in this 1 fantastic box.You have Liquid Caramel and Peanut Passions. Banana Splits and Champagne Truffles. Bakewell Tarts and Caramel Sweethearts.
They are all fantastic and so so delicious.This was my first ever time trying Hotel Chocolat choccies but i am so glad that i have as i know i will defiantly be buying from them in future.

There is another special treat for us mummies in this box too.Some of the chocolates contain alcohol,oh yes! The lovely Bakewell Tart contains cherry brandy and amaretto which is very powerful to taste.I love a nice glass of wine every now and again and even enjoy the odd chocolate liquor every once in a while so these were great. The Champagne Truffle also contains generous splashes of Marc de Champagne.There is one other that also contains mouth watering Armagnac brandy called Love-Me-Do.A beautiful milk chocolate heart shaped delight.

I can truly say that i have enjoyed this review so much,it has been a real pleasure to do.I have gone through so many different taste sensations in one day that i don't think my poor taste buds could actually handle any more.If you are looking to buy your mum choccies this Mothers Day then i would definitely have a look at the fantastic selection that Hotel Chocolat have to offer.They sell the most beautiful chocolates i have ever seen! From the box,the lid even the plastic covering which has all been beautifully designed.The chocolates are almost too pretty to eat and i say almost as i managed it.If i had to give a score it would be 10 out of 10 for me,i could not fault them at all.The price is reasonable and well worth every penny! The colours,tastes and textures are amazing and the whole experience of eating them has been just a complete joy.

Now here comes the exciting part for you! The lovely people over at Hotel Chocolat have given me the fantastic opportunity too give one of you my lovely followers a box too.You can win a Sleekster Mothers Day Box right here.
If you would like to win this fantastic box of chocolates worth £20 you will need to do the following things.These are all necessary to be entered into this giveaway.
  1. Follow my blog and then leave a comment telling me that you have done so and leave me the best way to contact you if you win.
  2. Visit Hotel Chocolat and then leave me a comment telling me what box you would buy your mum this mothers day.
For extra entries you can :
  1. Follow Hotel Chocolat on Facebook and please leave a MSG on their wall saying that i have sent you.
  2. Follow HotelChocolat on twitter and please say that i asked you to follow.
  3. Tweet the following "I want to #win Chocolates from @hotelchocolat & @v82chris "
Please leave a separate comment for each one of these that you do so that you can be entered the right amount of time.
This giveaway is only open to the UK and shall be drawn at random from all correct entries on 27/03/11 so that hopefully they will get your box of Mothers Day chocolates just in time for Mothers Day.

Good Luck

You can also win an amazing chocolate pampering hamper prize over on the Hotel Chocolat's Facebook page Ten runners up will also win a chocolate goody bag so head over there and try your luck now.All entries must be received by midnight on Sunday 24th April 2011 so you have plenty of time.

I so wish i could have gave you all a prize as you're all so fab but unfortunately i can't so here goes.The lucky number chosen at random from Random.Org was 144 which means Congratulations to. @BevLeek

You have just won yourself a fab Sleekster's All About Mum box of chocolate.Please DM me your address and i hope you enjoy..

Everyone who didn't win this time please visit me next week as i will have a "You Crack Me Up" Easter egg from the lovely Hotel Chocolat to

Extreme Dodgem Driving days.

RedLetterDays Extreme Dodgems Day

I was lucky enough too win an Extreme Dodgems Day at Birimgham Wheels from the lovely Red-Letter-Days On Facebook the other week.I won on the Friday afternoon but the prize had too be used the following morning at 9am which was a bit of a tight squeeze.I couldn't go as i don't drive so my OH jumped at the chance to go as its something he'd always wanted to try and seeing as it was so local he couldn't wait.

It was too short notice to get anyone too mind the kids so he had to go on his own whilst i stayed at home with the kids.He sent me a picture from his phone but only 1 I'm afraid as the rest of the time he was to busy driving or watching the others drive.When he got home i asked him all about it and this is what he said.

