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My Family

Friday, 27 February 2015

Enjoy a Delimann's Afternoon Tea this Mothers Day. #Review

Enjoy a Delimann's Afternoon Tea this Mothers Day.

If your Mum loves Afternoon Tea like mine does then you'll want to see what I've just reviewed. There's a lovely online company named Delimann who have a lovely large selection of fine food gifts and hampers perfect for your Mum this Mothers Day.

Why not give your Mum the perfect excuse to put her feet up and pop the kettle on by sending her a delicious Afternoon Cream Tea from Delimann this year.

The Sent With Love Afternoon Tea hamper is just one of the lovely Afternoon Tea hampers available. It's one of the lower priced ones making it the perfect choice for a gift.

The first thing you will notice is the lovely packaging. Everything comes individually wrapped, nestled in a bed of straw for extra safety and rather cute presentation. It's definitely been gift wrapped with love. The details are lovely, it's a very high quality gift.

This particular hamper costs £19.50 but that doesn't include delivery, there is a £4.95 Courier charge for delivery. Their award winning Devonshire Cream Tea arrives with a white, heart embossed jug, a delicious chocolate heart and a "Love" tag OR "Lovely Mum" tag depending on which you would prefer. I had the lovely Mum tag for Mothers Day.

My daughters and I were very excited when our Sent With Love Afternoon Tea hamper arrived yesterday. Once dinner was out of the way we sat down to enjoy our treat. My girls and I love scones, there's nothing quite like the taste of a fresh scone with jam and cream.

I was delighted with the scones, they were very fresh. There was 4 large scones included meaning there was more than enough for one person. They were so big that we happily had one scone each and was very pleased with that. You could share with one other person and have two each or even eat them all yourself, the choice is yours.

Also included in the hamper is a nice sized pot of Clotted Cream and a jar of Strawberry Jam. Both were of a good size and tasted really fresh, the quality was very good. We smothered our scones in cream and jam and still had some leftover to use another time.

This  a very generous sized hamper, there's no miniatures or sample sized products in it. You get good quality and fresh produce of a very high standard. If I received a hamper like this for a gift, I would feel very loved or spoilt even. There's a lot of care and effort clearly gone into each hamper which shows in it's quality and presentation.

If your Mum (or even you) love Afternoon Tea then the Deliman's Afternoon Tea hampers are definitely not to be missed. There's lots of different ones to choose from but I can happily say the Sent With Love one is truly delightful and delicious.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample in return for an honest review.

Love Heroes of the City? Then You'll Love their YouTube Channel.

Love Heroes of the City? 
Then You'll Love their YouTube Channel.

Heroes of the City is a television series for preschoolers with stories that convey messages of helping, sharing and caring. In their stories everyone can be a hero, even you!

The story revolves around emergency vehicles that both engages and entertains the children. The Heroes of the City YouTube Channel brings their videos to life.

Heroes of the City are an animated TV-series about rescue vehicles in a small town where everybody gets to be a hero! On their YouTube Channel you will find over 6 hours of full episodes with great stories for the little ones to enjoy over and over again.

The TV-series contains a lot of warmth and teaches the importance of friendship and what we can achieve by helping each other. It's ideal for preschool aged children.

My little man loves playing with his rescue vehicles, he's got lots of fire engines and police cars. They're not only fun to play with but they enable me to talk to him about the important, life saving jobs that they do. My little man loves watching Heroes of the City, each video contains a great story to enjoy and learn from whilst doing so.

If your preschooler loves cars and rescue vehicles or even just fun short videos, Heroes of the City could be perfect for them. They're simple, easy to understand and fun to watch. 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Basil Brush is Back with a Boom! Tour Dates Announced ..

Basil Brush is Back with a Boom! 
Tour Dates Announced .

Basil Brush is Back with a Boom and I can't wait! I remember watching Basil Brush when I was a kid and loved his fun jokes and wacky sense of humour. I'm excited to show my children a little bit of what Mummy used to enjoy when she was little. 

Basil Brush will be traveling all over the UK throughout the rest of this year. You can go online to check out all the Tour Dates to see if he's coming to a town near you. 

Luckily for us, he is coming to Birmingham and we've been given tickets to see the show. I am so excited, May can not come around quick enough for me right now.

Basil Brush is back - BOOM BOOM!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty from Character #Review

Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty

The Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty from Character is a new younger version of their original Teksta Robotic Kitty. It's a new generation of micro robotic pets that are smaller, more interactive and animated than ever before. The newborn Teksta Kitty is a sweet and adorable life-like robotic Kitten that responds to your voice and touch.

It's aimed at children aged 3 and over and costs around £19.99. The newborn kitty is much smaller than the original kitty but it does cost a lot less and is much simpler to use. It's the perfect choice for younger children who want a Teksta kitty but aren't yet ready for the older, more expensive version. It still walks, sits, begs and does so much more.

There's a simple on/off switch on it's belly which turns the toy on or off. There's also a little compartment which you can unscrew to change the batteries when needed. The kitty has four wheels, one on each foot which makes it able to move around. The legs are fully moveable and depending on which way they are, the kitty responds. If the legs are down, she will walk along. If the legs are up, she will sit up and beg. Both actions are very cute.

My little ones have had a great time playing with their Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty. It was easy to play with and fun to interact with. It may be small but it's a big hit. I did try to introduce it to our cat Garfield but I'm afraid he was having none of it. He was really freaked out by it and ran away from me. I was hoping they'd be the best of friends but it wasn't to be.


Garfield May not have liked her but the kids sure did. I quite like the newborn kitty version as it's more rough and tough than the original and as it cost much less, I wasn't worried about them breaking it. Our newborn kitty has been dropped, thrown and stood on (by accident) and is still working fine I am happy to say. It's well worth the money, we think.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

#Win A Cadbury Easter Egg Eggstravaganza Gift

Win A Cadbury Easter Egg Eggstravaganza Gift

Easter is on it's way - Hip Hip Hooray!

We love Easter but this year it's an extra special one for us as my daughter Lily's birthday falls on Easter Sunday. It's going to be a double celebration for our family.

To celebrate I've buying one of you lovely people a chocolatey Easter treat.

One of you will win a Cadbury Easter Egg gift filled with everyone's favourites! With a host of Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs, Caramel Eggs and a NEW for 2015 'Happy Easter' Cadbury Gifts Direct bunnies box. It's a great gift for the young at heart.

It's really simple to enter; You can enter using the RaffleCopter Form below. Please allow a few seconds for it to load as it can be slow at busy times. 

T&C's: This giveaway is open to the whole of the UK and will end on Sunday March 22nd where 1 lucky winner will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries.

Good Luck Everyone xo

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I've never been very good at captions...

I've never been very good at captions...

BUT Today I've decided to give them a try!

What do YOU think? Honestly? Are they that bad??

^ One for my Favourite show EVER!  ^

^  One for a quick sing song! ^

^ It's about cars so there's gotta be a Top Gear one, right? ^

Well there you have it, 3 of my very own caption creations. So what do you think?

What ever you think (I don't really care) I had fun having a go and you can too! You can create a meme using the WeBuyAnyCar Meme generator on their site and then publish it on your blog for everyone to see. I'm not great at captions but I do love cars so I had a go.

Disclosure: I created these cations to enter the WeBuyAnyCar competition. They are my entries, made by me so please do not copy them if you are entering. Good Luck.