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My Family

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My NUBY Teethers Review.

NUBY - Teethers Review and giveaway!

There's no wonder why this teether won the 2009 Mother & Baby Gold Award Winner for Best Baby Toy 6 - 12 months. It's so great and Ryan loves it! It has got so many wonderful things for him too explore. The colours are so vivid and bright and the textures and sounds are fab too. He loved this teether from the moment i handed it too him and hasn't put it down since. He loves the way it twists and spins in all different directions and not forgetting he's loving the chewable ears on the little ladybird creatures.I think he's going too be quite attached too this one for a while too come.

This teething toy won the Practical Parenting Bronze Award Winner 2009/2010.

The IcyBite keys are a great dual textured teething toy. They are great for providing visual stimulation and hand eye co - ordination. Ryan loves holding these,they are just the right size for his little hands too hold. The brightly coloured keys are lovely and keep him entertained for ages. PurIce stays colder for longer than regular water filled teethers which is great  too because i didn't want too have too keep taking them away from him every time they went warm to them cold again. The keys also have teething nubs on each side of the key handles which are so great for massaging and stimulating his little gums at the moment. My little man loves a good chew and these are perfect and safe. They give my thumb a break as he's normally chewing on that lol.

I think this was my favourite one out of the three of the toys as it's one for on the go which is what i normally am. It easily attaches too your buggy or pram or as i used it,on his car seat handle and even on his play gym.This little green alligator is so sweet and colourful. It hangs nicely from a long cord with a chiming bell that tinkles along quite sweetly. Its a nice sound,not a loud noisy kinda sound which is even better for me,lol Ryan loves pulling and tugging at his little alligator while we are out in his pram,it keeps him entertained quite nicely.This one is a must have for any busy mummies.

Here's my little man Ryan looking very amused with his Twisty Bugz toy below. Just look at the concentration on his face. Bless him x


I have got 4 great prizes too give away too you,my lovely follower with thanks from the lovely people at NUBY .

All you have too do too enter is the following two things.
  1. Follow my blog if you don't already.
  2. Visit The NUBY Shop and leave a comment below telling me which is you're favourite item. Please leave the best way too contact you in case you win too.
For an extra entry you can tweet the following "I want too #win a NUBY toy with @v82chris Mummy_Of_3_Diaries: My NUBY Teethers Review. " and then leave a comment below telling me that you have done so.

Competition ends on Sunday Feb 6th x

That's it and good luck x

Thank you too everyone who entered,the giveaway is now over and the Winners are:

  1. number 4 - @kirsty23xx gets the twisty bugz toy
  2. number 13 - Abbie  @_yummymummy_ gets the Baby Feeder
  3. number 20 - @anna8301 gets the hippo chimes tou
  4. number 2 - @wendymcd83 gets the keys teether
Congrats all,can you please DM me your address at @v82chris and i will get your prize sent out too you asap.

Click Here  and Like NUBY UK  on Facebook, be sure to tell them I (insert blogger site) sent you.   Follow  @nubyuk on Twitter and be sure to tell them I (insert blogger site) sent you   !

Monday, 24 January 2011

Little Tots Baby Shop & new giveaway.

There are thousands of online shops now where you can buy baby clothes from but whilst i was looking the other day i came across this sweet little shop called Little Tots Baby Shop. Its only a small shop but it has some really beautiful clothes at really affordable prices and they offer free UK delivery on all orders too.They are a family run business and pride themselves on excellent customer service as well as selling beautiful items at an affordable price. They sell both new and preloved baby clothes, baby items, toys and maternity clothes. They have got clothes for girls and boys from birth up to age 5. If you get a chance you should take a look at some of the lovely items they have and even better news is that have currently got a sale on at the moment too. The clothes for sale are updated regularly so keep checking back too see whats new and who knows you could find a bargain for yourself.

They also have links too some other sites that they recommend like Busy bee candles which have a fantastic range of gorgeous candles.

There is also a link too Kels-Creations-Nappy-Cakes-Gifts which is a fabulous gift shop with baby gifts too suit all.

I enjoyed looking around The Little Tots Baby and who knows you might too.

The lovely lady who runs The Little Tots Baby Shop has kindley offered me a prize too give too one of my lucky followers.The winner can pick any item they would like for their children from her shop.How great is that?

All you need too do too enter is;

  1. Be a follower of my blog.
  2. Leave me a comment below saying "Yes Please"

That's it - Simple

This giveaway will close on Sunday 30th Jan


OK the winning number was..... number 1 so congratulations too kelbrett  @MoolBoots
If you didn't win this time please enter my Nuby giveaway which is still running for another week and I'm sure there will be many more too come too xx

I was not asked too write this review and i was not paid.I just thought you might like too have a look around like i did.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

And my @BabyWearBrands competition winners are......

