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My Family

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My 3rd and final pregnancy in pics.

Being pregnant wasn't exactley a great time for me even though i had 2 very easy and straight forward times. No morning sickness,no stretch marks and best of all no stitches lol
Throughout both my 1st and 2nd pregnancy i completley avoided having my photo taken.I hated it! I felt so big and horrible and just didnt want to ever be reminded of it again.

My 3rd pregnancy was different.I think knowing that it was going too be my last i tried too enjoy it more.
I still avoided other peoples cameras and did my best too stay out of pictures but secretly i started too take pics of my growing bump on my phone.
Every 4  or so weeks just before i went too bed i would take a pic using my bedroom mirror.It was so lovely too look back at my pics and see how it was growing.I really started too love my bump and even hid the pictures in a folder called "my bump".

I haven't showed anyone the pics before but as i look at them now,i'm proud of them and now want too show them off too the world! I'm glad i took them as i will keep the memories of my last pregnancy alive through them.
So here goes.

I took my 1st pic at 15 weeks when my bump first started too appear.

My 2nd pic was at 20 weeks.I was so excited too find out i was having a boy!

My 3rd pic at 24 weeks.My poor tattoo was starting too stretch.

My 4th pic at 28 weeks.

My 5th pic at 32 weeks.

My 5th pic at 36 weeks.My little man was now breech at this point!

My 6th and final pic was taken at 39 weeks.The night before i had my ELC too bring him into the world.

So that's it,my bump in pictures.I know i shall always look back and remember it all with fond memories even though i've got a horrible scar now too show for it but all that matters is that he got here safely and is now a healthy little boy.

Did you take photo's of your bump? I'd love too know.x


  1. Hi hun, there aint a camera lens in the world that would have fitted the bumps I had during 4 pregnancies lol. I now have bump envy after seeing your photos, that is such a neat little bump and you should be so proud xx Jude xx

  2. Aw thank you Jude,my bump was very neat this time round but i think, him being breech made it that way as he was happily sitting upside down in a neat little ball until the moment they dragged him out x Well done doing it 4 times,3 is enough for me x

  3. lovely blog i wish i had taken pics of my two as bumps :( lovley memory for you all <3 xx

  4. Great bump photos. I took photos of mine throughout my pregnancy and I love looking back at them, but also amazed that I was that big. In the last one (at 41 weeks) I definitely looked ready to explode!!

  5. Oh, my blog, in case you want to read it!

  6. Thank you for your comments ChocOrange,I shall definatley have a look x