My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Santa came too our house!

Our tree was full of presents when we woke up on Christmas morning but that wasn't what i meant by santa came too our house.One of the gifts was a bright red,soft little santa suit.It would have been a waste not too put it on :)

He looked so adorable in his his little xmas outfit,wouldn't you agree?
At 1st i thought it might be a little cruel to make him wear it but i don't think he minded at all.He smiled all day long.

We had a lovely day,we opened presents and played games.We visited family and shared a perfect christmass dinner with everyone.It's got to be my best xmas yet i think.It was so relaxed and laid back this year.All the children were happy with their presents which in turn made me happy,least i got it right this year.

We had a great christmas this year and we hope you had a good one too.Now that xmas has gone,i wonder what the new year of 2011 will have instore for us?

Monday, 27 December 2010

Meet my girls x

This is my eldest daughter Chloe.She's 8 going on 18,such a drama queen.She's very lively,loves singing and dancing and being heard.
She's a great help around the house most of the time but does have her moments.One day she's gonna be a big star she tells me and i actually beleive her,she's gonna go far in this world.

This is Lily,my 3 year old Diva.She's so sweet looking like butter wouldn't melt.Ahem lol
She's a little beautitian in the making,she loves doing peoples hair and makeup and nails,she loves doing nails. She's such a cheeky devil,she can wriggle her way out of anything she doesn't want too do,she just pouts and turns on the tears.
One day Lily's gonna gonna drive some man mad.She's gonna be a hard one too handle so i wish them all the best lol

Well that's my girls so now you've met my beautiful little family.Introductions all done now so the next things are gonna be more about our daily lives,the silly things we get up too and the drama that unfolds.
There's always something going on,and if there is.You'l be the 1st too know so please feel free too follow us on our new and exciting journey.x

Ryan's 1st few days

Meeting Ryan made me the happiest mummy in the world,even after all i had been through too get him here.We spent 3 days in the hospital due too my c-section recovery which was hard and painfull but all worth it.
I remember he slept his 1st day away,i just kept looking over at him because he was so tiny compared to my girls who were born weighing 8Lb 7oz's and 8Lb 8oz's.
Feeding was hard too,i'd decided too bottle feed as previous attempts had failed but he wasn't interested really.An few mils of milk every few hours was all the nurses could get him too drink :(
He was so tiny too me ans seemed too stay that way for ages.
I need not have worried tho as he soon filled out and has turned into such a chheky chappy now at the age of almost 6 months.He's such a hungry little boy now and always so happy.He's such a little pleasure too have around.x

Just look at him now x He's such a lovely little man.He looks so big here in his baby walker.He's loves the lights and sounds,they keep him happy for hours (well not all in one time ) x

This is where it all starts.

This is it,day 1 of our new family journey.It's so exciting! I've been reading a lot of other mummy blogs lately and my eldest daughter keeps saying "We could do that" so here we are.
I thought my world was complete when i had my 2nd daughter but little did i know that three years on i would have my son.He has been such a cheeky little boy even from inside the womb.At 36 weeks into such a smooth pregnancy i was told my little man was breech :( I tried everything too turn him,i did elevations off my settee every day for weeks,i just looked so silly and they didn't work.At 39 weeks i was given an ECV which also failed and just 2 days later i was given an ELC which was the last thing i wanted but by this point i'd have done anything too meet my son.
On july 2nd 2010 he was born weighing a tiny 6Lb 14 oz's and i fell in love with him instantly.
That is where my story began x