My Family

My Family

Monday, 5 October 2015

10 Weird little things that make me, ME!

10 Weird little things that make me, ME! 

This is ME, your average looking 33 year old woman and Mother of 3. On the outside I'm pretty normal but don't be fooled by my appearance. Watching an airplane fly overhead this morning, I randomly got thinking about all the weird little things I do every single day.

  1. I NEVER eat the top slice of bread from a loaf, I always take the 3rd slice down.
  2. Whenever I see an airplane fly over me, I bless myself and wish those on it a 'safe journey' in my head of course - I wouldn't say it out loud (that would be weird).
  3. Before I go to bed, I check the front door handle to make sure it's locked even if I've just seen someone lock it - I have to double check it for myself or I can't sleep.
  4. I still walk on every 'two drains' together and believe it will bring me good luck.
  5. I NEVER walk under ladders, I will always walk the long way round - Eeek.
  6. I say a prayer in my head every time I see a funeral car go past me in the street.
  7. If I'm feeling in need of luck, I kiss my necklace which is a silver four leaf clover.
  8. I am a BIG believer in karma, I won't even drop a piece of rubbish on the floor in case something bad happens because I have done so. It has to go in a bin!
  9. I won't drink fizzy pop if the bottle has been open for more than a day - Eww.
  10. I cross and uncross my fingers 3 times if I walk under a sign - I have no idea why.
There, that's 10 weird little things that I do. Reading them back - Yes I am kinda weird but it's these little things that make me, ME so I wouldn't change any of them for the world.

Do you have any weird little things that you do? I'd love to know x

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet #Review

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet 

This week, we welcomed a new pet into our family. Meet Charlie, our new CleverKeet. Luckily for me, Charlie isn't a 'real' pet although he does make enough noise like a real one. He keeps the kids happy without having to be fed or cleaned or groomed which is great.

This Little Live Pet Cleverkeet from Character Options is an all singing, all dancing, all talking, interactive pet bird! Cleverkeet is just like a real bird only smarter. 

He talks, sings, dances and swings. He responds to your voice and you can teach him to speak. You can even ask him questions and he will respond to you. Make sure you feed him when he's hungry and play music to watch him dance along to the beat. You can sit and swing him on the perch or you can even detach the perch and carry him around!

This Little Live Pet Cleverkeet set contains; A Clever Keet bird, a playground, a cart, an instruction booklet and an adoption certificate and is aimed at children aged 5 years and over. We've been having a play with one this week and have to say it's much more entertaining than we had thought it would be. Our Charlie, which is what we've named our new pet talks a lot and sure likes to dance. If he's not dancing, he's talking and if he's not talking, he's dancing. There's several areas of his playground that have interactive points on so you can move him around to activate different motions, phrases and actions.

At his food bowls he will move back and forth in a feeding motion so it really looks as if he's eating his food. At the mirror he plays music and dances along in his own funky way. On his cart he moves in a rocking motion allowing him to push himself along in it and on his swing he happily swings backwards and forwards. He sure does like his playground habitat.

Ryan, my youngest (aged 5) loves him. He's been really intrigued by the things that he says. He comes out with the most random phrases sometimes but that's what make it so funny. Ryan likes it when he dances along to music and loves watching him swing. 

Our Little Live Pet Cleverkeet Charlie has settled in really well over the past week. I think Ryan has taken quite a liking to him and hopefully they will become the best of friends.

Charlie our CleverKeet is fun, witty and very entertaining and unlike a real bird, we don't have to worry about feeding him or cleaning up after him. And he won't fly away if leave the windows open - Not that a real one of ours has, we've never owned a real bird.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Count your Blessing with Every Sunset #MyRelaxationMantra

Count your Blessing with Every Sunset 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am NOT a morning person. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. My morning are usually consist of me screaming "where's your shoes?" and "Get your jacket on" There's lots to do in the morning when there's three of them and one of me.

Although my days start off stressful, I tend to mellow out as they go on. As each day progresses I remember to breathe and count my blessings with every sunset.

Sunsets are simply stunning. They're always bright and beautiful, each one even more beautiful than the one before. They're definatley my favourite time of day.

I wrote a little poem to try and put into words, how they make me feel.

