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My Family

Monday, 26 June 2017

Newest Competition! #Win a Summer Mini Eggs Chocolate Gift Box!

Newest Competition! 
Win a Summer Mini Eggs Chocolate Gift Box!

Who said Mini Eggs were just for Easter? ... Not Me!

I am so happy, Summer is finally here and I for one am loving it! The warmer weather, the brighter nights and the simply joy of sitting out in the garden that Summer generally allows. 

I'm in a good mood today so I'm launching another yummy competition where one of you lucky people can win a Cadburys Summer Mini Eggs Chocolate Gift box which contains a Heroes carton, Mini Eggs and a yummy selection of your favourite Cadbury chocolate bars. 

If you would like to win this prize, you can enter using the Rafflecopter Form below.  Please feel free to do as little or as many of the entry options in the Rafflecopter Form as you like.

Terms and Conditions: Open to the UK only. Winner drawn on July 31st.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Beautiful Personalised Gifts from GiftPup .com #Review

Beautiful Personalised Gifts from GiftPup .com

This week we've been checking out some gorgeous personalised gifts from GiftPup.Com

GiftPup.Com supply a wide range of quality personalised gifts suitable for all the family. 

Most of their gifts are handmade by experts as they take great pride in both the quality of their products and their customer service too. They now deliver worldwide and with many of their gifts you can upload your favourite photograph or include a name and special message which is such a lovely idea. There's lots of gifts to choose from, there's cute cuddly toys and practical stationery, pretty jewelry pieces and lots of general keepsakes too. They also have a handy site searcher for you which saves lots of time, you just enter who you are buying for and click search, letting the site do all the hard work of searching for you, it's a great feature.

I got to choose two of their lovely gifts from their website last week for my children.

The Dreams Loading Caramel Charlie Bear is so soft and fluffy and comes wearing the cutest little T shirt I have ever seen. You can choose the colours of the shirt and add your child's name to it. Ours says 'Ryan's Dreams Loading' which he loved, it's great having his name on it so no one else can take or touch it. It's a great way of keeping big sister's hands off. It's an adorable night time friend that Ryan was absolutely delighted with.

The Vitoria Girl's Pearl Bracelet is the sweetest little children’s bracelet. It's totally adorable and would make the perfect gift for the special little lady in your life. Lily actually jumped for joy when she saw her very own grown-up pearl bracelet. I think that meant she like it. Lily loves her jewelry but because she's only 10, I tend to buy her mainly costume jewelry so this was a nice change for her. It's freshwater pearls are so delicate and pretty.

You can engrave the little heart with any name which again makes it even more special.

The beautiful pearl charm bracelet comes inside a dainty organza bag and placed within a stunning ivory gift box which is then tied with a silken ribbon…..the perfect finishing touch!

 Both of the gifts we received from GiftPup.Com were well made and beautifully presented.

Lily and Ryan were both delighted with their gifts and are sure to enjoy them for a long time to come. Ryan's bear is already on his bed and Lily's bracelet is sitting pretty in her box.

Disclosure: We received our gifts complimentary for the purpose of this review. The photography and opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dinosaurs in the Wild - Our First Look Inside the £12 Million Adventure in Birmingham.

Dinosaurs in the Wild - Our First Look Inside the 
£12 Million Adventure in Birmingham. 

Last night we attended the Dinosaurs in the Wild celebrity launch at the NEC Birmingham.  
Alongside a whole host of lovely celebrities and their children we got to travel back 67 Million years in time in a real Time Machine to encounter Dinosaurs, like never seen before.

This highly immersive experience opens up to the public in Birmingham on 24 June 2017 and runs right up until 23 August 2017. We wasn't quite sure what to expect but have to see we all loved it and had an amazing night. My Boy is a huge Dinosaur fan who was in his element, he ran around soaking up all the sights and having a go at everything he could.