My BabyWearBrands Winners have been picked.Heres how we did it....

STEP 1 - All entries written out.

STEP 2 - All names folded and put into a tub.

STEP 3 - My little man ryan grabbed 3 names out of the tub,we then got him too re-pick one of those 3 too get 1st prize.Thank you too everyone for entering and if you don't win this time please come back real soon for my next competion.Im sure there will be many more too come too.
And so the winners are .....

@RedRoses4 wins the £50 voucher

@MrsTracey1972 wins the £25 voucher

@Gettogirl09 wins the £25 voucher

Congratulations ladies,well done x

Silent Sunday

Im so excited,look what i bought...

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 22 January 2011

GUMIGEM Teething Neclace Review

The idea behind this fab teething necklace is from a lady called Jenny McLaughlan from Dundee. She, like most of us mums found that wearing a necklace with a baby was a big no no! She missed wearing necklaces and so one day came up with this brilliant idea,a necklace with a pendant that was safe for her baby too chew and so GUMIGEM was born.

After months of research she settled on a Silicone pendant on a waxed cotton cord that was of medical grade so that it meets FDA standards.
Theses stunning necklaces are now available too buy on line at They retail at £10 and come in a wide variety of designs.                                                                  

From the day Ryan was born i automatically removed all my necklaces and large earrings knowing full well that one day soon he'd be tugging away at them.It was a shame because i love my gold chains and i missed wearing them. I was a little unsure about the GUMIGEM teething necklace at first.I kept thinking that my little man is gonna pull on it so hard that it might hurt me but I'm happy too say that i was totally wrong.Ryan was happy too chew on the pendant without really bothering too pull too much on the necklace and even when he did,i hardley even noticed.

The necklaces are so pretty and come in a nice variety for both boys and girls.Ryan has got the lovely pearl coloured lightning strip pendant.I found that i wore it around my neck when i was carrying him on my hip around the house.He spotted it straight away and into his mouth it went.It's great for when he's grumpily waiting for me too warm his bottles up.Its keeps him happily distracted while i get on with the job in hand where as before I'd have too constantly be reassuring him that his milk was coming.

I found that Ryan loves chewing on it,it's like he enjoys it even more as he thinks it is naughty too be chewing on mummies necklace,lol He even plays with it when I'm not wearing it but i do keep a close eye on him as it does state that you should never leave your child alone with it.He carries it around him in his hand,tugging on the rope and chewing away on his little lightning bolt,its so cute too watch him sometimes,there is he above enjoying himself.

I was given my GUMIGEM teething necklace so that i could write my review,we had fun testing it and will continue too use it for a while too come.I was not paid to write this and both myself and Ryan would suggest that you vist the
Laughing-Lamb-Creations for yourself.Its a new and practical product that could be as useful for you as it is for me.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Chloes 1st Horse Riding Lesson.

Chloe Loved her 1st Horse Riding Lesson.

Here she is,my 8 year old daughter on a horse.Chloe loves horses so much. For her birthday I bought her 3 horse riding lessons as a special treat.She looked so comfortable up on that big horse,i think i was more scared than she was.Each lesson is only half an hour but it was money well spent.She had a huge smile on her face from start to finish.It was amazing,she looked so happy.

Here's a short clip of Chloe in action,she had so much fun even though it was so cold. She wanted too go faster and do jumps,the poor instructor had too slow her down all the time.
Because of the snow we had too cancel her 2nd and 3rd lesson but I'm hoping too re book them soon for her,she's so excited and cant wait.

Its a shame i could only afford the 3 lessons as they were on special offer but I'm sure she'll just be glad that she got too do the 3,I shall keep you posted on how the next two go.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Mmm I know that we all love sweets! Well I'm a definitely a big fan! This was such a delightful and yummy review too do. It's been a blast. I've had help from my 8 year old daughter Chloe,my OH who normally doesn't like too get involved but simply couldn't resist on this occasion. I also had input from my OH's parents Granny and Grampy as they're know by the kids lol

Sweet Junkie have got a very wide range of delicious sweets. From new and exciting to our old fashioned favourites.Each and every kind looked so tasty.It would be very hard too choose from. Which is your favourite??

Mmm Chewy Apple Bon Bons I love these,I remember having bon bons as a child but I'd forgotten how good they taste.A popular one with all my testers. I had never tried the apple flavour before as i always bought the pink ones but these were great,would defiantly buy next time.

Liquorice Allsorts  are my all time fave! I'm a big liquorice fan and i love the coconut wheel ones. Chloe loved the pink ones,what a surprise lol It was her 1st time ever trying one of these but she gave them a big thumbs up!

These Rich Butter Perfections Toffee toffees really are a delight.They were so creamy and soft,a real pleasure too chew.My 3 year old Lily ate most of these,cheeky little monkey.She just loves toffees they're her favourite!

