My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ryan Loves Baby Group

Ryan and I joined a Baby Group.

Every Tuesday myself and Ryan now go to a bumps to mums group at my local children's centre which is luckily also a part of my daughters nursery so is right next door.It runs weekly on a Tuesday from 1pm til 3pm and its been so much better than i ever expected.I started going when Ryan was about 3 months old so we have been going now for several months.Each session is different,we mostly sit around chatting about our babies as we all do,lol The past 3 weeks have been different though as we had a lady come in to guide our sessions in a more constructive way.She is a lovely lady who does many things,she is a qualified Midwife but also now a Doula who helps ladies during their births.She had some amazing stories to tell and made us all tell ours.Yesterday we had a lovely massage class where we were shown some great back and head massage tips but then we had too practice on each other which was a bit embarrassing and made us all laugh.

Whilst us mums were busy enjoying ourselves my little man was happily playing next to me in the toy area as you can see from the pics i took of him.

We have allot of fun at our group and its a great way too meet other mummies too.Its nice to get out of the house and just chat and chill with other people who are going throughout the same things as me.I would so recommend that if you have a local baby group i'd go along and check it out,who knows you might make yourself some new friends and have a good time too!

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