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My Family

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Im a mummy and I still have a love life.

It's OK for us mummies too still have a love life.We may have children but we still have needs!
Feel the Passion at

I have been with my partner for almost 6 years now and we still love each other very much.We don't get much quality time together anymore as we now have 3 children too look after as well as trying too keep up with our every day lives too. I don't mind saying that we don't make love as much as we'd like too as finding the time can be quite tricky.So when we do find time now we like too make it as fun and as exciting as we can. I was thinking about it the other day and thought its the only close alone time we actually get together.

I was talking too the lovely lady Cara over on twitter from the store Sex Toys. She is so sweet and really very friendly.I'm not very good at talking about my love life but she was so great and easy too talk too. She suggested she send me a few items from their very discreet shop for me and my partner too try.I was delighted and am now here too tell you all about it. This is what arrived for me this morning...

Wow did my partners eyes light up when he saw all these,he was practically trying too drag me up the stairs lol Typical men - always in a rush but i managed too get him off quickly too work before he could start playing with them.After all they were supposed too be for me! If you're not one for toys then they have a fabulous range of Lingerie too and all sorts of other fun things that you and you're partner can try.
Me and my partner will be trying too spice up our love life over the next few weeks and i will be coming back too let you know how we get on.If you don't like adult toys then maybe i suggest you do not read the follow up posts but for those of you who are willing too give them a try like me,you can expect some funny stories too come.

I would be happy too receive their toys,games or lovely lingerie for Valentines Day.How about you? Why not have a quick peek,its a very nice store and has fantastic prices.In fact you could purchase their goods for a much cheaper price than most other Adult toy sellers online.And this store i would recommend as its very friendly and not offensive in any way.

That's it for now,my introduction is done! Look out for some trials and errors with my new toys too come soon.Wish me


  1. Fantastic blog post, thank you so much! Glad you already love the items and can't wait to read the reviews. Anything else we can help with, just let me know!

    Cara xxx

  2. Enjoyed your blog.. Married for 30 years now so know what you are going thru..Just curious as why you said the toys were for you?? Aren't you going to let him use some of the toys on you??Know I enjoy using toys.. Good luck on your journey

  3. christine taylor1 February 2011 at 09:27

    Lol did i say for me? I think we'l be using them together,i dont really see the fun in using them alone as theres 2 of us in this relationship.I think we shall have some fun and plet of giggles xx

    Thanks Cara,glad you like it so far,the best stuff is yet too come to :D xx