My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I'm so glad that christmas is all over now so we can finaly get back too normal in my house.
The girls loved their presents so i thought i'd write about their faves.

My eldest daughter Chloe is 8 and her favourites have been her Moon Sand Sweets and Treats set,she loves this and as it says on the box "it never dries out!" which is even better.
She's been making sweets and sundeas for me all week,bless her.The sand is very crumbley and does make abit of mess but overall it was a great buy at only £14.99
Her other faverouite has got to be the PS3 game "start the party" for the new motion plus we got.We've had too play it every night this week and i must admit it has been fun.It's a real family pleaser and deffinatley one too buy.

My middle daughter Lily is 3 and her faverouite was a cleaning trolley and hoover set that i got from asda.She adores it,the hoover makes real noises too so she's been cleaning my carpets for me.It was a bargain at only £20 and came with a trolley she can push,her hoover,sweeping brush and mop.A bucket and cleaning cloth and spray.It keeps her entertained for hours.

My youngest Ryan who is just 6 months got a new Chicco baby walker for xmas and he loves it.Its great,its so colourful and the music it plays is great too.I'm so glad i bought it as he spends ages in there just playing with the bits and buttons.It even has a brightly coloured piano keyboard which he loves to bang on over and over again.

Deffinatley worth the money.

Overall this xmas they had plenty of toys but these are there faves so i thought i'd share them with you x


  1. You have a lovely family :) Santa still comes to our house and my kids are 18, 19 and 20!!

  2. Thank you,i hope santa will still be visting my house in 10 years :) I'm sure he will xx