My Family

My Family

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The X Factor Live Tour Show.

I took my daughter too see the X Factor Live Tour Last Night!

Wow what an amazing night,we had such a great time.Last night i took my eldest daughter Chloe who is 8 too see the X Factor Live Tour show in Birmingham.It was great.The show was so good,everyone sang along and danced the night away.It was awesome and I'm so glad i went.
I wasn't sure what to expect but we loved watching the TV show so i thought we would give it a try.Each act sang 2 or more songs,most were lively and good fun.There was a few slower songs which everyone swayed along too,the atmosphere was great.We were lucky enough to be sitting in Block A which was only 40 seats away from the stage so we had a good view.

My daughter Loves One Direction so screamed her head off every time they came on stage,she was so excited.Ive never seen her smile so much,it was nice.

We were very lucky last night,as we sat on the floor in the lobby eating our chips waiting to go into our seats a very nice couple came over and gave us a sighed programme.They said they had won V.I.P tickets and were given 2 signed programmes,the lady said she only needed one for her nephew so was happy to give the other to Chloe,she was thrilled.I was so happy for her as i hadn't bought her one as they were £10 each and after buying the food,the flashy toys and the posters we'd spent quite enough.It made my think though,there still are some genuinely nice people still out there,who aren't greedy and do think of others.That kind couple really made my daughters night.

I on the other hand only wanted to see one person,the lovely Matt Cardle.How great is he,he sang so beautifully and is such a yummy looking guy. They did make us wait til the end of the show too see him tho but he was defiantly worth the wait.

So,overall we had a great night.It was a lot of fun and i think we would defiantly do it again some day.

What did you get up too this weekend? Anything interesting or just a quiet one this time? Would love too know x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

A giveaway for the Princesses out there!

Ive got a gorgeous giveaway for the little Princess in your life.

Here it is,a beautiful CESAR's Barbie A Fairy Tale Princess dress.It is age 3-5 years and is brand new still with tags on.I have got one too give too you my lovely followers.Isn't it pretty?

All i want you too do is be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment below telling me about the princess in your life? Then go and tell your friends so they that can enter too.

I love all my followers so good luck and i will draw a winner of this giveaway on Sunday 6th March so there is plenty of time to enter and spread the word.UK delivery only i am afraid as i have too pay the postage.x

Hello all,so here we go,time too pick a lucky winner.There was 22 entries so i shall now get a number between 1 and 22 from and be right back too announce the winner.

And the winner is ...number 12! Congratulations too...

Gemma Owen

Thank you to everyone who entered and join me soon for more giveaways real soon xxx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ryan Loves Baby Group

Ryan and I joined a Baby Group.

Every Tuesday myself and Ryan now go to a bumps to mums group at my local children's centre which is luckily also a part of my daughters nursery so is right next door.It runs weekly on a Tuesday from 1pm til 3pm and its been so much better than i ever expected.I started going when Ryan was about 3 months old so we have been going now for several months.Each session is different,we mostly sit around chatting about our babies as we all do,lol The past 3 weeks have been different though as we had a lady come in to guide our sessions in a more constructive way.She is a lovely lady who does many things,she is a qualified Midwife but also now a Doula who helps ladies during their births.She had some amazing stories to tell and made us all tell ours.Yesterday we had a lovely massage class where we were shown some great back and head massage tips but then we had too practice on each other which was a bit embarrassing and made us all laugh.

Whilst us mums were busy enjoying ourselves my little man was happily playing next to me in the toy area as you can see from the pics i took of him.

We have allot of fun at our group and its a great way too meet other mummies too.Its nice to get out of the house and just chat and chill with other people who are going throughout the same things as me.I would so recommend that if you have a local baby group i'd go along and check it out,who knows you might make yourself some new friends and have a good time too!

My Valentines Day

My Valentines Day.

Me and my better half decided to celebrate our valentines day on Saturday night instead of Monday night as there was just more time to do things.We have a little tradition where we just buy the Marks & Spenser's Valentines Meal For Two In every year.This year i got too choose what we had for dinner and so we had:

Starter was a selection of fine Italian meats with fresh brochette.There was yummy salami,parma ham,prosciutto ham and another lovely smoked ham.

Main was the best of British sirloin steak with a peppered marinade and lightly herb ed butter.

Side was fresh,fluffy chips.These were so yummy but not nearly enough too feed two so we made our own extra chips using my fantastic ActiFry.

Desert was single servings of gorgeous melting chocolate puddings,just heaven!

We also had a delightful little box of chocolates and a lovely bottle of Rose Cava too finish off.

It was nice too share a meal together at home sitting at the table which id laid up myself but didn't take a pic of which I'm totally gutted with now.I lay little sequin hearts all around and a lovely Lavender BusyBee Candle in the middle which smelt so nice.It was a real calming and slightly romantic addition too the room.We don't really celebrate Valentines much but it was so nice just to make an effort and spend that little bit of time together whilst all 3 kids were in bed.

