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My Family

Monday, 17 January 2011

7 Random Things About Me.

7 Random Things About Me .......

OK,here's an unexpected post but as i was tagged by the lovely @Mummiafelice over at White Lily i though i better carry it on. So here goes...
1. I am the youngest of 3 children,i have an older sister who is 32 and a brother who is 37.

2. I am a very fussy eater! I don't eat any fruit! And i hate all vegetables except potato but i only eat them as chips!

3. I love JUNK food! Pizza,pasta,Chinese,Indian,KFC.I'm a total junk food

4. I hate changing my socks everyday lol This is bad but i smell my socks too see if i can get another day out of them before i put them in the wash.

5. I am terribly lazy,IL do what needs doing but will put it off for as long as i possibly can which is a very naughty habit.

6. I hate public transport,Ive gotten very lazy in the past few years,I get taxis everywhere cus i hate getting on the bus with a pram,i get pram rage when people are sitting in the buggy zone with no buggy ! Argghhhhhhh

7. Last but not least I'm very naughty and swear alot :( I do it automatically without even thinking.Luckily my children do not swear and are forever telling me off,my good girls and their naughty mummy.

My 7 favourite bloggers are.

1. @SuperAmazingMum
2 @Second_time_mum
3. @Mummy_Loves
4. @verybusymama
5 @cherylp59
6 @jumblyMummy
7 @motivatingmumuk

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