My Family

My Family

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The X Factor Live Tour Show.

I took my daughter too see the X Factor Live Tour Last Night!

Wow what an amazing night,we had such a great time.Last night i took my eldest daughter Chloe who is 8 too see the X Factor Live Tour show in Birmingham.It was great.The show was so good,everyone sang along and danced the night away.It was awesome and I'm so glad i went.
I wasn't sure what to expect but we loved watching the TV show so i thought we would give it a try.Each act sang 2 or more songs,most were lively and good fun.There was a few slower songs which everyone swayed along too,the atmosphere was great.We were lucky enough to be sitting in Block A which was only 40 seats away from the stage so we had a good view.

My daughter Loves One Direction so screamed her head off every time they came on stage,she was so excited.Ive never seen her smile so much,it was nice.

We were very lucky last night,as we sat on the floor in the lobby eating our chips waiting to go into our seats a very nice couple came over and gave us a sighed programme.They said they had won V.I.P tickets and were given 2 signed programmes,the lady said she only needed one for her nephew so was happy to give the other to Chloe,she was thrilled.I was so happy for her as i hadn't bought her one as they were £10 each and after buying the food,the flashy toys and the posters we'd spent quite enough.It made my think though,there still are some genuinely nice people still out there,who aren't greedy and do think of others.That kind couple really made my daughters night.

I on the other hand only wanted to see one person,the lovely Matt Cardle.How great is he,he sang so beautifully and is such a yummy looking guy. They did make us wait til the end of the show too see him tho but he was defiantly worth the wait.

So,overall we had a great night.It was a lot of fun and i think we would defiantly do it again some day.

What did you get up too this weekend? Anything interesting or just a quiet one this time? Would love too know x

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