On Monday i wasn't expecting anything as we had already celebrated it so i was delighted to wake up too a lovely InterFlora gift set which had a stunning single red rose,a little red heart shaped balloon,a box of chocs and a pack of love heart sweets x Bless him,it was a lovely gesture.

My rose is now in a vase,
The chocs are in my belly.
The balloon is now my sons
Here he is looking sweetly silly!

So overall i had a lovely Valentines Day.How was yours??

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Have you ever seen a Nappy Cake before?

Who knew there was such beauty in a Nappy Cake.

Last week i was very lucky and won a Nappy Cake from a lovely twitter competition that was run by . I had never seen a Nappy Cake before.In fact i didn't really know what i had won,lol When it arrived i was in total awe,wow.It was beautiful.So much love and hard work had been put into making it.It really was lovely.Look..

This picture don't do it much justice as it really is stunning.It was made by a lovely lady named Sam who runs her own business and also has a fantastic FB page too YummyMummysNappyCakes She puts so much love into each and every one of her beautiful cakes.My Nappy Cake had lots of size3 pampers nappies,a hat,a bib,2 pairs of socks,a large muslin square and a vest.It then had a gorgeous Me Too You Tatty Teddy attached too the side.Inside the cake was a lovely bottle of Rose Champagne and all around the outside was yummy chocolates.If you know anyone having a baby soon then i would defiantly recommend on of these beautiful NappyCakes .They could be the perfect gift from you and your friends or even a company.

I'm so glad that i was so lucky too receive this wonderful prize and thought i would share it with you.I will defiantly be using Sam's site in future x

Monday, 7 February 2011

A little #giveaway for my lovely followers.

A little Giveaway just because i love you all.Mwah.

I was just thinking too myself how my blog wouldn't be the same without you,my lovely followers.
You are the ones who read my silly posts and on going reviews and never moan lol So here it is,a little giveaway just too say Thank You for putting up with me.

I'm sorry about the bad pic,not good that i had too place them on my sons high chair either lol Deary me.Okay its not a huge prize but I'm hoping some of you might like too win it.There is;
  • 1 Anon nail varnish.
  • 1 Models Own nail varnish.
  • A set of 5 New Look bangles.
  • A Lee Stafford Padded Mirror.
  • A set of Lee Stafford false eyelashes.
If you would like too Win these lovely items then all you have too do if be a follower of my blog and leave a comment saying Hi below.I will close this giveaway on Sunday 20th February so there's plenty of time too tell your friends.It is only open too the UK I'm afraid as i have too pay the postage.

Good luck all and Thank You for following me x


So Congrats too @crazycaz28 you are the winner xx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wow.What a Weekend I had.

My Lovely Weekend.

It all began with a fantastic competition win on Facebook from the fabulous Ok Magazine .I won 2 tickets too the Gala Screening of Yogi Bear 3D in Leicester square for Sunday 6th January.I was so excited,i have never done anything like that before.The upside was a lovely night away but the downside was there was only 2 tickets so i couldn't take my girls.I decided too book a nice hotel so that me and my partner could make the most of our weekend as we were having too drive 2 1/2 hours too London from Birmingham.So that is what we did.Here is my tickets and letter of confirmation...
When we arrived at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square we got too walk the green carpet lol and entered the fun zone.There was so much too do! Face painting,balloon making,badge making,photo's being taken and lots lots more.We had our photo take up against a big blank screen but look how it turned out,it was so much fun.

I also had a crazy man do a sketch portrait of me too,wanna see what he drew? I wasn't very impressed by his interpretation of me lol but i have too give it too him,he was a very good drawer.I don't look like this,do i ? Please say i don't.x
After an hour of fun and games and free feel good juice drinks,snacks and waffles :) We finally went into watch the film.We had a lovely Goody Bag on our seats too which was great,in it there was 2 gold pin Yogi badges,a flashing kids toothbrush,a very large bag of sweet popcorn,a bottle of water,3D glasses and an activity book.I was thrilled and brought these home for my girls.We had 1 each on our seats but there was so many empty seats around us as we were leaving after the film that i decided too take 1 more,waste not want not and all,lol
The film itself was very funny,i actually laughed out loud.It was so bright and vivid in 3D,i jumped and ducked too in a few places.I would defiantly recommend taking your children too see Yogi Bear in 3D or 2D when it gets released next Friday as its such a laugh and will be enjoyed by all the family,children and adults alike.So after that very exciting weekend i am now officially pooped and need my own bed.I had such a fantastic time but i won't be entering anymore London based comps for a while,Ive had enough fun too last me a few months i think.How was your weekend?

Jamie Oliver At Home Dvd Review

My Jamie Oliver At Home Dvd Review.