"Even when the days seems long and nothings gone your way
Don't forget to stop a while and breathe at the end of the day.
Look up at the sky and think for a moment, appreciate what you've got
Count your blessings with each sunset, each ones means a lot.

Beautiful colours, bright and bold
Always a stunning sight to behold.
Natural, silent and calming, they don't cost you anything but time
But look at all the simple joy they bring, with thoughts of what is mine.

Three beautiful children, all happy, safe and well
A comfortable home, with warmth, love and doorbell.
Food on our table and nice clothes on our backs
sometimes we forget and get lost in our tracks.

So next time the sun is going down, pause and look up at the sky
Be glad for what you do have and forget the but's and why?
Count your blessings with every sunset, and let go of all the sadness
For tomorrow is another day - let's fill it up with gladness."

I love watching the sun go down, it really helps to clear my mind. It makes all the things I've been worrying or stressing about feel so insignificant and silly. Looking up at the night sky in all it's natural splendor, makes my grateful for everything that I do have in this life.

I've written this post as my #MyRelaxationMantra competition entry into the SpaSeekers competition. I'd love a night away in a lovely spa. It's every busy mummies dream to get away for a night and stay in a posh spa hotel, just imagine all that pampering.

Clangers Home Planet Playset with Figure #Review

Clangers Home Planet Playset with Figure 

We've been playing with lots of lovely Clangers toys from Character over the past few months as you may have noticed, you may have seen some of our previous posts about them already. Last week we received another new Clangers toy - the Clangers Home Planet Playset with figure. The contains; 1 x Playset with telescope and hammock and 1 x Granny Clanger figure and is aimed at children 3+.

It's a solid playset that's almost ready to play with straight out of the box. There's only a few small bits to be added on but they're very easy to do and only take a few seconds of your time. There's lots of little things to do, you can press a button to see the Soup Dragon pop up or lift up the dustbin lid to reveal a secret slide! The telescope can be put in different locations and you can swing the Granny Clanger figure happily on the hammock. The playset is scaled for play with other Clangers Little Character figures & vehicles.

It's a nice little playset perfect for all young Clangers fans. With the help of some added Clanger figures, the world of opportunities is endless. It's a great base for their imagination to run wild and a lovely place for their Clangers figures to live, laugh and learn.

We also received a set of Clangers Family Pack of Figures to use when playing with our playset which did add lots more enjoyment. More figures obviously means more fun as it means there's a lot more going on at the same time. It also means there's more figures so more children to play with the playset at any one time. The extra figures made playtime a lot easier as there was enough figures for everyone to play with, meaning less fights and hardly any squabbles. The pack of figures include; Major, Mama, Small, Tiny & the Soup Dragon.

That's another 5 Clangers figures to enjoy. It's the perfect accompaniment to the Clangers Home Planet Playset with Figure as it allows your child to explore the Clangers family further. My youngest two have enjoyed playing with the playset and all their new Clangers friends although they do seem to be playing with the figures more than the actual set.

My two might be a little old for this kind of playset but it would be perfect for younger Clangers fans. I'd say 3 year olds would get more enjoyment out of it than mine did but that doesn't mean that we didn't like it. It's a lovely set, just a little young for us.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for our honest review. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Treasure Island is coming to The Old Rep Theatre this Christmas

Treasure Island is coming to 
The Old Rep Theatre this Christmas.

Treasure Island is a first-of-its-kind production and it's heading to Birmingham for the festive season. The magical swashbuckling tale of Treasure Island will take to the stage at The Old Rep Theatre. Opening on November 20th 2015 and running all the way up until the 3rd of January, The Old Rep Theatre on Station Street in Birmingham will be battening down the hatches as the classic tale of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins commandeers the stage for over six weeks. Featuring tales of buccaneers and buried gold, this thrilling voyage will include matinee and evening performances for visitors of all ages. It's set to be a real hoot!

Featuring tunes such as Fifteen Men on the Dead Man’s Chest, Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum, be sure to get ready to sing-a-long at The Old Rep… pirate style! 

Magical sets and costumes will be sure to complete this heroic expedition, which will begin from the minute audiences enter the theatre. Ooh arr me hearties!

 Tickets for Treasure Island at The Old Rep are just £15.95, with concessions available at £12.95. If you would like to book tickets, you can call the Box Office on 0121 359 9444, or visit their website It sounds like it's going to be great fun.

