My Family

My Family

Monday, 27 December 2010

Meet my girls x

This is my eldest daughter Chloe.She's 8 going on 18,such a drama queen.She's very lively,loves singing and dancing and being heard.
She's a great help around the house most of the time but does have her moments.One day she's gonna be a big star she tells me and i actually beleive her,she's gonna go far in this world.

This is Lily,my 3 year old Diva.She's so sweet looking like butter wouldn't melt.Ahem lol
She's a little beautitian in the making,she loves doing peoples hair and makeup and nails,she loves doing nails. She's such a cheeky devil,she can wriggle her way out of anything she doesn't want too do,she just pouts and turns on the tears.
One day Lily's gonna gonna drive some man mad.She's gonna be a hard one too handle so i wish them all the best lol

Well that's my girls so now you've met my beautiful little family.Introductions all done now so the next things are gonna be more about our daily lives,the silly things we get up too and the drama that unfolds.
There's always something going on,and if there is.You'l be the 1st too know so please feel free too follow us on our new and exciting journey.x

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