My Family

My Family

Saturday, 8 January 2011

All Animal Lovers In My House!

For as long as i can remember we have always had a family pet.We have always been a big lover of all animals and over the years we have had all sorts.Cats,dogs,rabbits, hamsters,fish and many others.
When i was a young child we had chickens,ducks and geese in our back garden,they wasn't really the friendliest of pets though lol.

I'm afraid I'm not quite as brave as my parents were so we have only got a cat in our house at the moment.
My beautiful tom cat Garfield but he is so lovely and he loves the kids too :) Below is a pic of him with my 2nd daughter Lily when she was very little,he always loved too cuddle up next too her.Don't they look sweet? x

Before i had my son i used too look after my sisters dog "Casper" while she was at work.He was a very playful but powerful dog.He seemed too grow so quickly and was filling my whole settee! Sadly when i was pregnant i had too stop minding him in case he jumped up me and hurt my baby.My dad now minds him so all is well.Casper's mum was a full bread Stafford shire Bull Terrier and his dad was a full bread "wienerama" which somehow got together lol. He is a beautiful dog and we love him too bits,he's spoilt rotten.The pic below is Casper in my garden when he was only 6 months old looking very tall and proud.

My girls love all our families dogs but their favourite of all is "Jess". She belongs too my mother in law too be one day. Jess is a beautiful  Cocker Spaniel but she is very naughty.She like too chew on anything and everything :)
Here she is below looking all sweet and innocent as a puppy,it didn't last for long tho.Believe me!

So, there they are.The pets in our family! Do you have a family pet? Or do you prefer your home too be pet free? I think we will always have a pet in our house as i think it's good for children too learn too help and care for animals.It will teach them too be caring and give them some responsibilities.What do you think? x

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