My Highs and Lows of Holidaying in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

My Highs and Lows of Holidaying 
in Sharm El Sheikh.

As a first time visitor to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt it took me days of internet searching and tireless researching to find the right hotel and holiday deal for me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my holidays but when it comes to spending so much money on them, it's only natural to want the best you can possibly get for your hard earned cash. With a lot of help from Trip Advisor and after hours of reading peoples reviews, I finally picked my hotel.

I chose the Sea Life Sharm Resort in the Naby Bay region of Sharm El Sheikh. It was one of three hotels all in one area. You choose one of the hotels to stay in depending on what kind of atmosphere you want but then have full free access to all of the other hotels too. 

I don't want to bore you with all my holiday details so i'll just list my highs and lows for you.

The Highs: Sharm El Sheikh is beautiful by day and by night.

The views were stunning, from my balcony I could see both the sea and the pool. The beach was private and very clean. There was always more than enough comfy sunbeds with sun shades and wind breakers available for all. The staff worked really hard to keep their beach looking it's best, they were forever smoothing out the sand and clearing litter.

The sunsets in Sharm El Sheikh are amazing! They truly are stunning!
One of my favourite things to do at the end of every day, was to sit on the beach and watch the sun go down. The skies were so clear and pretty, the colours were just gorgeous.

If you like swimming with the fishes and checking out local wildlife then you will love it here. The Red Sea is full of beautiful fish and creatures, they're literally everywhere around you. There was also lots of Lizards around, I was a little nervous of them at the beginning of the week but by the end, I was more than happy to be around them, them were kind of cute.

If you're not one for relaxing, there's a great Water Park just a few minutes down the road which you can get to on their free bus. It cost around £16 per person for the day but that wasn't too bad seeing as it included lunch and free drinks whilst you were there. There was lots of fun slides for both adults and kids and a fun wave pool too. It was a lot more lively here, with loud music being played by the pools and lots of activities for people to join in with. There was dancing lessons, Yoga classes and even Lilo races which looked great.
The Water Parks are definatley worth a visit if you're looking for a fun (yet cool) day out. 

The weather ranged from 35 to 40 degrees in the day and stayed over 30 at night. September is still part of their summer so do expect some really warm weather there.

Our room was a good size and cleaned every day. The bed was very comfortable and the room was fully air conditioned. The balcony was lovely and the TV had lots of channels including some movie ones for us to watch on the evenings. The resort as a whole was very nice, very clean and a generally lovely place to spend a week in the sun.

The Lows: Sharm El Sheikh's food isn't the best.

The food for a 4* All Inclusive hotel wasn't the best. It was all fresh and edible but not very enjoyable in my opinion. There was lots of different themed nights but the food served was pretty much the same every night. There was always chips and potatoes and a pasta bar where you could make up your own pasta dishes but most of the food was over cooked. I guess I'd rather having over cooked food than having it under cooked for health reasons. 

The drinks were VERY strong. I'm not quite sure they even have spirit measures as they just tipped everything into a glass. For me, I just couldn't drink like that, it made me feel sick but for others, they were more than happy. The wine was bitter and very dry, again it was too strong to drink on it's own. I had to ask for my wine mixed with lemonade to make it drinkable. The cocktails were very limited and again the ones they did allow you to have were just too strong to enjoy. For most of the week, I stuck to drinking water and cola which were the best of the worst. For an all inclusive, the choices were pretty limited too.

The entertainment was okay but not great. There wasn't a show every night and on the nights when there was, it didn't start until 9:30pm and then only lasted for an hour or so. You could see the entertainment team worked very hard but I just didn't enjoy all the waiting around in between shows and the fact that they were on so late at night.

For me, it's the 'little' things that make a good holiday, a great holiday and for me they just didn't have that. Ice creams were not available in the all inclusive package which was a bit disappointing and there was no snacks like crisps or nuts available either. There seemed to be lots of little things that you had to pay for that should have really been included.

Overall: I had a very enjoyable holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. The highs definatley out weighed the lows. Sharm El Sheikh itself was a beautiful place and the people there were friendly and helpful. Would I go back? To Sharm El Sheikh - Yes. To the Sea Life Sharm Resort - Maybe not. I think I'd like to try a different hotel to see what the differences are.

If you've been to Sharm El Sheikh, where did you stay? I'd love to hear from you.