My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Mmm I know that we all love sweets! Well I'm a definitely a big fan! This was such a delightful and yummy review too do. It's been a blast. I've had help from my 8 year old daughter Chloe,my OH who normally doesn't like too get involved but simply couldn't resist on this occasion. I also had input from my OH's parents Granny and Grampy as they're know by the kids lol

Sweet Junkie have got a very wide range of delicious sweets. From new and exciting to our old fashioned favourites.Each and every kind looked so tasty.It would be very hard too choose from. Which is your favourite??

Mmm Chewy Apple Bon Bons I love these,I remember having bon bons as a child but I'd forgotten how good they taste.A popular one with all my testers. I had never tried the apple flavour before as i always bought the pink ones but these were great,would defiantly buy next time.

Liquorice Allsorts  are my all time fave! I'm a big liquorice fan and i love the coconut wheel ones. Chloe loved the pink ones,what a surprise lol It was her 1st time ever trying one of these but she gave them a big thumbs up!

These Rich Butter Perfections Toffee toffees really are a delight.They were so creamy and soft,a real pleasure too chew.My 3 year old Lily ate most of these,cheeky little monkey.She just loves toffees they're her favourite!

Aniseed Balls.I'm not a huge fan of aniseed really but Grampy is.He loves these,says they re a mans sweet :)
I'm not a fan of strong flavours like aniseed or mint so these were a no for me but that made Grampy happy because there was more for him lol

Raspberry and Kiwi Balls.. Now these were a big hit in my house! Everyone in my house loves sour sweets,well except for me :( I popped one into my mouth for testing and wow,these are sour. The girls were in fits of giggles as i pulled that sour face we pull lol Least they were amused i suppose :)

The Fruity Boiled Sweets.These are an all time classic,nice suckable sweets with great assorted fruity flavours.Such bright,clear, pretty colours and they taste so sweet too. A perfect sweetie . Mmm

Liquorice Comfits.Wow i had not seen these in years but boy was i happy too see them! I LOVE these so much,they re great. These were all mine mine mine. There was no way i was gonna share these with the kids,these are a mummy only treat.

This has been so much fun and has defiantly been a real family pleaser.If you're a sweet lover like we are then i really do recommend that you visit The Sweet Junkie and I'm sure you'll find some of your old favourites just like i did!

I have written this review because i wanted too.I was given the sweets that i reviewed but was not paid.I do honestly recommend that you do visit The Sweet Junkie as they have got a fabulous wide range of sweets on offer and at great prices.


  1. 3rd blog review for sweets i have seen in 24hrs, yum yum.... they should do well out of all this positive coverage.... wishing you success with your blog. x Chris - Gardening Express

  2. Thank you hun,so all these sweeties you've seen,dont it temp you to order some? hehe