So, What is it? :

Dinosaurs in the Wild is a 70 minute experience of live action theatre fun, theme park and 3D. You're given a pair of Safety Glasses (3D Glasses) and go inside in small groups with a tour guide who talks you through the whole adventure. They take you back in time in a Time Machine and then take you through their incredible scientific research station that Chronotex Enterprises has established there at Time Base 67. You'll get to get up close and witness some extraordinary studies that their scientists are carrying out on the living dinosaurs and experience the mesmerising views, in 3D of the creatures that surround the Time Base. 

There's lots to see and do along the way and it's all very educational. You do get rushed through each stage quite quickly as you're on a strict time scale which means sadly we didn't get to have a go on everything we would have liked to which was a little disappointing but we loved all the activities that we did get to try. There's a lot of fun to be had there.

 Is it Scary for children?

Overall children will be completely fine and will love the whole experience but if you have children who are nervous or scare easily like my 10 year old Lily, I will warn you that it does get a little intense at one point (I won't spoil it for you though) which resulted in her crying alongside several other smaller children who were all very scared and panicked. The experience is so good that even us grown ups forgot that it wasn't real as everything is made to feel very real. After a few gentle reminders to the children, they were fine again.

 Our favourite parts:

Ryan loved the Dino Poop activity where he got to rummage through piles of dinosaurs poop to see what he could find in it. He found some teeth in one pile which was pretty grose but he loved it and wanted to do it over and over again. Lily loved watching the hatching eggs where she got to see the baby dinosaurs coming out of their eggs. I loved the Looking Point where we could see lots of exciting things happening outside of the windows. 

Would we recommend it?

YES! It's a fantastic experience suitable for the whole family which we really enjoyed. All 3 of my children and us adults alike had a great time and didn't want it to end. Everything feels so real and it's definatley an experience everyone should try at least once. It's amazing!

 If you would like Ticket Information, prices start from £26 for children aged between 3 and 15 years. Adult tickets cost £29.50. There are family tickets and group offers also available.

Disclosure: We were guests at the Dinosaurs in the Wild Event. All photography and opinions used and expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Greville Arms in Solihull - Just Good Pub Grub! #Review

 Greville Arms in Solihull - Just Good Pub Grub!

You can't beat a good family pub that serves up good pub grub. This weekend we headed out to Solihull to the newly reopened Greveille Arms following it's extensive refurbishment.  It's got a whole new look and new menu to match. The Greville Arms is all about serving the people of Solihull and beyond, tasty dishes, freshly grilled at low prices that you'll love. 

We've not been before so it was all new to us but from the outside it's a very large building with it's own pay and display car park with lots of handy parking. There's lovely tables and benches outside for sunnier days and lots of open space around. It's just as lovely on the inside too, there's lots of small areas dotted about with dining table to eat at. There's some comfy booths one the one side and smaller tables for people wanting to chill out with a drink. It's a really large sized pub but it's made to feel quite homely and very comfortable.

The pub was very quiet when we arrived at 12:30pm but soon filled up around us. By 1pm the pub was full of happy people and one thing I noticed was that the bar staff knew most of their customers by their first names which is always the first sign of a good friendly pub.

We were seated at a lovely large round table for 6 in front of some beautiful bay windows. The Menu is large and filled with so many choices and offers and generally great deals. Being a Sizzling Pub & Grill, there's loads of grill options of yummy steaks and more.

There was an offer on the Starters, any 3 for £8 which we happily went with. We went for the Potato Skins in Pulled Pork and Bacon and Cheese and the Lamb Kofta Kebabs too. Each one was cooked very well and came out displayed very prettily on their plates. The kids went for the kids Garlic Bread Starters which were the perfect sized starters for them.