I was recently sent a fabulous set of 6 Jamie Oliver At home Dvds.Each one contains a new ingredient from Jamie's garden too be used in his yummy home cooked meals.Over the last few years Jamie has been spending most of his spare time at home,growing things in his garden and getting totally inspired too cook with all his own produce.Throughout out the 6 dvds we see a whole range of lovely meals we can cook from wintery stews,thick soups and pot roasts - real comfort food.

I love learning too cook with Jamie,he is easy too follow and is a great inspiration in my daily cooking.I find some on TV chefs very hard too follow but Jaime is so lovely and down too earth,i could watch him over and over again,lol

You can also own this whole series of Jamie's At Home (12 episodes on 6 dvds) with a promotion that is now being run by the The Sun Buzz Magazine . All you need too do is purchase the Sun Newspaper everyday this week to get your instant redeem vouchers and take them too Tesco too collect your dvd. What a fab offer!

I also have a full set of these fantastic dvds up for grabs in my newest giveaway and all you have to do is simply leave a comment below telling me you're favourite on TV chef? And leave me a way too contact you if you win.

For an extra entry you can tweet the following and then come back and leave me a comment saying that you have done so.

"Win the whole series of Jamie At Home on 6 Dvds with @v82chris "

Giveaway ends Sunday 13th Febuary.x

Good Luck my lovelies.x

The WINNER is number 2!

@kohsamuirosie congratulations! 

Thank you to everyone who entered and please make sure you enter my lovely make up and accessories giveaway which is still running until next Sunday above.

My NUBY Cups and Feeding time Review.

My NUBY cups and feeding aids review.

I was given three lovely Nuby items too review and i was so delighted too try them.My 1st item was the Silicone Squeeze Feeder which looks a little strange but is actually a very clever idea.You fill the feeder with fruit puree or any other runny food and gently squeeze a spoonful out and feed.Its very easy too use and also very easy too clean,i found it great for giving Ryan his fruit after dinner,it was a little messy to start with but we soon got the hang of it.My mother loved this as i was born with a Cleft Palate which means as a baby i could not drink milk from a bottle as i had no sucking reflex due to the hole in the roof of my mouth.She used too have to spend hours spoon feeding me milk.She was saying that this would have really helped her with feeding me back then and would defiantly recommend it too any mother of a baby born with a cleft palate.Here's Ryan on our 1st attempt,look how messy but happy he looked,bless him.

My 2nd and 3rd item were training cups.I was sent two different types as I was struggling too get Ryan too drink his water out of anything other than his bottle.I tried both The First Cup 8oz - aqua and the The Super Sipper Beaker 10oz -yellow . Both are fantastic cups but as Ryan is only 7 months old the first cup was better for him as it had easy too hold handles.He was funny with it at 1st but is now quite happy too drink his water or juice out of it everyday.The Sipper beaker will be great for him in his next stage once he's got too grips with holding things without handles.I love Nuby product as they're always safe and reliable and would defiantly recommend the products Ive tried and tested too my friends.Below is some sweet pics of Ryan being a big boy holding his new cup.

If you would too have a look at Nuby's Wonderful Products just click here.

Click Here  and Like NUBY UK  on Facebook, be sure to tell them I (insert blogger site) sent you.   Follow  @nubyuk on Twitter and be sure to tell them I (insert blogger site) sent you   !

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Im a mummy and I still have a love life.

It's OK for us mummies too still have a love life.We may have children but we still have needs!
Feel the Passion at

I have been with my partner for almost 6 years now and we still love each other very much.We don't get much quality time together anymore as we now have 3 children too look after as well as trying too keep up with our every day lives too. I don't mind saying that we don't make love as much as we'd like too as finding the time can be quite tricky.So when we do find time now we like too make it as fun and as exciting as we can. I was thinking about it the other day and thought its the only close alone time we actually get together.

I was talking too the lovely lady Cara over on twitter from the store Sex Toys. She is so sweet and really very friendly.I'm not very good at talking about my love life but she was so great and easy too talk too. She suggested she send me a few items from their very discreet shop for me and my partner too try.I was delighted and am now here too tell you all about it. This is what arrived for me this morning...

Wow did my partners eyes light up when he saw all these,he was practically trying too drag me up the stairs lol Typical men - always in a rush but i managed too get him off quickly too work before he could start playing with them.After all they were supposed too be for me! If you're not one for toys then they have a fabulous range of Lingerie too and all sorts of other fun things that you and you're partner can try.
Me and my partner will be trying too spice up our love life over the next few weeks and i will be coming back too let you know how we get on.If you don't like adult toys then maybe i suggest you do not read the follow up posts but for those of you who are willing too give them a try like me,you can expect some funny stories too come.

I would be happy too receive their toys,games or lovely lingerie for Valentines Day.How about you? Why not have a quick peek,its a very nice store and has fantastic prices.In fact you could purchase their goods for a much cheaper price than most other Adult toy sellers online.And this store i would recommend as its very friendly and not offensive in any way.

That's it for now,my introduction is done! Look out for some trials and errors with my new toys too come soon.Wish me