My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Santa came too our house!

Our tree was full of presents when we woke up on Christmas morning but that wasn't what i meant by santa came too our house.One of the gifts was a bright red,soft little santa suit.It would have been a waste not too put it on :)

He looked so adorable in his his little xmas outfit,wouldn't you agree?
At 1st i thought it might be a little cruel to make him wear it but i don't think he minded at all.He smiled all day long.

We had a lovely day,we opened presents and played games.We visited family and shared a perfect christmass dinner with everyone.It's got to be my best xmas yet i think.It was so relaxed and laid back this year.All the children were happy with their presents which in turn made me happy,least i got it right this year.

We had a great christmas this year and we hope you had a good one too.Now that xmas has gone,i wonder what the new year of 2011 will have instore for us?

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