First off he was told to be there by 8.45am so that they could start promptly at 9am but they didn't get started til past 10am as they waited for a stag party to arrive so he was a little fed up after the wait,especially being there on his own.He said there was a long safety briefing and then they got too do a practice which sadly only lasted all of 10 minutes.He was so excited to be driving these fantastic dodgem cars but was a little disappointed with the actual short amount of time he got to drive.He was there from 8.30am until 12.30 pm which was a whole 4 hours and out of which he said he drove for maybe 35 minutes of it.He said there was a problem with many of the cars and they had too keep stopping and waiting whilst they were being fixed which again was very boring for him as he had no one too talk to or keep him company during his wait.

Overall he said the driving was fab,he loved the speed and the adrenaline rush he got from racing around the track.He just wished he had someone he knew with him as he got really bored on his own.He would have enjoyed the whole day a lot better if he had his friends there so if you are thinking about doing a racing experience day for you loved one i would recommend that you go along to cheer them on or buy 2 tickets so they have share the experience with someone else which will make the day a whole lot more fun.

Thank you to Red Letter Days for giving my OH the chance to try this experience as he did have a good time and can now tell all his mates that he has tried Extreme Dodgems.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mothers Day Treat.

Mothers Day Treats.
Mothers day is a special day
A time for all of us to say...
Thank you Mum for loving me!
And making me,the best i could be.

What gift are you going to buy?
I know a great site you should try.
It's full of wonderful gifts you see
For every mother,including me.

What king of gift will you choose to buy?
I know a great gift that will keep you dry.
Its oh so pretty and useful too
Spreads love and cheer all year through.

Shade the sun on a sunny day out
A picnic in the park or a walk round about.
Shield yourself from the pouring rain
This pretty heart will keep you sane.

It's the trendiest brolly you will find
But you can't have this one as it is mine!
But worry not as there are plenty more
So hurry,what are you waiting for...

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a special Mothers Day Gift reviewer for a fantastic well know company called Find Me A Gift .I was one of ten lucky people to be selected for this lovely opportunity.We were each sent a surprise gift for us to try and i was so happy with what i received. A long box was delivered the other day and it had me completely baffled. I opened it up quickly and found this Funky Heart Shaped Umbrella Wow, how great is that and talk about perfect timing,the day it arrived it poured down with rain so i got to use it straight away.No waiting for me.Whoo Hoo,i walked down my local high street feeling really pleased with myself. I must have had a huge smile on my face as i could see people looking at me as i walked past them with my new and unusual but lovely brolly. There was them with their plain black average looking umbrellas and here was me with this fantastic heart shaped one,how loved did i feel? Let me tell you, Very!
My 8 year old daughter Chloe was just as excited as i was,bless her.Every shop i went into she wanted to stand outside and wait just so she could have a turn at holding the umbrella lol Of course being a sensible but mean mummy she wasn't allowed and was made to come inside with me.
Being a mummy of 3 myself i needed a large umbrella to fit us all under.This one is so great as it  measures approx 86 cm in diameter when fully open and isn't too heavy to hold in one hand so that i have a free hand too hold a smaller hand too.If you are looking for a pretty and feminine Umbrella then this Heart Umbrella is great. This brolly puts the 'fun' in 'functional' and adds a little sunshine to a cloudy day.Well i know it certainly did with mine! This umbrella gets even better as its on SALE at the moment and you can get one for just £12.99 instead of the usual £18.99. has got gifts for all your mothers needs and wants.There are thousands of gift ideas to suit every yummy mummy or even gracious granny.All ages are catered for at this lovely site and the prices are pretty good too! If you haven't thought of what to buy your mum this Mothers Day then worry not and please do go have a look as I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

Funky Heart Shaped Umbrella Just £12.99 now.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Why do they have too grow up so fast?

Why do they have too grow up so fast?

My Lil man Ryan is now 8 months old.Wow where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that he was born and looked like this. This photo was taken just a few hours after he was born. He was so little even though he weighed 6Lb 14oz's He was so cute.