For our Mains we all went for something very different. I had the Chick-Tastic which was amazing and so big. It was delicious but sadly I didn't manage to eat it all as there was just too much. Daddy went for the Mega Mixed Grill which again he enjoyed. Chloe my eldest, who's 14 went for the BBQ Hunters Chicken with an added side of Mac and Cheese which she was super pleased with. The side of Mac and Cheese was only £2 which is much lower than most places but was a lovely sized dish full of yummy mac and cheese which she loved. The younger two ordered of the children's menu, Ryan had the Chicken Nuggets (what a surprise) chips and beans whilst Lily had the 2oz burger, chips and corn on the cob.

All the portion sizes were very good and the food was all cooked really well. Nothing was over cooked or burnt and the staff were lovely, they popped over a few times to check in on us throughout our meal. The kids meals were great value as you got their main, dessert and drink for just £4.50 and one thing that I really liked was the choice of children's drinks included a choice of lemonade or diet pepsi which most places don't. Normally it's just juice, water or milk so this was  lovey touch as both my youngest like a glass of fizzy pop.

All of the grown ups were full after dinner so didn't order any desserts although the Specials Board was very tempting. Lily and Ryan did have a dessert though and enjoyed it very much. Ryan went for the safe option of a Chocolate Chip Cookie and Lily went for something a little more fun with a Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae which was lovely.

 The Greville Arms in Solihull offers great food at affordable prices in a comfortable, family friendly surroundings. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and had a great time when we visited.

Disclosure: We were invited for a complimentary meal in order to review the new menu. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and all my own.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Everdine - Healthy Meals Cooked & Frozen, then Delivered Straight to Your Door. #Review

Everdine - Healthy Meals Cooked & Frozen,
then Delivered Straight to Your Door.

Sometimes life can get in the way of a good 'healthy' meal, we're always too busy doing our day to day chores, to take time out to cook something great. So, when I came across Everdine, I was quite intrigued as they offer 'Clean & wholesome gourmet meals. Cooked & frozen and courier-delivered'. Most of their meals are ready to eat in around 10 minutes.

On their Classic Plan, which is what I used, you receive a total of 8 Classic Meals. It costs £55.20 for the box of 8 which works out at £6.90 per individual meal. It is quite a lot but I guess you're paying for the convenience of it all. With Everdine you don't have to prepare your meal or wash up after it. You simply pop your meal into the microwave and enjoy.

The meal choices seem to change every week but you can edit what you want too. I choose 8 meals that I thought Daddy would like as he's the one who these kind of meals suit best. He tends to eat chicken every day. His high protein, low fat diet tends to be very repetitive, bland and boring so I thought these would be the perfect 'healthy' alternative for him.

You can see all of the meals that we had in the picture above, there's a nice range of meals but Daddy did make one comment that too many of the meals have chili's in them which he wasn't too keen on. He doesn't mind chili but he found that it spoiled the overall taste of the meals because all you could taste was chili. I guess if you really love chili, then that would suit you but if you want to taste all the other wonderful ingredients then maybe not so much.

The meals are all portion controlled so you get a very low calorie meal. The flavours (apart from the chili factor already mentioned) were all very good and the textures and choices were all very enjoyable. My favourite out of the 8 we received was the Coconut Katsu Chicken which was delicious. Daddies favourite was the Lemon and Black Pepper Chicken. 

The meals are all very well presented and look just as good as they taste, have a look:

Did we enjoy them? Yes we did, very much so. They were great time saving meals which were perfect for after work. The looked lovely and tasted lovely too. They were a nice treat.

Would I buy them again? I'm afraid not. I do think they are a little on the expensive side and there was too much chili in most of the meals making them too spicy for not chili lovers.

I love the idea of the meals, they're prepared with love, created and cooked for you. They do make your life a little easier and save on the washing up. If you're looking for healthier meals without all the fuss of doing them all by yourself, then they're perfect for you.

If you would like to try Everdine for yourself, I have a fantastic Discount Code to give you £25 off your first order. Simply Click Here - this link will take you straight to the discount. 

Disclosure: We were invited to test Everdine's service thanks to a company called Tornado.
All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.