Aniseed Balls.I'm not a huge fan of aniseed really but Grampy is.He loves these,says they re a mans sweet :)
I'm not a fan of strong flavours like aniseed or mint so these were a no for me but that made Grampy happy because there was more for him lol

Raspberry and Kiwi Balls.. Now these were a big hit in my house! Everyone in my house loves sour sweets,well except for me :( I popped one into my mouth for testing and wow,these are sour. The girls were in fits of giggles as i pulled that sour face we pull lol Least they were amused i suppose :)

The Fruity Boiled Sweets.These are an all time classic,nice suckable sweets with great assorted fruity flavours.Such bright,clear, pretty colours and they taste so sweet too. A perfect sweetie . Mmm

Liquorice Comfits.Wow i had not seen these in years but boy was i happy too see them! I LOVE these so much,they re great. These were all mine mine mine. There was no way i was gonna share these with the kids,these are a mummy only treat.

This has been so much fun and has defiantly been a real family pleaser.If you're a sweet lover like we are then i really do recommend that you visit The Sweet Junkie and I'm sure you'll find some of your old favourites just like i did!

I have written this review because i wanted too.I was given the sweets that i reviewed but was not paid.I do honestly recommend that you do visit The Sweet Junkie as they have got a fabulous wide range of sweets on offer and at great prices.

Monday, 17 January 2011

7 Random Things About Me.

7 Random Things About Me .......

OK,here's an unexpected post but as i was tagged by the lovely @Mummiafelice over at White Lily i though i better carry it on. So here goes...
1. I am the youngest of 3 children,i have an older sister who is 32 and a brother who is 37.

2. I am a very fussy eater! I don't eat any fruit! And i hate all vegetables except potato but i only eat them as chips!

3. I love JUNK food! Pizza,pasta,Chinese,Indian,KFC.I'm a total junk food

4. I hate changing my socks everyday lol This is bad but i smell my socks too see if i can get another day out of them before i put them in the wash.

5. I am terribly lazy,IL do what needs doing but will put it off for as long as i possibly can which is a very naughty habit.

6. I hate public transport,Ive gotten very lazy in the past few years,I get taxis everywhere cus i hate getting on the bus with a pram,i get pram rage when people are sitting in the buggy zone with no buggy ! Argghhhhhhh

7. Last but not least I'm very naughty and swear alot :( I do it automatically without even thinking.Luckily my children do not swear and are forever telling me off,my good girls and their naughty mummy.

My 7 favourite bloggers are.

1. @SuperAmazingMum
2 @Second_time_mum
3. @Mummy_Loves
4. @verybusymama
5 @cherylp59
6 @jumblyMummy
7 @motivatingmumuk

Im a Bad Cook!

OK, I'm going too hold my hand up in the air and just say it. I'm Christine and I'm a bad cook!

I'm that bad i should have one of these signs over a picture of me lol

My mum is a fantastic cook and she loves it,my brother was a head chef and then there me. Totally useless...
My idea of cooking is taking some chicken nuggets and chips out of the freezer and putting them in the oven for half an hour. I know this is not good,in fact its very bad :(

I was thinking the other day,what can i buy too help me cook better? Ive been looking at the tefel acti fry which looks fab so that's a definite maybe but what else can i try??

I would be really grateful for any ideas or help,i need too get with it and stop being so lazy!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


WOW Have i got a treat for you, my lovely followers.
For one week only i am running a fantastic competition with not 1 but 3 winners!

It's so easy to enter and the prizes are fantastic.The lovely people over at are giving you 3 prizes.

  • 1st prize is a £50 voucher too spend at their fantastic online shop.
  • 2nd prize is a £25 voucher.
  • 3rd prize is a £25 voucher.
So that £100 up for grab too spend at
What would you spend your voucher on??

All you need too do too enter this great competition is 2 things:

  1. Follow my blog through Google.
  2. Leave the answer too the following question as a comment below along with the best way of contacting you if you win.
    Which leading online shop for branded clothes for babies, kids & maternity, baby accessories, toys,books &much more has 3 Ducks for a logo?
For an extra entry please tweet "I just entered too #win 1 of 3 vouchers too spend at babywearbrands with @v82chris You can too!"  then leave a separate comment.

This competition is open too UK only.
Winners will be picked at random on Sunday the 23rd January x

#Silent Sunday *All Smiles*

                                                            *  ALL SMILES *

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Ryan loves his new toy!

Ryan loves his new toy..

Ryan is just over 6 months old now and is really going through such a change at the moment.It's like he's growing up all of a sudden.Only just a few Weeks ago he was happy lying in his activity centre looking up at his toys but oh no,not anymore! Now he's everywhere,rolling around,grabbing his toys and running riot lol

We found a lovely site last week and were lucky enough too win a prize off their face book page. I was delighted and when it came in the post so was Ryan. are fab,they have got some beautifully crafted toys.

