My Family

My Family

Monday, 27 December 2010

This is where it all starts.

This is it,day 1 of our new family journey.It's so exciting! I've been reading a lot of other mummy blogs lately and my eldest daughter keeps saying "We could do that" so here we are.
I thought my world was complete when i had my 2nd daughter but little did i know that three years on i would have my son.He has been such a cheeky little boy even from inside the womb.At 36 weeks into such a smooth pregnancy i was told my little man was breech :( I tried everything too turn him,i did elevations off my settee every day for weeks,i just looked so silly and they didn't work.At 39 weeks i was given an ECV which also failed and just 2 days later i was given an ELC which was the last thing i wanted but by this point i'd have done anything too meet my son.
On july 2nd 2010 he was born weighing a tiny 6Lb 14 oz's and i fell in love with him instantly.
That is where my story began x

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