I've been trying too enjoy my time with Ryan more than i did with my girls when they were little as i know in my heart that is the last time i will ever see a little person grow up. Its such a sad thought but its true,i know that Ryan is my last baby as i have 3 now and that's it.My family is complete. These past few months we have met so many milestones in his journey.He got his 1st tooth 3 weeks ago and now he has two! Two bottom front ones too bite me with,the little monster lol
He started crawling over a month ago which amazed me as i wasn't expecting him too start moving so early and too top it all off no my clever little boy is taking little steps whilst holding onto the furniture! He's been pulling himself up on everything over the past two weeks which scares me as his little legs are still so little but now he's started too actually move around whilst standing up too.How clever is he? I'm so proud of my little man and love every minute with him but i hate the fact that he is growing up so fast :( Its just going too quick for my liking.This next pic is one of his most recent and just look how much he has changed.He is just as handsome,just much bigger and much cheekier.

Aww I Love my Little Man so much xxx

Ping and Pong.

Meet Ping and Pong.

Ping and Pong is a lovely new book written by Amy Trevaskus. It tells the story of two little people names Ping and Pong who live in a clock. They go on big adventures with the little girl who lives in the house named Lucy. In this book titled "Splash" they take a trip too the park where they have a lot of fun and get up too some exciting things. They feed the ducks and play in the playground,each having their turn on their favourite thing. Its a lovely little story and is very well written and illustrated. I read the story too my two girls,Chloe aged 8 and Lily aged 3 as a bedtime story the other day too see what they thought and they both loved it.Lily liked the pictures and the story,she was able too relate as she too loves going too the park and splashing in puddles lol Chloe is a bit older but she said it was good,She liked the idea of little people and was asking me "do we have any little people in our house?" and "are they real,mum?" I had too laugh,bless her but i did tell her its just make believe and too leave my clocks alone. I have read this story several times since that night and its still just as enjoyable for me too read as it is for them too listen. I was looking for it too help me with my review but it wasn't on the shelf where i had left it... I found it eventually but it was tucked in bed next too my little Lily,she must have picked it up too look at the pictures as she can't quite read the words yet. How naughty but totally sweet. So yes overall they gave this book a thumbs up! Both liked the pictures and thought the story was very fun.Maybe you would like too read it too your children and who knows it could become their favourite bed time like it has for Lily.

You can find out more about the Ping and Pong books or Amy Trevaskus by joining her FaceBook page. If you do pop on over could you please say that i sent you as it would be lovely too know that i have helped her in her quest too share the love of her new story books. Or if you would like too purchase one of her books you can here at

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My 29th Birthday.

So yesterday was my birthday.

Hi there,i feel like its been a while since Ive blogged but I'm back now and here goes,lets catch up!
Over the past week we've all been so ill here in my house,one by one we all came down with that sickness bug that is flying around but thank god we are all OK now.Well almost my Lil man is still a little poorly with a cough and bad belly.Hopefully he will get back too normal too soon.

Yesterday was the 1st of March which was my 29th birthday! Just one more yeah now until the big 30,how depressing is that.Well all i can say is thank god its now over! I got a few cards and a bit of money in some of them but no pressies this year which was a little disappointing i must admit. Maybe people just didn't know what too buy but i always still feel like maybe they couldn't be bothered. :(

I've never been very good with birthdays as i always dream up how great they could be but then they never are and its just another day but worse because i always feel let down i guess i am now old enought to know better and maybe shouldnt expect so much from otheres but come on it wouldn't kill them too make an extra special effort just one day a year now,would it?

Oh dear i feel like this blog has turned into a rant now,oh dear but hey i guess once a year im allowed!

And so today March 2nd is now the start of a new year for me.I wonder what it has in store for me??
Maybe a new job,maybe some big competition wins or maybe something completley unexpected.Who knows but i know im going to try my best too enjoy it as my little ones are growing up so fast and i dont want too miss any of it.

How do you feel about your birthday? Are you a fan or not? Would be lovely too hear from some of you.