There was his new toy when it 1st arrived looking pretty and dribble free sitting on it's box. Its a lovely wooden rattle with beautiful little trains on and a pretty tinkling bell.

Here's my gorgeous little man playing with his new toy just moments after.. Look how sweet he is! I am a little biased though as he is my little munchkin lol

Mmmm Mummy This is Yummy...I think he likes it.Don't you?

I was NOT asked too write this post by anyone.I wrote it of my own free will and am recommending this site as i like it and think they are a very friendly shop.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dinner Time.

Dinner Time.

Feeding time is a very messy time with my little monster. He's loving his food so much lately but it's keeping up with him that's the problem. We've tried a few different things but for the moment he's very happy with his cow and gate 4month plus jars and seeing as I'm not a very good cook. I'm thinking they've got too be better for him than my junk!
Its been fun feeding Ryan but as he's getting bigger he's getting very naughty and trying too keep feeding time simple is getting tricky as he now thinks its OK too play with his food. Arrgghhhh.

Blowing bubbles and shouting is his new thing, cheeky little boy.

As you can see he's a very messy little boy but he's still absolutely gorgeous too me!

I think he was thinking Ergh in this photo,lol

I'm looking forward too trying some new foods soon as I'd like too widen his variety. The last thing i want is a fussy eater when he gets older,I've already got one of those.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hmm. Any ideas for my next giveaway?

I'm loving my new blog so much that i have decided too do my 2nd giveaway as soon as the 1st one ends. Seeing as i have had so much good luck lately i would like too share some of it with you, my lovely followers and friends. x

So what shall it be?

Would you like a gift for yourselves? A treat for your OH or hubby maybe? Or would you like something for the kids this time??

My 1st giveaway ends on Sunday so you have until then too comment below and leave your preferences of what you would like too win.

Welcome too all my new followers. I'm sure we have got some great times ahead of us too come!



Yesterday, Monday 10th January started off just the same as every day.Up early,kids ready and off too school.
Settle my little man and get comfy in from of the computer.Twitter on and off i go,a happy little comp er. Lol

I was tweeting away happily when up pops my name "Congratulations to @v82chris you have won a years free rentals from us here @blockbuster_uk" Omg i was thrilled! I'm so excited.
Only 5 minutes late i got another congratulations MSG from @scottcornwall. I had won his hair colour b4 product. Wow 2 prizes in one day,i was so happy.

A few hours later i won a F1 t-shirt from @virgin_racing which my OH was happy about and then finally on a FB competition i won a lovely handmade wooden children's rattle from the lovely
They're toys are just so perfect and beautiful,i can't wait til it arrives so my son Ryan can play with it.

I couldn't believe it, 4 prizes in just one day! The lovely luck fairy must have got stuck in my house or something but worry not because i have freed her now and she could be on her way over too you!
I hope she brings you all lots of luck too x

Saturday, 8 January 2011

My 1st ever Silent Sunday Post!

My 1st ever Silent Sunday,it's definitely a silent one.



All Animal Lovers In My House!

For as long as i can remember we have always had a family pet.We have always been a big lover of all animals and over the years we have had all sorts.Cats,dogs,rabbits, hamsters,fish and many others.
When i was a young child we had chickens,ducks and geese in our back garden,they wasn't really the friendliest of pets though lol.

I'm afraid I'm not quite as brave as my parents were so we have only got a cat in our house at the moment.
My beautiful tom cat Garfield but he is so lovely and he loves the kids too :) Below is a pic of him with my 2nd daughter Lily when she was very little,he always loved too cuddle up next too her.Don't they look sweet? x

Before i had my son i used too look after my sisters dog "Casper" while she was at work.He was a very playful but powerful dog.He seemed too grow so quickly and was filling my whole settee! Sadly when i was pregnant i had too stop minding him in case he jumped up me and hurt my baby.My dad now minds him so all is well.Casper's mum was a full bread Stafford shire Bull Terrier and his dad was a full bread "wienerama" which somehow got together lol. He is a beautiful dog and we love him too bits,he's spoilt rotten.The pic below is Casper in my garden when he was only 6 months old looking very tall and proud.

My girls love all our families dogs but their favourite of all is "Jess". She belongs too my mother in law too be one day. Jess is a beautiful  Cocker Spaniel but she is very naughty.She like too chew on anything and everything :)
Here she is below looking all sweet and innocent as a puppy,it didn't last for long tho.Believe me!

So, there they are.The pets in our family! Do you have a family pet? Or do you prefer your home too be pet free? I think we will always have a pet in our house as i think it's good for children too learn too help and care for animals.It will teach them too be caring and give them some responsibilities.What do you think? x