My Family

My Family

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Chloes 1st Horse Riding Lesson.

Chloe Loved her 1st Horse Riding Lesson.

Here she is,my 8 year old daughter on a horse.Chloe loves horses so much. For her birthday I bought her 3 horse riding lessons as a special treat.She looked so comfortable up on that big horse,i think i was more scared than she was.Each lesson is only half an hour but it was money well spent.She had a huge smile on her face from start to finish.It was amazing,she looked so happy.

Here's a short clip of Chloe in action,she had so much fun even though it was so cold. She wanted too go faster and do jumps,the poor instructor had too slow her down all the time.
Because of the snow we had too cancel her 2nd and 3rd lesson but I'm hoping too re book them soon for her,she's so excited and cant wait.

Its a shame i could only afford the 3 lessons as they were on special offer but I'm sure she'll just be glad that she got too do the 3,I shall keep you posted on how the next two go.

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