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My Family

Sunday, 6 February 2011

My NUBY Cups and Feeding time Review.

My NUBY cups and feeding aids review.

I was given three lovely Nuby items too review and i was so delighted too try them.My 1st item was the Silicone Squeeze Feeder which looks a little strange but is actually a very clever idea.You fill the feeder with fruit puree or any other runny food and gently squeeze a spoonful out and feed.Its very easy too use and also very easy too clean,i found it great for giving Ryan his fruit after dinner,it was a little messy to start with but we soon got the hang of it.My mother loved this as i was born with a Cleft Palate which means as a baby i could not drink milk from a bottle as i had no sucking reflex due to the hole in the roof of my mouth.She used too have to spend hours spoon feeding me milk.She was saying that this would have really helped her with feeding me back then and would defiantly recommend it too any mother of a baby born with a cleft palate.Here's Ryan on our 1st attempt,look how messy but happy he looked,bless him.

My 2nd and 3rd item were training cups.I was sent two different types as I was struggling too get Ryan too drink his water out of anything other than his bottle.I tried both The First Cup 8oz - aqua and the The Super Sipper Beaker 10oz -yellow . Both are fantastic cups but as Ryan is only 7 months old the first cup was better for him as it had easy too hold handles.He was funny with it at 1st but is now quite happy too drink his water or juice out of it everyday.The Sipper beaker will be great for him in his next stage once he's got too grips with holding things without handles.I love Nuby product as they're always safe and reliable and would defiantly recommend the products Ive tried and tested too my friends.Below is some sweet pics of Ryan being a big boy holding his new cup.

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